Philadelphia - Board Game Meetup
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Sun October 21 at 2:00 PM, Frankford Hall
1210 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA, USA (Map & Directions)
Is anyone interested in getting together to play board/card games?
The last time several of us got together for a meetup, the idea came up of getting together to play games (board, card, etc.).

We'll be meeting at Frankford Hall. They have plenty of huge tables that should accommodate our group easily. I called the restaurant, and the woman I spoke to confirmed that Sunday afternoons are usually pretty quiet and that there are no private parties scheduled for the 21st.

Frankford Hall is a couple of blocks from the Girard stop of the Market-Frankford line (about two miles northeast of City Hall). If you're driving, it shouldn't be too hard to find street parking nearby on a Sunday afternoon.

I anticipate that we'll play games until 5 or 6 (or whenever the restaurant starts getting full/loud). There are plenty of other bars and restaurants in this neighborhood if we want to take the party somewhere else after we're done playing games.

If you have games, please bring a few! If you don't, please come anyway!
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I've got Catan w/ the 6 person expansion
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Yes, please! I would love to play some board games with Mefites. I have a fair amount to pick from (Carcassonne with a ton of expansions, Pandemic plus expansion, Dominion, Last Night On Earth, Zombies!, Cards Against Humanity plus expansion) and I'm open to getting more.
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Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Yes.

Oh, damn, the kid.

Um, maybe.
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I have a bunch of fun Cheapass Games.
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I'm definitely down for this assuming the stars a line and I don't have exams.
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I'm always up for a game, sure. Don't have any to contribute of my own though. So this would be some time in October, yes? Which weekend works best? I'm thinking not the last one, that's typically reserved for other activities.
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Absolutely! I don't have anything I can bring at the moment, but put me down for whatever
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So the main things to figure out are location and date.

1. Any location suggestions?

2. As for date - I'm out of town the weekend of October 13-14, and scalefree voted against October 27-28, so let's start by looking at the other two weekends in October:

Saturday, October 6
Sunday, October 7
Saturday, October 20
Sunday, October 21

(I have a slight preference for Sundays but am available for any of these four days.)
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Lots of stuff I could potentially bring. October 21st is far and away the best day for me.
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I'm definitely interested. One Shot Cafe has a very nice upstairs room. I don't know what it's like during normal business because I was only there for a party...

I work some weekends, but could swing Oct 21st anytime after 3.
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That's two votes for Sunday, October 21, and no votes against that day. Sounds like we have a winner!

What's a good starting time? Something like 2 or 3 p.m.? That would be late enough that we wouldn't conflict with the brunch/lunch crowd if we end up at a place like One Shot. We could play games for a few hours and then either go our merry ways or head out somewhere else to get dinner/drinks together.

I'm still very open to other suggestions of venues. I've never been to One Shot and I've never tried to plan an event like this before, so any ideas are welcome!
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Tell you what, just to be sure I'll give the One Shot a once over this Sunday & see how the crowd looks. If it's unexpectedly busy we'll still have plenty of time to locate a fallback location.
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I would be up for this! The 21st works for me as well. I could bring Cards Against Humanity plus the two expansions, if ya'll are into that sort of thing.
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I don't think I have any conflicts on any of those days just yet so the 21st is perfect. Maybe we could get a smaller group as well if other dates work for people.

Hanging out afterwards would be great too but I would advise against Barcade. It's pretty dead on weeknights but completely packed on weekends.
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21st sounds cool. Hopefully somewhere nearer the center of town though
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Sounds great. The 21st works for me.
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Sounds like we're ready to confirm this for the 21st as soon as we're sure about a location. Thanks to scalefree for offering to check out One Shot on Sunday! I was going to do the same thing but I'm out of town this weekend so I'd have to wait another week to investigate.

MangyCarface, did you have an idea of a more central place? One Shot is about two miles from City Hall and a quick ride on the el. I'm not sure we can get a lot more central than that and still have the space for us to take over some tables and play games. After our failed attempt at playing Quizzo at the Black Sheep, I am hesitant to try to plan anything else right in center city, but I'm still totally open to other location suggestions.

Diskeater, I'm actually not a huge fan of Barcade personally, but seemed to fit into the overall theme of PLAYING ALL THE GAMES. In my experience it doesn't get crowded until later in the evening (but when it gets crowded it quickly becomes a very unpleasant place to be). My feelings will not be hurt in the least if we opt to go somewhere else for post-games dinner and drinks!
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Pictionary with Legos?! What a wonderful world we live in!
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I'm so excited that it sounds like we might have a nice big group for this meetup!

