Portland pub meetup
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Sat September 8 at 4:00 PM, Bazi
1522 SE 32nd Ave, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Generic pub meetup! Bazi @ 4pm on Saturday, September 8.
Happy hour is 3-7. Time is set at 4p right now to avoid any dinner rush, but if someone thinks we should set it to start later, make thine case.
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County Cork? Leaky Roof if it's only 10 of us.
posted by fiercekitten at 8:45 PM on July 25, 2012

I'm game to try somewhere new.
posted by Greg_Ace at 12:02 AM on July 26, 2012

Green Dragon is pretty good. I just got a chance to check out Seraveza and they were good with both taps and pasties. (IIPA festival)
posted by CrystalDave at 12:06 AM on July 26, 2012

I'm interested.
posted by Prince_of_Cups at 7:33 AM on July 26, 2012

Oh yeah, I've heard good things about Seraveza, but I haven't been there yet. They're 4 blocks off the Yellow Line MAX (or of course, on the Killingsworth bus line)

That's not to say anything against the others- Green Dragon is great, but we've had many a meetup there, and it's kind of our fallback if nobody comes up with a better idea. I also haven't been to Moon and Sixpence, County Cork, or Leaky Roof. Is there someplace else good near the Leaky Roof, for overflow if we were to have too many people?
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I like county cork.
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Leaky Roof is a great little place, but I don't think we'll fit very well there. And there's really no overflow place.

I also like county cork, and I think we'd easily fit. It's also usually not too busy.
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I'm interested too. Depending on the desired atmosphere-to-beer-selection ratio, there's also Bailey's, Hair of the Dog, and 3 close to each other in SE: Laurelthirst, Spints & Beulahland.
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Yes, please.
posted by mimo at 10:03 AM on July 26, 2012

Woohoo, pubs!
posted by zusty at 10:19 AM on July 26, 2012

For me it's the proportion of drinkable beers to IPA.
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Kell's has a good whisky selection. I've been by Paddy's a few hundred times and never been in.
posted by fiercekitten at 6:27 PM on July 26, 2012

Bailey's is no good for us usually because the layout is not ideal for our usual "find a large space and occupy it for 4 hours" kind of meetup. This place came to mind a few days ago but again, never been.
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I haven't seen you guys in a long time and so will endeavor to make it to this
posted by churl at 2:30 PM on July 29, 2012

Any dates for this? As far as weekends, I'm available the 1st/2nd (which is Labor Day weekend) and the 15th/16th.
posted by mimo at 9:23 AM on July 30, 2012

I have no idea when I might be available, so just pick a date and I'll try to be there.
posted by nickthetourist at 10:44 AM on July 30, 2012

I won't be available the weekend of Sep. 15/16.
posted by Greg_Ace at 3:59 PM on July 30, 2012

Bazi is nice - good beer selection - but not that big and when there's a game on you come out with tinnitus.
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The Bazi bier list looks intriguing.
posted by nickthetourist at 3:33 PM on July 31, 2012

Bazi looks fun- I like that list. I haven't been there, but their website makes it look like there's a patio- so maybe if it's too loud inside we'd be able to sit out there?

1st/2nd would work for me, if that's sound like the best choice. I like how that makes it sound like this meetup will take 2 days.
posted by Secretariat at 6:10 PM on July 31, 2012

Secretariat: I like how that makes it sound like this meetup will take 2 days.

And why shouldn't it?
posted by nickthetourist at 8:05 PM on July 31, 2012

Bazi it is! Set it for the 8th at 4pm; no game scheduled for that day (that I could find; I assume we're talking Timbers) and that should get us past the initial rush. Also happy hour is 3-7 so that's a good three hours o' cheaper drinks.
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no game scheduled for that day (that I could find; I assume we're talking Timbers)

You forgot about Ducks and Beavers who will be in their 2nd or so week of play.
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You forgot about Ducks and Beavers who will be in their 2nd or so week of play.

