The iamkimiam welcome meetup (Leeds/York?)
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Sat September 18 at 6:00 PM, Victoria Hotel
28 Great George St, Leeds LS1 3, UK (Map & Directions)
As the esteemed iamkimiam is due to make her arrival onto English soil soon, I submit that we should have a bit of a do in her honour. (As in, we sit in a pub with some cloudy drinks and make increasingly little sense over the course of a number of hours.)
My thoughts on a place and a date -

Place: I'm going to suggest Leeds. I've been promising to call a Leeds meetup for ages, we haven't had one before, and it completes a set of northern-but-not-on-a-coast cities. Plus it's v accessible for all northern mefites. But would it make more sense to have it in York, given the circumstances?

Date: 18th September is the only Saturday I can do that month. (I promise not to cry if another date works out best for everyone else.)

Ultimately, though, I think we should accommodate iamkimiam with all malleability. Where/when's good?
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Alas, the 18th's the only Saturday I can't make in September. (I too promise to avoid lachrimity if I can't come.)
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Lachrymosity. That'll teach me to noun adjectives after midnight.
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I'm game would be good to meet a fellow expat. Leeds is easier for me, but York is doable as well. As far as weekends goes I would just need enough advance notice and I think everything should be fine.

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Leeds might make more sense in terms of numbers, at least if it's only myself and iamkimiam coming across to Big Leeds, and there's a whole vast metropolitan mob of you lot.

I can do the 18th if it's an evening meet.

There has been a Leeds meet-up before, part of the 10th Anniversary Festivities. It was fun.
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Ha! This is great! Leeds works for me, and I *should* be in England by then - I am having some Visa/timing problems, but my flight to London is booked for Sept. 4th/5th and I hope to be on it! Saturday the 18th is good too (but I'm bummed you can't make it, Electric Dragon).

Looking forward to it all!
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Eeeeexcellent, really glad this will happen! Koolkat, any thoughts on a venue? When it comes to drinks in town, I normally default to the Adelphior the Grove.
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Am entirely down with this shit.
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(But would prefer a Wednesday night as am in York most Wednesday nights...)
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Easiest place would possibly be the Scarborough Hotel as it is right across from the train station. The Adelphi is fairly easy to find, but a bit of a walk and you have to go down a few side streets. I know personally I would like to try out the Fox and Hound (Leeds brewbup) but anywhere is fine for me. I live out in Headingley so it is easy for me to get anywhere in the city centre. We could meet at the Scarborough and then head other places. If people like beer then I would recommend North bar and Mr Foley's along with the adelphi and scarborough.
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Yay! My preference is the Victoria. (At least I think it's called The Victoria). But I don't really care. It's a Leeds meetup! All days seem fine.
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Some excellent location suggestions there. The Scarborough is so so easy to find but often really busy, which I was hoping to avoid. Same might be true of North Bar? Foleys should definitely have space, plus they have reputedly got rid of the faint but persistent smell of vomit which used to make a trip there so mildly nauseating. And when you say the Fox and Hound, do you mean the Fox and Newt up by Park Lane College? I've heard nothing but good about it but it seems a little far from the station.

Seanyboy, do you mean the Victoria Hotel? Great pub. Does a good line in sausages, too, I am lead to believe.
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I shall speed my way to whichever location you please (although Leeds would be best, but whatever).

I will also bring my trusty camera, and try to remember to bring the memory card and batteries for it too.
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I am also down with this.
The Victoria has booths, Foley's has enormous leather chairs (if I am remembering correctly) and the Adelphi has battered old furniture. The Duck and Drake is another real ale pub, may have terrible rock band in front room on a Saturday. Wooden tables.
There is also the option of Reliance, which has all of the above (other than the terrible rock band). Also food options for the hungry and art on the walls.

I would say North is probably too loud for the talking and such. Scarborough also loud and busy. The Grove is a bit far out (man).

So, I think the Victoria also has my vote for meetup-ability. Also, is next to Millennium Square which is a thing to see.
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Hey, I am selling my suggestion short! The Reliance is also really nice if we can get a table or a pod of chairs.

Another point of interest is that the Adephi is over Leeds Bridge, which is famous for being filmed in 1888.

Anyhoo, it's all welcomy goodness for iamkimiam!
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We can make it into a mini pub crawl. Nowhere in Leeds is really that far away from the train station. It would probably be best to meet somewhere close, say Scarborough or Foley's then move to the Victoria for a pub lunch and then head somewhere else / do a mini tour etc. What time is this all going to start?

