Maybenauts "You're Not Aware" music video premiere party
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Wed September 1 at 9:00 PM, Late Bar Chicago
3534 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
I made a music video for Chicago band the Maybenauts. Come see it, and/or drink, and/or dance!
Members of the band will be DJing, and we'll show the video on the bar's projector at some point.

Late Bar usually hosts goth/industrial nights (its owners are behind the long-running PLANET EARTH night formerly at NEO) as well as ska/reggae/soul and rock stuff. Their bartenders are friendly and it's totally affordable to drink there - against all expectations it's turned into one of my favorite places to go (I'm usually more of a dive-bar-with-pinball guy).

This was my first project in HD and I'm really stoked how it's turn(ing|ed) out. Nevertheless I will probably be a nervous wreck the night of, so come say hi and laugh at how sweaty and shaky I am!
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I am intrigued. And, if I am not being totally lame, I will be there!
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You can come if you're lame, I'm totally lame and it's partially my shindig! I know there's a Billy Goat meetup the same day; not sure how late that goes but this could be a second stop in mid-week debauchery, just sayin' :)
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'nauts previously on MeFi (self-link, duh [the drummer actually is a {fairly inactive} member here {as well as my girlfriend}])
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An editor's work is never done (well, until the deliverable is out of his or her hands) - was up all night working on the vid; here's a still for celebration's sake.
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And here's the video!
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