Cincinnati meetup?
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Not sure how many of you hooligans are around still, but I'd be down for a get-together before summer's up. Ideas, anyone?
Just throwing this out there for all 3 or 4 of us that are "regular" attendees. :-)
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Not a regular attendee to meetups or mefi, but i might be interested.
posted by khaoohs at 4:12 AM on August 28, 2012

Up in CBUS, but could potentially make it down...
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Sure! I'd love to see you. Let's catch cooker girl and banannafish, for sure. Is caveat empress back in town?
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I'm here! I got the MetaBatSignal from tizzie!

I'd be down for pretty much anything that involves food and adult beverages. A patio would be nice, too. Arnold's? Django? Something else?
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Glad to know that MBS is still working :-) There's also a really good outdoor space at Mayberry (with food) and of course Neon's (no food, but great drinks!)
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For reference, I will be out of town from September 9th through the 15th, so those dates won't work for me.

My idea was a MeFi picnic at Ault or some such, although I guess booze isn't allowed there.
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They sell beer at Washington Park - and the park is amazing. We could do that!
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Thanks to Tizzie for the heads up!

I am in town and down for a Cincy Meetup!
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Gahhh I'm in LA fulltime now, but I'll be back for Oktoberfest if you guys are willing to wait!
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banannafish -- Either way, I will Oktoberfest it with you!
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May be relocating to Cinci in the near future; the fact that there are MeFi meetups definitely will be added to the 'pro' column.
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rmm, anything we can do to help with your relocation, let us know. Speaking for myself, I live very close to downtown and can offer suggestions if you need 'em!
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Alright kids, let's try and firm this up a little. :-)

I'm thinking we start off with a park picnic dinner and then mosey on over to our pub of choice. My proposals:

1. Ault Park picnic followed by drinking at Hap's Irish Pub, or...
2. Washington Park picnic followed by drinking at Arnold's

Let me know which one you prefer!

(If you have alternate Hyde Park/Mt. Lookout bar suggestions, speak up! I'm not too familiar with the bars in that area, so Hap's is a "best guess.")
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As far as a date, does Friday Sept. 21st sound good?
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I vote for #2 and that date is fine! It's the night before OKtoberfest, so maybe banannafish will be in town?
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I vote for #2 as well... only, I would like to throw Neon's on 12th street into the ring for consideration as the after picnic drinking establishment. This way I can bring my dog both places.
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Neon's is a good idea. My GF will probably bring the dog both places as well.

#2 sounds like a winner then!
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Okay, then, let's meet at the dog park at Washington Park. What time?
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Oohh I might be able to make it! If nothing else, I'll swing by for a wave and a quick nip!
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I set the time for 7pm. Is that good for everyone?
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So we should probably arrange the food situation...

If nobody else wants to volunteer to bring the main course, I can do it if need be. Is everyone OK with a grilled chicken sort of dish?

Can anyone else commit to bringing some sides (pretzels, chips and dip, or some such)? Someone else brings drinks maybe? Whatever you want is fine by me! Thanks all!
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Food - I forgot that picnics mean food! Duh. I can bring something. Can I not commit to what it will be yet, and see what inspires me? I'll probably stop at Fresh Table at Findlay Market and pick up something portable!
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Does rain change the plan?
posted by tizzie at 3:30 AM on September 21, 2012

Even if rain doesn't - strep throat does for me. Started on meds yesterday. Sorry guys.
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Yeah, I was about to message you both. Rain looks probably from 3pm onward, so we might have to reschedule this shindig.

I'll go ahead and cancel this one and make a new one once my schedule is firmed up in the next few days.
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Hmm, guess you can't cancel. I just switched it back to proposed then.

I should know later today what my next couple weeks look like, but if anyone has other awesome ideas go ahead and post 'em! :-)
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Okay, because I talked to cookergirl and she had forgotten and had Reds tickets. Sounds like rescheduling is the best idea. Feel better, caveat empress!
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Ah, I am still in Los Angeles (my flight leaves at 10:45PM), so I'm sad that the meet-up didn't go through, but I'm happy I didn't miss it due to flight scheduling!
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