Cambridge Test Kitchen: The Housewarmening
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Sat August 25 at 2:00 PM, New Test Kitchen World Headquarters
Broadway & Holland St, Somerville, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
We're having a housewarming! For our new house condo! Come on over!
The girlfriend and I have been running a series of themed food parties which I dubbed "The Cambridge Test Kitchen". We don't live in Cambridge anymore, and this particular event isn't really centered around the food... so come to our next Cambridge Test Kitchen event! Until I can think of a new name for it...

We just moved in to our new place and we'd love to have everyone over for food, drink, and socializing. We'll have some slow-cooked meat going outside, summer salads, and plenty of other comestibles.

Some pertinent information:
-We have limited on-street parking for guests, but it's an easy walk from the Davis T stop.
-For those of you with allergies, we do have cats.
-There will be vegetarian options, but we don't normally cater to any other dietary restrictions. If you'd like to come and have allergies or other dietary problems, let me know and we'll try to accommodate you.

I'll send out our address to anyone that confirms that they're coming. Join us!
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Congrats on the new place!
posted by cranberry_nut at 4:42 AM on August 4, 2012

You're right down the street from me! May I advise "Jumbo's Test Kitchen" as the name for your new place?
posted by pxe2000 at 4:53 AM on August 4, 2012

You're practically my neighbor, so I'd love to attend. Is this a pot luck where we each bring a dish, or are you handling all the cooking? I'm a terrible chef, but I'd be happy to bring one or two lambic ales so that I can contribute in some way to the event (if that's all right with you).
posted by wolfdreams01 at 8:00 AM on August 6, 2012

We're cooking everything, so no need to bring food unless you have any special diet you're worried we won't be able to accommodate. Beer will always be appreciated, but we plan to have enough for everyone so don't feel obligated.
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Awww, I think we're going to be out of town, but this sounds fab! If the test kitchen doesn't try to kill you, that is - hope the new digs are treating you better, and that the party's a blast. If we're around, I will revise my invite for a chance at Test Kitchen foods.
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I hope my schedule accommodates this; if so, I will bring my hollow leg in which I store the secondary and tertiary servings of food and beer.
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I'm on some idiot 1200-calorie/day food thing but my boyfriend swears he will save some extra food for later in his hollow leg so I will go and pick and drool.
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Sorry, backseatpilot, turns out I won't be able to eat you out of (new) house and home. You can put any hidden furniture, knicknacks, etc., out in the open, knowing I will not be there to devour them. Hope you have a good time!
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I'm taking the train back from NYC and should arrive at South Station around 7pm. Is that too late? Sounds fun!
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I think we'll still be going. To be honest, I bought a 12.5 pound pork shoulder and I'm not quite sure how long it's going to take to cook... so I may be there, alone, crying into the grill while everyone else has gone out for pizza.
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The crying might put the coals out. Try to cry off to the side.
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Thanks for coming everyone! Did anyone accidentally leave a pair of headphones here?
posted by backseatpilot at 1:11 PM on August 26, 2012

Thanks for cooking all of that food! It was immaculate!

(I did not leave any headphones.)
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