Get the good china out, we're having guests
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Wed September 12 at 7:00 PM, Corner Hotel
57 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia (Map & Directions)
Gomichild & Jacalata are coming to town!
Gomichild is in town next week, arriving Tuesday & leaving Sunday, and Jacalata is here 10-13 Sep & then 18 Sep - 3 Oct.

There has been some vague discussion of a meetup Saturday afternoon for afternoon for Gomi, and/or maybe a Wednesday night trivia thing on the 12th which would mean we get both of them in the same place at the same time!

So who's available?
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Me! Oh wait......
posted by gomichild at 9:30 PM on September 7, 2012

I'm in!
posted by jonathanstrange at 6:41 AM on September 8, 2012

Sounds great!
posted by mosessis at 6:15 PM on September 8, 2012

Probably can't do the Saturday, but can do triv.
posted by pompomtom at 6:30 PM on September 8, 2012

Another suggestion is to do Sunday brunch at Rockwell & Sons in Collingwood before gomi heads to the airport.
posted by goshling at 8:31 PM on September 8, 2012

trivia sounds great :) where would it be, on a wednesday night?
posted by jacalata at 5:41 AM on September 9, 2012

We've traditionally either done the Corner in Richmond, or the Limerick Castle in North Melbourne. I'm ambivalent... we tend to win more at the Corner, because of the cheating, but the beer costs more.
posted by pompomtom at 6:09 AM on September 9, 2012

Limerick or Corner would be fun again, or we could try one of the new ones - some of them are nicely convenient to my house! Or we could also bring trivial pursuit to a pub/restaurant and roll our own.

Also, Saturday brunch would be fun and I have yet to check out Rockwell & Sons.
posted by mosessis at 10:01 PM on September 9, 2012

Any of the above suit me. Only time I'm not free is Friday night and Sunday afternoon. I'm happy with Triv or Rockwell...or bringing the triv TO rockwell. I can snare us the big back table, if we get enough people.
posted by jonathanstrange at 5:43 AM on September 10, 2012

Sunday would have to more an early brunch thing as gomi's flight leaves at 3.30 so we'll have to be out of there not long after 2 to get her to the airport.

I'm going to suggest we do the Corner for Wednesday night trivia, as I think the food at the Limerick is fucking awful. Trivia starts at 8.00 but we could pretty much meet up anytime before then after work hours.
posted by goshling at 9:00 PM on September 10, 2012

Sweet. Suits me.

I'm dragging my friend Blake along too - Gosh and russm met him at the Rockwell opening a month ago - I'm trying to turn him into One of Us.
posted by jonathanstrange at 11:15 PM on September 10, 2012

Sweet, I'll see you guys there.
posted by jacalata at 6:24 AM on September 11, 2012

Has someone booked a table?
posted by pompomtom at 8:45 PM on September 11, 2012

Table is booked for 7pm under the name MJ.
I was giving it a bit of time for the slackers among us to RSVP

Gomichild has to attend a work thingy but hopefully that'll finish early enough do that she'll join us before we all pack up & leave.
posted by goshling at 10:58 PM on September 11, 2012

Sweet as, see you then.
posted by pompomtom at 11:09 PM on September 11, 2012

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