New Orleans MeFites: The Continuing (Free-ish Indian Buffet at Rendezvous Tavern)
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Sun August 26 at 12:00 PM, Rendezvous Tavern
3101 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA, USA (Map & Directions)
Edit: All Systems Go for a meetup on August 26th (a Sunday) at Noon at the Rendezvous Tavern for drinks and a free (with drink purchase) buffet served up by Nirvana. Hopefully this will become the start of a once-a-month-or-so meetup series that'll give us all an excuse to go out and kick back with some Internet People every so often. The recent meetup at Twelve Mile Limit was good times! Let's do this on the regular.
OK, here's the plan folks. At High Noon on Sunday the 26th of August, we'll converge at the aptly-named Rendezvous Tavern, 3101 Magazine Street, for an Indian buffet by Nirvana. The buffet is free with purchase of a drink at the bar, which I think you'll find is one of the best deals going this side of the river. It's a +1 event, so feel free to bring a guest along if you like.

This is meant to be the beginning of a regular meetup series that'll gather every month or two somewhere in the city. Good? Good. Let's do this!
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I haven't much opinion but please do let me know what's decided.
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At this point I think bars work best because it's less planning and commitment, and folks can come and go as they please. Not that yall aren't fabulous, but I can barely get it together to go on a picnic with my very best friends, you know?

What about a bar with food? I live within spitting distance of Parasol's and Tracey's, so they're both great for me. Or speaking of Nirvana there's the free (with drink purchase) Nirvana buffet at Rendezvous on Sundays?
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Oh, and this probably goes without saying these days but I am teh poorz so the cheaper the better. In fact, why doesn't everyone just bring a six pack to my house?
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As a fellow broke motherfucker, I agree that we should do all we can to keep the price of admission low, so to speak. That free buffet sounds absolutely spiffing, what's the bar like? I've never been to Rendezvous.
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I would go to that, it is 3 blocks from my house.
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I'm from the Northshore, but determined to make a meetup!
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OK... so provisional location: Rendezvous Tavern. How does Sunday the 26th of August sound? At, say, 7PM? Is this something that would work for people?
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The buffet is earlier in the day. In order to eat we'd want to do noonish.
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Robert and I will probably stop by. Me, most definitely. Robert may be out of town.
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A lunch meetup is just as good. Rendezvous Tavern on Sunday, August 26th at Noon o' Clock for drinks and Indian buffet? Any objections?

Any thoughts as far as payment methods? I've never been to Rendezvous. Is it simple for us all to just get our own food/drinks and pay separately, or will we have to split a common tab? Do we order at the bar (I'm assuming so) or is it a table service place?
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Everyone would pay separately at the bar, yes. There is no food available other than the Nirvana buffet, so the cost will just be drinks.
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Got it. If I don't hear any objections in the next day or so I'll go ahead and declare the time/place as finalized.
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and also
information on the buffet's time is EXTREMELY VALUABLE TO ME, CheeseLouise.
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Also are people cool with making this a +1 event? My S.O. will be back in town and she's not a MeFite but she loves some Nirvana so she may be interested in coming along. Are people cool with the idea of guests?
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The more the merrier, right? We'll waive the secret handshake requirement for her just this once.
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OK, event confirmed! If anybody can think of anything else that I should put in the event description let me know. I'll check up on the thread every couple of days and will be happy to attempt to advise about any logistic problems or other questions that anybody might have. See you all at the Rendezvous, I hope!
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Hi, I'm new in town and might come out to this meetup (and possibly drag my boyfriend along). I can't even tell you how excited the prospect of a free (ish) Indian buffet makes me!
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Oh yay! Looking forward to meeting you!
posted by Scientist at 5:12 PM on August 7, 2012

I'm a maybe, pending some family in town who may or may not have plans for me that day.
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I'm downgrading to a maybe; a good friend has scheduled his birthday party for that afternoon but I hope to come to the bar beforehand if I can swing it.
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Wait. How did I not know this was happening less than a block from my work?! I'll be working, though...

So if anyone wants to come buy dessert at Sucre, let me know!
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Yo dudes, I don't think I can make this tomorrow, but I definitely want to be in the loop in the future. Hope y'all have a great time.
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Just about there now. My S.O. had too much schoolwork so she couldn't come. I myself won't be able to stick around all that long either, for the same reason. Still, looking forward to seeing some folks!
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Odd, the building is locked. There's a bartender in there, but no customers and no hours posted as far as I can see. I'll hang around for fifteen minutes or so and see if folks turn up. If I've scheduled this for the wrong time then maybe we should just go to Sucre instead and visit Night_owl.
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The place supposedly opens at noon, according to the website. Also I met an annoyed dogwalker who was surprised that the place wasn't open yet. Hopefully it'll open soon, though I have a hunch that the buffet may not be on track either if the doors are locked at 20 minutes past opening.
posted by Scientist at 10:21 AM on August 26, 2012

MadamM and I are now at Sucre down the street.
posted by Scientist at 10:39 AM on August 26, 2012

We are late, but on our way!
posted by domo at 11:13 AM on August 26, 2012

Oh no, Scientist and I left maybe 20 minutes ago! We'll have to try this again sometime.
posted by MadamM at 11:38 AM on August 26, 2012

The Nirvana buffet thing starts at 2, if anyone still wants to come, we'll be here. I'm in a pink shirt.
posted by domo at 11:45 AM on August 26, 2012

Indian food has arrived!
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The food was good, we'd be intersted in doing it again with folks. The time stamps on this post are confusing, the food arrived at 2:30ish, so noon is quite early to meet.
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I couldn't exactly wear a name tag that said, "Hi, I'm from the internet," so I didn't get to meet MadamM or Scientist. I did meet domo and we had a little chat.

Hope we get the chance to have some free Indian food some other time!
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We asked if anybody was from the internet when we went to Sucre, but nobody admitted it. Odd. We were there around 12:40PM or so.

Anyway, sorry that things didn't quite work out perfectly. I guess it would've been better if we'd set the time later in the day. Darn. I did have a very nice time chatting with MadamM, though!
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Stay safe today and tomorrow, y'all.
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Hey everyone, sorry I was so confused about the buffet and bar opening time! I would have sworn it started/opened earlier. I hope everyone is safe and sound.
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