Does anyone have any other location ideas besides One Shot? I had hoped to get there yesterday to check out the upstairs and see what the crowd is like on a Sunday afternoon, but I overbooked/overexerted myself so much last week that I just couldn't bring myself to make the trip across town. Now I'm realizing that I'm probably going to be out of town the next two Sundays, which means if we go with One Shot I'll be setting the whole thing up sight unseen.

I did call One Shot just now and asked about showing up as a group on a Sunday afternoon. The person I spoke to seemed to think it would work - she said the upstairs has room for 60 people - but she suggested that I email the owners to make sure, which I just did. I'll report back when I hear more.
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Kensington will be represented. By me. And anyone else from Kensington.
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I'm pretty sure the 21st would work for me too!
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Another vote for the 21st.
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Meetup confirmed! I ended up not leaving town this weekend, so I went to One Shot yesterday afternoon around 1:30 to check the place out. The downstairs is small and was mostly full, but hardly anyone was upstairs. Of course, yesterday was a rainy, gray day, so people may have decided to stay home. Everybody keep your fingers crossed that the upstairs is wide open for us on the 21st!
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Meetup un-confirmed! One Shot is having a private event, so we can't use their space. I have no idea where else to try. Does anyone have any other location suggestions?
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Hmm....well, there's always Frankford Hall. They open at noon on Sundays, they have plenty of large tables and it's easily accessible via public transit. I have no idea how busy they usually are at that time but I doubt they serve brunch so it probably won't be too crazy. However, it can get noisy.

If people are ok with the venue, I can swing by and see how busy it is on Sunday.
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That's actually a fantastic idea - they have those huge tables, and I can't imagine they get very full before the evening. It looks like they do serve brunch, but only until 2 (and it's just their regular menu plus an egg sandwich and pancakes). I'll give them a call later today and see if they'd be okay with a group showing up on the 21st!
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I called Frankford Hall and it sounds like we should have no problem getting a table there on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks so much for the idea, Diskeater!
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I'll be in town doing my Tour de MeFites, so I'm totally in.
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I can't make it this time, but if Frankford Hall works out well, I'd love, love, love to go to another games night meetup there!
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sio42, take the subway. Are you taking Amtrak from Harrisburg? If so you'll get off at 30th street station and come upstairs. When you go outside, the subway (MFL -- Market-Frankford Line -- blue line) has it's own entrance at the corner. It's $2 (it's better to buy a 2-pack of tokens), and has a stop a block away from Frankford Hall. It's the Girard stop. Here's transit directions on Google maps.
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Ahhh turns out I won't be able to make it to this meetup after all. Hope you all have fun though!
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This is tomorrow! I'm excited that so many people are planning to come out!

I'll try to get there a little before 2 to grab a table. For those of you who haven't been to Frankford Hall before, when you come in the front door you'll be facing the hostess station; look to your right and there will be lots of huge tables. I think our group will be pretty easily identifiable as the one with all the games. If anyone is nervous about finding us, feel free to MeMail me for my cell number.

I'm planning on bringing Fluxx, Bananagrams, Nanofictionary, and Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers edition. If anyone else wants to mention what they're bringing, it can help us cut down on too many double games - not that it's much trouble if we end up with multiples, especially since we may have a larger group than some of these games can accommodate at once.
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Cribbage uses a regular 52-card deck, right? I can bring one.
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Other folks are bringing big games, so I'll bring some quick play numbers for waiting for the bigger ones to finish and restart. Maybe Set and Star Fluxx?
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I'm most likely going to get there around 3, coming from a memorial service. I really want to play Carcassonne, so hopefully a spot will be there when I arrive!
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Oh hai guys! Sorry I didn't make it. The Shining was playing at Ritz East!!!!! Hope it was wonderful.
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Pandemic was seriously the best thing the internet has ever provided me with, next to cat videos. Let's do it again! Soon!
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Amazing time! Thanks to everyone that came out and an extra special big thanks to Jessypie for organizing the meet up. Next time I'll bring Twilight Imperium and we'll have a REAL party!
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Howdy folks! I was the guy who stopped over a few times to see what you were up to (but was hanging with the Whovian at the next table). Now that I've found you I'll see about joining in next time :) (I'm MikeKn on Board Game Geek as well - lots of game options in my collection)
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