Upper Manhattan meetup
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Tue August 7 at 7:00 PM, Bier International
2099 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Inaugural upper Manhattan meetup. At a beer garden (Bier International)...how bad could it be? We don't even have to talk. We can just drink.
Let's try it at this time and place and we can adjust as necessary. Looking forward to seeing some of you!

My location thoughts before the event was confirmed: Very northerly I could suggest Apt. 78 at 191st, Inwood Local (air conditioned patio) around 207th, or the Piper's Kilt across from Inwood Local.

I do not know what is going on in greater Harlem, and I do not like the places around Presbyterian, but I can be educated for sure.

Less northerly I would suggest the venerable Abbey Pub on W. 105th.

Not really northerly at all, but pertaining to the holy Frank McCourt, would be Malachy's on W. 72nd.

Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday at or after 7 p.m. are better for me, but I'm flexible.
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Upper Manhattan! Why yes that would be nice. I'm in Riverdale in the Bronx and would love to have a meetup closer to home.
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Great! I added some Bronx tags, though I am not sure if anyone really searches by tag.
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This is on 96th St., so I'm not sure how much south this would be for y'all, but a couple of weeks ago I went to Dive Bar (the one on 96th and Amsterdam) on a weeknight. It was very nice-- there was a good food menu, plenty of nice brews, not too crowded, a fair amount of seating. It's not totally spacious, so it would help to get there early, and they don't have an outdoor area, although it is air-conditioned.
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96th is not too remote for me.
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I'd be into any of these! I live up thissa way.
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Finally, a meet-up I can go to that doesn't require two hour-long subway rides! Might I also potentially suggest Bier International as a venue? Nice if you like German brews.
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I am interested!
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I actually travel up to Piper's Kilt a bunch for pub quiz, despite living in Brooklyn, so I will keep an eye on further developments.
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Lower upper (116th and below) is better for me, but this I could potentially do (!)
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Oh, yes, totally. My intentions are always good, but I never make the super-southerly meet-ups.
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Keeping my eye on this! We like northerly places!
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I'm interested

I have best of intentions for downtown, but they never quite work. I'll go anywhere reasonably accessible via 1/A/C
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I can work with Bier International. Between the 110th and 116th C stops. Does my learned colleague from Riverdale agree? It is not exactly in, say, for example, South St. Seaport.

OK. Any major objections to Bier International?

Normally I would say strike while iron hot, but actually here I would suggest early next week, week of Sunday, August 5th, to give it time on the front IRL page. I can basically do any evening Sun-Thu with a slight preference for Sun/Mon/Wed. Folks?


(If this takes we also have to check out the new restaurant at the Dyckman St. marina. Though it has appeal qua destination, I worry that precisely this will also discourage people from coming because it seems too bizarre. I was near there today and it is, in fact, a functioning restaurant, though the fries could not possibly be as good nor the beer as cheap as the old one.)
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I can do either Tuesday (that particular Tuesday though-- they normally aren't an option) or Thursday. Every other day I have some sort of commitment.

Bier International looks great. I've never really seen that part of the city, to be honest, so I am looking forward to this!
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Oh, and the marina sounds a bit pricey, but I might be able to swing it if we're just doing drinks.
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Yeah, re: Dyckman marina, forget about the food. Strictly beer. I have no idea how they plan to stay in business. But it is a breathtaking setting for a beer. There is also a public pier/place there where there is room to picnic, but that is for a committed band.
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OK, so looking at the menu, Bier International is not so cheap, though they do have a $4 option for 0.31 L of beer, BUT I figure hold it there instead of somewhere norther and cheaper so as to attract as many people as possible. Thoughts?
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Ah crud, I could only swing Sunday or Monday that week. I'm flying out of the country Tuesday and will find myself in Germany proper soon enough. In any case, hope that Manhattan meet-ups become a more regular thing...
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Bier international sounds awesome to me. What are the dates on the table again?
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I love the idea of not going to Brooklyn. Brooklyn is like Narnia: it's a magical place full of mythical beings, but it's awfully far from home, and I'm always afraid that I won't be able to find my way back.
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Show of hands for next Monday vs. next Tuesday?
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Tuesday would be infinitely better, as I stated upthread, though not always, if this were to become a regular thing.
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srsly y'all are tryin' to kill me with these weeknight meetups

I'm sincerely considering getting a wife and a family so I have an excuse for being boring on weeknights

one that is not sad and all alone
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I can't realistically do weeknight meetups. I get up at 5am for work so my bedtime during the week is 9pm. So unless the meetup is close by and starts around 6pm, I can't make it.

