Philadelphia, I am in you!
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Sat August 11 at 10:00 AM, Federal Donuts
1219 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA, USA (Map & Directions)
Fednuts this Saturday at 10am. I will be the tragically hip Mefite wearing a blue shirt with a star upon it.
Update update: world domination tour extended to Aug 16.

Bonus donut round Friday at 10am.

I will be staying with a Metafilter lurker near Federal Donuts On South 2nd from Aug 8 to 13, which means I will be at FedNuts nearly every day from Aug 8 to 13.

I propose that you local scallywags figure out a time between 11am Aug 8 and noon, Aug 13 when you wish to bask in my awesome and stuff your donut holes with goodness

For those of you who can't make the main event, there will be side tours during my stay to Paesano's on South 9th one or two (or four) times, evening cooldowns to John's Water Ice on South 7th at Christian, and at least one trip to the Barnes Foundation.
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I have plans for the morning/early afternoon of Sunday the 12th so my vote is for Saturday the 11th for a meetup. I also happen to have that Friday off if you want additional doughnut company, but I'm guessing the weekend is easier for most people.

I don't know if things are as crazy there anymore as they used to be - how early should we plan on getting in line?
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I can't provide true local guidance re weekends, but I've wandered in at 10am on weekdays and not waited long more than a few minutes to order. As lunchtime nears, however, slavering hordes approach in search of chicken.
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I got plans for all day & night Saturday but I'm free Friday after work.
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Hey, thanks for the excuse to finally make it down to Federal Donuts. Somehow I haven't done that yet.

Both weekend and Friday seem okay so far, I'll keep y'all posted.
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I think they almost always sell out relatively early on Fridays... and they close when they sell out, if that wasn't clear.
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My sense is a pre-noon visit at this point is safe. They may be out of the fancy pants donuts, but they continue to make hot-n-fresh ones all day. I think the closing danger is more a risk for those who seek the delicious twice-fried chicken. [Homer: Mmm, twice-fried chicken]

Hours: M-F 7am - 3pm or sell out
Sat-Sun: 7am - 6pm or sell out

They've yet to turn me away when I want to dunk their hot 'nuts in mid-morning, in my slothful but recent experience.
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Donuts. I'm in.
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We have proposals for Friday and Sat am. Say ye yay or nay to either of these days?

I'm assuming many of you work, otherwise I would propose 10am Friday.
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I will show up either/both days. I suspect we'll get a better turnout on Saturday but will have a higher chance of getting the fancy doughnuts (which I like a lot more than the hot ones) on Friday, though you're probably right that FedNuts has been there long enough now that the days of long lines and doughnut panic are over.

Maybe just set the date for Saturday with an announcement that there will also be an informal meetup on Friday for anyone who's available? If it's not too much of a chore for you to eat doughnuts both days, that is.
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I think I can cope. Saturday at a slothful 10am!
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Zippy - check your memail on a related matter.
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Woops, sorry, can't come. Will try for the next one.
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I thought I had to work, but turns out I do not. And I hear their Appollonia it pretty rad.
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The Apollonia and the cinnamon sugar are my favorites.
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Did anything tonight get dropped? Looks like I can make it out tomorrow AM after all.
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Out of concern for the rest of the group, zippy and I did a trial run at FedNuts today and can report back that the doughnuts are still delightful.

Plan is still to meet up at 10 tomorrow though I'm not sure if there is any agenda to keep doing things after we're done with the doughnuts. I have no plans for the rest of the day if anyone does want to continue the adventures after that.
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There is a place not too terribly far away that has two dollar mimosas and Bloody Marys. And there is always a lot of collaborative crossword puzzle solving going down. Best game in town at that hour.
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There's always the Southeast Asian Dragon Boat Festival at Penn's Landing- it's free and starts at noon.
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I'll be there around quarter after.
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I'll be on the bench outside- pink shirt & grey cardigan.
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Great time everyone. If more meet-ups included carousel rides the world would indeed be a better place.
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Thank you, everyone who came, for showing me the sights and sites, and especially for marching boldly and damply through the heat from one shady oasis to the next.
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