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A pub crawl? Now this I like. The only down side would be people arriving arriving at different times and being all like, hey, where are the mefites, but I think that could be manageable, especially in these days of folk having whizzy phones. Scarborough first for ease of finding?

And I can't get there until late afternoon but that shouldn't stop people starting whenever they like, obviously. (Lunch at the victoria sounds a GREAT idea.)
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A Pub Crawl sounds awful.

(Though I will acquiesce to group preference)
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Oh boo. It's so tiresome traipsing from one pub to the next, just after you've got comfy.

And I'm driving, so it'd be a Victorian Lemonade and Curiosity Cola-crawl for me.


But I'll happily go with the flow.
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I'm gonna wield my temporary banhammer down on the pub crawl.* While I do LOVE a good pub crawl (especially when there's cards or burritos involved!), it's best with a small group who already knows each other's faces (and all has phones, which I likely don't). So maybe the *next* meetup we can go crazy with that idea! (Or if this meetup goes long and we get antsy to move on...impromptu pub crawl!)

*I can do that, right?

There is just no other word for pub crawl, huh? I think I used it four times in this post.

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Pub crawl boooooo! We fear change!
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Well that's good too - fine use of the minibanhammer there, iamkimiam. I'm going to be without internet for the next 10 days (the horror!) but will happily comply with whatever the plan is by the time I come back.
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I was just suggesting a pub crawl as a way to fit in all of the places mentioned. If you like burrito's then we have to head to bar-burrito in Leeds. It is the best burrito place I have found in the UK. It is essentially a Chipotle so chances are you've already been to something similar before. I know I really missed being able to get a burrito until it came into town. I just had lunch with a friend who is up in Edinburgh and we always go there because he loved Chipotle that much.

Except you might like to have a nice English pub lunch instead of a Mexican burrito, in which case you should just see where the burrito place is for when you want to get one and instead have a nice pub lunch somewhere.
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Yeah! Finally a meetup I might be able to get to. Have family staying that weekend, but I should be able to pop in wherever. I'd lean towards the Grove - it's near the station and not hard to find - but the Vic or Foley's are both good too, and both do food. Better beer in Foley's.

If you ring the Vic in advance they'll let you book out Bridget's Bar or Albert's Bar if they're not already taken - depends how many of us are planning to show, I guess. You can also book the back room in Foley's but they need a deposit.

Are we talking afternoon, evening, or extended afternoon?
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I was about to berate Barburritos but thought better of it. So rather than re-read all this, can someone summarise the date and place? Are we settled on the 18th?
(you know you're conflicting with Software Freedom Day at the MadLab, right?)

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Oooh, can we get this sidebarred as decided before you leave, perhaps? The 18th is sounds like more people are amenable to the Victoria place than anything else, so lets do that. Pick a time, any time and let's get it up there so we can click yes or maybe!
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Apropos of timing, I will not be available until after 6pm on the 18th. If we are starting early I will have to get some scran at some point, personally. Just f to the yi.

How have I missed that burritos place? It's on the flipping Headrow!
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Side bar it for me also. I am losing internet access in well 10 minutes (moving) so I will not be able to respond before wed morning. I am fine with the vic and I dont care what davemee says about barburrito, they're the closest to american mexican food you can get in england and I've been to many different places.
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Pancho's Burritos in the Arndale food court, Manchester, is the best Mexican you'll find in the UK - and I've been hunting. Enriquez there imports a huge range of chillis, cactus and special ingredients, makes everything by hand, and you'll never go back to Barburrito again.
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I emailed the mods about making the Proposed to Planned switcharoo for us, since thoughtless is away for the next week or so and won't be able to update the thread. Hopefully that will be doable.
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And it worked!
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I am indeed "bummed" that I can't be there, but you can't always get what you want. Y'all have fun!
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Yes davemee, I would probably like that place and the next time I am in the arndale centre I will try it out.

Count me in I'll be there.
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I don't want to alarm y'all, but there's an inside chance that I won't be able to make it to this meetup. Can't tell you how bummed I am. Really, you have no idea. :(

My travel docs (visa/passport) have not been returned to me and I've been informed by the UKBA that my application has been 'escalated for further detail'. Therefore, I am unable to make my flight this Saturday and have had to cancel everything on down the line...hotel, train, etc. I'm basically grounded until I get the docs back (and I don't know when that will be and there is no way to find out).