There are no Ducks or Beavers games on the official events list. But I won't be there anyway so...
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It seems that wallabear and I will be going to a concert at the amphitheater in Vancouver WA that day, and it looks like all the particulars are lined up so that we will be attending!

It'll be awesome to actually meet some of y'all. See you in a couple of weeks!
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Hey, hippybear- cool!
posted by Secretariat at 4:06 PM on August 21, 2012

This should be fun - I can feel a bazzi in the air already! I hope people aren't too bazi to attend.
posted by Greg_Ace at 12:53 PM on September 7, 2012

I can feel a bazzi in the air already!

Can you feel it bazzi in the air
(Oh lord)
posted by cortex at 1:38 PM on September 8, 2012

"To infinity - and baziand!!" -- Bazi Lightyear
posted by Greg_Ace at 2:16 PM on September 8, 2012

Somewhat late notice, but I was browsing the menu (yes, ahead of time, because I am a nerd) and found:

The fine print disclaimer: We strive to maintain low prices on food and beverages for all to enjoy. As a result, we ask that you help us by limiting credit card transactions to two per table. 18% gratuity automatically added to your bill for parties of 6 or more.

So, heads up on that.
posted by curious nu at 3:03 PM on September 8, 2012

Ok- we'll make sure to bring some cash.
posted by Secretariat at 3:25 PM on September 8, 2012

We are on the way. Following a car with a very cracked windshield that keeps weaving to the left!
posted by Secretariat at 3:48 PM on September 8, 2012

Hey, we just drove past a pedal lounge. It's a multiuser bike thing where you sit and drink beer. Anyone interested in a meetup on one sometime?
posted by Secretariat at 7:00 PM on September 8, 2012

Is this what you're referring to? I've seen that a couple times downtown, and it looks like a hoot. I'd be interested.

I'd also be into organizing some sort of out-of-town day trip meetup; maybe somewhere on the coast, or the Hood River brewery (if they do tours/tastings, I don't even know), something like that. It may be too late in the season to start planning that, but perhaps next Spring-ish...

For that matter, I'd love to do a group overnight or weekend MeFite-family-friendly car camping thing. I've done that with other groups of friends and had a lot of fun. I mentioned it to the person giving me a ride home this evening and got sort of an "Ehh..." reaction, but thought I'd put it out there as a future idea anyway. Maybe in late June or early July? Any interest?
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Yeah, that's it. Pedallounge. Looks like 10-16 people, $20 per person if you fill all 16 seats. Starts at the Green Dragon. I was wrong about drinking on the bike (which is probably for the best)- you have to stop at a pub to drink. Which is basically what the whole point of the thing is, to pedal-lounge from beer to beer.
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I rode it two weeks ago for my friends birthday. It's a stupid fun time.
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You don't get to drink beer on the lounge though, no permit for that yet. You do a pub crawl on it, that is usually lucky lab, blitz, apex, and another bar. Two hours, about 20 minutes at each bar, and you can blast music on the lounge as well.
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Hey, great meetup! So nice to meet everyone I got to meet. Y'all are fortunate to live in a place where the MeFites are friendly and willing to be seen in public with each other.

I hope to attend one in your lovely city again sometime soon!
posted by hippybear at 5:21 PM on September 9, 2012

Glad you could make it. I think I can speak for all of us in saying that we're looking forward to your next visit!
posted by Greg_Ace at 6:09 PM on September 9, 2012

Yes, it was great to meet you and wallabear! Always nice to put faces to names.
posted by Secretariat at 8:05 PM on September 9, 2012

Late to the party, as always... Nice to meet you folks. Being far afield, it's tough to plan attending a meetup, this one worked out nicely. I gotta call WHOA on Belgian beers, tho, especially when I have to drive.

DEVO rocked, Blondie sucked. Hope to see you all again when circumstances permit.
posted by wallabear at 11:38 PM on September 14, 2012

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