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Sun October 7 at 8:00 PM, Thinking Man Tavern
537 W Howard Ave, Decatur, GA, USA (Map & Directions)
Me and my friend will be at the Thinking Man Tavern I'm Decatur tonight at 8 pm! Come on by!
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Where will you be staying? What will you be doing otherwise? Will you have a car? We are a big sprawly car-focused metropolis, which I think is why we don't meet up all that often.

My first thought for out-of-towners is almost always Brick Store in Decatur because it's one of the top five beer places in the country, plus it's on MARTA (which is relevant only sometimes). However, we tend to default to Decatur for some reason and there are lots of folks around here for whom that is a big haul.

That said, griphus in the ATL! Yay!
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I think we're staying with her mom, although I'm not sure where she lives. We just decided to do this like last week, so we don't have any plans for stuff to do yet (I assume one of us will post an AskMe when we actually figure stuff out.) We'll also be visiting a friend of mine in Buckhead. Neither or us will be driving, so I guess we'll be relying on favors, public transportation and cabs (are there cabs over there?)
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Okay, we're going to be in Cartersville, so somewhere not terrible difficult to get to/from there would be great.
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Cartersville is about 40 freeway miles from Buckhead and outside the metro area; it's sort of the edge between exurb and rural. That's gonna be tricky without a car since Atlanta public transit does not extend that far north. Not impossible, but tricksy.

MeMail if you like; Atlanta area traffic and transit is often a thorny issue even for residents.
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Atlanta area traffic and transit is often a thorny issue even for residents.

I’ve been here 10 years and still get lost all the time.

Cartersville is probably at least and hour and a half from my house, at least an hour from the airport. It’s barely "Greater Atlanta Area". I didn’t know exactly where it was until I looked it up.

I’d get a car. I don’t know if cabs or public transportation are going to work.
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Hrm, I don't know how to drive and she hasn't driven in almost ten years. This will be interesting.
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Atlanta is not a place I’d recommend practicing driving. I think you need a friend to drive you around and show you the sites, or enjoy Cartersville. I don’t know how long you’re planning on staying, but driving in from there, a whirlwind tour of Atlanta and back is going to be all day. At least for me it would be.
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Agreeing with others that Cartersville isn't all that near Atlanta. But if you can get into the city, I'd love to meet up! Check with your friend, but I don't think that most bars in Buckhead qualify as "chill." I live near Decatur, so I'm always up for anyplace there.
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We should just go ahead and plan a Decatur meet-up even if it would be completely infeasible for griphus to come.
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I'd love to meet you, Griphus, but it's a hike for me just to get to Decatur. I can do Decatur or Buckhead, but probably not any further south/west.
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What about someplace in Va-Hi? Or Family Dog in's great!!
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Just fyi, I'll come if anyone has an Atlanta meet up near Christmas.
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yees, yees
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If it makes you feel any better, my first ever time driving alone at the ripe old age of 24 was in Atlanta. Shit, Atlanta's freaking optimized for cars. There are rarely any pesky "pedestrians", and when there are you don't really need to "look" to try not to "hit" them or whatever. That's...basically why living here is kind of special without a car (as per me).
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(Disclaimer: do not hit any pedestrians at home.)
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I'll be in Athens next weekend if anyone is available.
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I want to come to an Atlanta meetup! I live in Decatur.
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I also live in Decatur, and would definitely try to make this.
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What's the word on this?
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Wow, sorry about losing track of this! We will be at the Thinking Man Tavern (537 W. Howard Ave.) at about 8 tonight. Looks for two late-20s dudes, one in big glasses. I'll be checking this thread so drop me a line or MeMail or something if you can't find us!

Sorry 'bout the short notice!
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Wah wahhh. Sorry to miss y'all.
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Sad Trombone indeed.
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Aw, totally would have come to this. womp womp x3
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