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So garlic and I have been tossing around the idea of a bingo meetup at the Blue Frog. They do it every Monday night, although I'm not sure what time it starts. How about a Monday in September (after Labor Day)?
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I would play Bingo, sure, but September is super-crazy busy for me. I'll let everyone else pick a good date.
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How late do they start? I gots to get up early, so late nights are difficult, but my catholic upbringing has me preconditioned for Bingo. Does someone dressed as Monsignor get to call?
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My schedule is even more flakey than usual but I would DEFINITELY be interested -- Labor Day weekend obviously seems like it might not be great (though I'm not doing anything) but next Monday is possible, and any other September Monday is free so far.
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hey, garlic is me!

I'm interested. Noone's thrown out a specific date yet, so how about 9/17?
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The 17th is good for me. I still haven't called to find out what time bingo starts on Mondays. I was thinking of just asking when we're there for First Wednesday.
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I could do the 17th and would be up for this.
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Also I hope it's early because Mondays Mary Mac does karaoke at Holiday Club and it would be fun to head there afterwards. Then again, that's the Monday after Riot Fest and I might be too beat to do anything.
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the website does not say. I was thinking I should stop by when I was walking past it this past monday, but then thought naw, the website will say. and it doesn't.
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We shall find out tonight!
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So, there's a slight problem, in that the frog no longer hosts bingo on Mondays. However, they still have the bingo set, and will let us use it if we ask nicely. So I believe the game plan is on 9/17 we'll get together at the frog to play bingo at 7pm, with the potential for bingo prizes to be supplied by youngergirl44 and I. We'll play bingo til we get tired of it, and hangout at the frog having a good time. How's that sound?
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garlic took the words right out of my keyboard - should I confirm this now or wait for others to be respond?
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Is anything happening with Bingo?
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