But you can bet that as soon as I get 'em, I will be on a plane and a train and in a pub with a drink so desperately needed. Hopefully with you all and let's keep our fingers crossed that it is the 18th.
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Oh, and can I just say that seeing the note at the bottom of this text box is the best thing I've read all morning? I really hope it is as true as "Note: Everybody needs a hug."

"Note: You're going to see these people in real life."
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We could always delay it by a couple of weeks.
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o/ votes for a postponement (mostly because I have once again been found making false claims as to my availability anyway...)
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I am usually available nearly every saturday, so a postponement would work for me. Hell I just have to get a 5 minute bus ride to be in the city center. I might be having housewarming parties sometime soon though and the 18th worked perfectly for me as my better half is playing in a concert that evening, leaving me without anything to do. Any other weekend is probably fine for me as well. All I really need usually is about 10 minutes notice.
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Postponement is fine by me too. How do we do this.
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Postponement OK by me too - better to have the guest of honour actually present, assuming that the UKBA get their act together eventually!
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A postponement would suit me: I might actually be able to come if it's after the 9th October.
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Back! It looks like I have an edit function for the details, so if we need to postpone, I should be able to change the date. Will await further updates on the whole painful visa situation. (Which sounds like a nightmare! Hope it is resolved without too much further grinding.)
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Holy crap, people! I just went on a crazy 3-day stint in California, to meet the crazy demands of the UK Border Agency. I shipped the docs yesterday and flew back to the east coast today. I got an email when I landed (about a half hour ago) UK VISA IS APPROVED!!! I am free to leave the country! WHOOHOO!

This is GREAT news. However, I'm not entirely sure at this point if I will be in York by the 18th, but I am going to do my best to try (I've got some new logistics to work out). I'll keep y'all posted as soon as I know when exactly I'm leaving here and if we need to push the meetup out a few more days or a week or whatever. Can't wait to see y'all.


"Note: You're going to see these people in real life."

I fucking knew it!
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Cool. I bet you can make it in time. You have a week and a couple of days. I was able to move in and get all settled in under a week when I first came across the pond.
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Hey everybody! I'll be able to make it to the meetup! YAAAAAAAY. Can't wait.

(flying into London this upcoming Tuesday; taking the train up to York on Friday the 17th.)
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Great see you this saturday. Pity that the York Beerfest is this saturday as well, but I've already been to 4 beer fests this year so I guess I can miss one or two.
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This is marvellous. I'll be there at 6, I predict.
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I'll be there about 7.30 as I have a 75th birthday party to attend.
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I'll be there more or less on time. Any hints on where to park?

Does the Victoria serve plates of beans?
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I'll be there! Probably 6ish. Is anyone going to take a sign or anything identifiable? Or should we just walk round the pub going "Meh-fee, Mee-fie, Mee-fee, Meh-fi...." until we spot someone else doing the same?
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I'll show up at 6, possibly a bit earlier and try to get a booth or a table. According to the list we should be expecting 6 so either should be OK. As far as something recognisable I'll be there in Vermonter garb so just look for the guy wearing shorts and that will be me.


(Jeff for a real name)
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Parking: I never really park in the centre of Leeds, but I do know that there are some spots at the side of the road up Cookridge Street, next to the Henry Moore Institute, and then there's a car park under the Light as well - but I think you have to get to it via some one way streets, and come down Dudley Way.
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You won't have trouble finding us...I've got just the thing for helping MeFites find their internet brethren in public'll see. (How weird does that sound?) But if at all unsure, walk up to a table of the most motley crew you can spot in the bar and ask them if they're friends of Matt. Works every time!

(Although I would just die laughing if somebody just randomly stumbled around the bar chanting "MeFi" in pronunciation variants. I'm not that brave and shameless, but I commend those who are.)
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Hello, I am waving to you all - and especially kim - from really far away! Hello! Have fun, and take good care of her for us - I know you will.
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A smashing time was had by all. Good to see everyone again/for the first time*

*delete as applicable
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That was so much fun guys! It was great to meet you all and enjoy twiggies, candy, snack pies and beer. Delicious. Also, since you have found out that I tend to ramble onto long tangents with broken conclusions, the braille tattoo that I was talking about said "make it for the world." (I didn't say these stories had *interesting* conclusions.) 'till next time!

Hi rtha!!!
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Great stuff. Nice to put some faces to names, and in one case (hi asok) put a name to a face that I already knew but didn't know I knew if you know what I mean. I've put some photos here.
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Glad to hear you all had a good time! I promise* I'll make it next time.

If possible.
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waah - neither slyrabbit nor myself could make it in the end. good to see it was a winner anyway - catch many of you *next time*!
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