Two MeFites in New Orleans for week (Oct. 1-6)
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Me n' my wife, Kitteh, are going to be in New Orleans for a week! Anybody want to hang out?
My wife lived there for several years in the late '90s, moving to Atlanta in '99. This will be my first time in the Big Easy*, however. She's not sure how the landscape has changed she lived there (and since the storm), and everything is new to me. She's hoping to revisit some old haunts in the French Quarter, I am hoping to talk like Gambit** and do a lot of walking around.

So we're up for anything -- it could be a traditional MeFite bar get-together, or we could visit a museum, a live show, see if there's something cool going on. Very open with no agenda other than getting to know the city again/for the first time.

*she has instructed me never to call it "the Big Easy"
**and not to talk like Gambit
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I'd be down! I just moved here though, so I can't help much with venue ideas.
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I'm down! I think a bar meetup would be great. Where are you staying? I can throw out some suggestions based on that.

If location is no issue, here are my suggestions. All of these are great places to go for small-medium sized groups:
Rusty Nail (Warehouse District)
Avenue Pub (Lower Garden District/St Charles)
Bacchanal (Bywater)
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Excellent! Let me run this by my wife, and see what her leanings are. We're staying close to Congo Square, if that helps narrow down a location at all.
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This is the Times Picayune's web listing of events. Check it out and see what you are interested in.
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Do you mean near Armstrong Park? Which side are you on? If you don't have access to a car, someplace in the Quarter might be good. It ain't glamorous, but Buffa's has a lot of room for a dive bar. Molly's has the best people watching. If its a small turnout, for my money Bar Tonique is one of the best cocktail bars in the city (and across the street from Armstrong Park)
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Yes, Armstrong Park -- north side. For some reason, "Congo Square" showed up on Google Maps when I looked up the address we were at, but the park name didn't.

I'm interested in visiting NOMA; "Verbatim Verboten" at the Shadowbox Theater sounds like it would be either awesome or dreadful (anyone seen it?). We're both always down for relaxing at a bar, and we like dives. I'm not a huge cocktail guy, but Kitteh loves 'em, so Bar Tonique is also a strong contender.

For the sake of moving things forward:

Bar Tonique, Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 8 p.m.

How does that sound?
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And can we have Buffa's as a back-up? I LOVE BUFFA'S.
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October 3rd sounds good to me, and Bar Tonique looks great.
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Argh, sorry guys. First US prez debate's that night, and I've had it on the calendar for weeks! There's no TVs at Bar Tonique.
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