It is like being in grade school: not on a school night! I know that my schedule is unusual, so I will hope for dates and times to work out in my favor, but not expect it.
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No, I pretty much have the same schedule. It's not that unusual.
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OK, just for a trial run, let's call it for next Tuesday, Bier International, 7 pm. We can adjust time/location/etc. if there is a next time.

sciencegeek and Eideteker--I am not opposed to Sundays, myself, but I feel like for a new meetup in August that is asking for non-attendance. In the fall let's try a Sunday if there's interest.
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(FYI, Sunday is also a school night. Not being a naysayer, just stating facts. I still love you all.)
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No, for sure--I mean Sunday afternoon at 3pm, something like that, is asking for trouble for a first time meetup in August.
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Another place to consider, for a super northern meet up in the future is the Bronx Ale House, which is, you may have surmised, in the Bronx.

It is less than a block from the 238th St 1 train station at 216 W 238th St, Bronx, NY.
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I am OK with any establishment whose name includes "ale."
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I am down with uptown.
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Seconding skbw for future meetups. We just had our summer outing at Dyckman Marina / La Marina NYC/whatever it's called this week this afternoon and it was fun. Not a ton in the way of shade on a blasted hot afternoon but good cheap eats. They have space for volleyball, etc. but it's BYOActivity at this point. Maybe an option for last summer.

Definite maybe for Tuesday. Look forward to seeing you.
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I might be able to make it but I will be about 45 minutes late, so wait for me!
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skbw do you still have edit access to the first post to add the url link to the meetup location? There are so many proposed locations linked throughout this thread now that I'm afraid I'll click the wrong one in 'recent activity' come Tuesday and end up in the wrong place.
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Thanks--thought I did that--but fixing now.
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check it out..."Venue Name" accepts HTML and even shows up on the front page
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oh shit, this is tonight, huh?

*puts his ducks in a row so he can attend*
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I can't make this one after all, caught a little cold this weekend and am not back to full strength yet.
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Indeed! I am wearing kind of a weird shirt, like a purple and gray madras plaid blouse, sort of. Brown hair and glasses. I will be sitting inside, hopefully against a wall...
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Feel better, oh yeah!...hopefully it will repeat.
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Caught a Light Sneeze?

Damn, this place looks posh. Next uptown meetup should be some soul food. (Though I haven't had a lamb burger in ages, might be time.)
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I love that this is an "Upper Manhattan" meetup, yet it's still downtown from me. XD

To me, "Upper Manhattan" is where my Grams lives.

Going to have this song stuck in my head the whole time...
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Yes, I know, seems very fancy(!). Was trying to pick someplace far enough down that people would not refuse to go there on a first outing.
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Me and the +1 won't be able to make it tonight. We have a big event going on this weekend that is requiring a lot of attention. However, I'm really excited about a regular uptown meetup and can't wait for future ones!
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Shoot, I have a very early busy day tomorrow! And I love posh.
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thinkpiece, I have to get up at 5am.

Yours is no excuse.
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I am definitely attending, and a beer sounds like just the thing.
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Definite maybe for Tuesday. Look forward to seeing you.

Now sadly a definitely not. Desk has eaten me. I'm with sciencegeek, excited about future uptown ones.
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I'm here. Anybody else?
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We're here in sort of a back corner, at the long tables.
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Next uptown meetup should be some soul food.

You guys are right around the corner from Amy Ruth's, though it closed at 11pm.
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So I enjoyed meeting you guys! Eideteker suggests Coral for next time, and I am not opposed.

I enjoyed Bier International, too...had an imperial pint of something called Fuller's for $8, and it was good.

As it turns out, I live in the same hyperborean building as Eideteker's above-referenced Grams, so I am totally indifferent to any "is it uptown enough" considerations.
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