Twelve Mile Limit. Gin and Cigars. Thursday, July 26th.
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Thu July 26 at 8:00 PM, Twelve Mile Limit
500 S Telemachus St, New Orleans, LA, USA (Map & Directions)
I propose that all New Orleans MeFites meet at 8:00 PM at Twelve Mile Limit, 500 South Telemachus Street in Mid-City, on Thursday the 26th of July 2012 to get their gin on. Gin, other drinks, barbeque, and cigars if you want 'em.
Twelve Mile Limit is a local Mid-City bar which manages to combine serious respect for the craft of mixology while simultaneously being unpretentious and reasonably priced. Thursdays tend to have enough people there to make things interesting but not so many that you can't get a table by the couch. They have many different kinds of gin (and many, many other liquors, and their beer selection ain't too shabby either) and their bartenders know what they're about. They also have some of the best barbeque in the city (better than The Joint, in my humble opinion). We will each run separate tabs but buying drinks for each other is highly encouraged in the spirit of MetaFilter camraderie.

They are non-smoking on Thursdays and also close at 1AM, but if anybody is game after closing (or if we just feel like wandering, closing time or no) then we can take the party somewhere else, such as my porch or perhaps Bayou St. John or City Park, where I will gladly provide some fine cigars from my recent ex-employer Cigar Factory New Orleans (see this bit for my cigar qualifications) and do some (quiet) drinking and conversing there.

I will provide the cigars, y'all can provide whatever libations are required or desired. I may also have a six-pack or two, and/or a bottle of gin around here somewhere. If anybody gets to the point where they can't make it home until the next morning, they can crash on my couch or my floor. I have a longcouch and a crash pad and sleeping bag around here somewhere, so I can accomodate at least two of you. Y'all are my people, y'heard?

This is just meant to be a friendly, semi-inebriated gathering of MeFites. The above outline is only meant as a rough guideline and the evening is free to evolve in whatever direction seems best. Remember, tomorrow is just Friday. All you have to do is survive it and then you can sleep in on the weekend.

OH! Wear your drinking pants. Seriously, wear some ridiculous, hilarious, over-the-top pants, something truly obnoxious and obscene. If at least one person doesn't turn up in a day-glo Speedo and somebody else doesn't rock up in faux-snakeskin harem pants, I will be disappointed.

See you there!
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I can confirm that Twelve Mile Limit is awesome and that I am interested in attending.
posted by komara at 9:27 AM on July 20, 2012

Excellent. I am totally open to moving the date/time around a bit by the way, if there is interest in doing so. Or really any suggestions that people might have for improving the event, as proposed it's really more of a sketch of ideas that I came up with after having a really nice time there last night.
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I may show up representing the San Francisco Cabal. (There is no cabal!) Alas, I cannot wear ridiculous pants, as I have packed no pants on this trip.
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That would be excellent. I forgot to mention, by the way, that the San Francisco Cabal (there is no cabal) is excused from wearing ridiculous pants per the Trouser Concord of 1883. Napoleonic law, doncha know.
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I think my calendar is free, and actually this is the only night in a long while that works well. I love 12 Mile Limit! Sadly I don't have weird pants, but I do have a tomato print dress...
posted by mostly vowels at 11:08 AM on July 22, 2012

Also, anyone who has any tips on getting there from Marigny via bus (or should I just take a cab?) I'm now accepting them.
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Hey, the Marigny is my old stomping ground!

I've actually never used public transit in NOLA (between my bike and my car I've no need) but the Canal Street line of the streetcar comes pretty close to the bar. Alternatively there are bus lines on Carrollton Avenue and Tulane Avenue that come even closer. Here's a map of the lines. You can put in your origin and your destination and it will give you Google Maps directions for what you need to do. Here's an idea of what you might want to do. Looks like you'd take the bus up St. Claude/N. Rampart to Canal St and catch another bus that would take you up Tulane Avenue.

Note that Tulane Ave is not the best part of town. I would be happy to provide an escort to/from the bus stop both for safety reasons and to guide you to the bar; it would be no trouble at all. Also note that public transit doesn't run all night. If I'm reading the schedule page right, the buses stop sometime between 1AM and 2AM. Streetcars too, I believe. If we end up being out that late and you are stranded (although a cab would certainly remain an option) I would be happy to let you crash on my couch or give you a ride in the event that I am still able to drive, which I likely will be.

Hope that helps! Looks like things are coming together! Glad to see you're coming, mostly vowels! I should have mentioned that tomato-print dresses have been given a special dispensation by the City Comptroller for this event. You'll be fine.
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Mollymayhem: I use public transportation every day all over town. I guarantee it's considerably easier from the Marigny to walk through the quarter and take the Canal streetcar (or yes, take a cab) than to mess with the Claiborne and Tulane busses.

I don't think I'll be making it, but have fun!
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Unfortunately I'm out as well. Have a great time, though!
posted by komara at 9:28 AM on July 25, 2012

Sorry to hear you two won't be making it! A small gathering, then. Still, a few MeFites is better than no MeFites! As long as anybody else is coming, I'm still game.
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I'll be there. Also, I forgot that I have a bicycle, so transport worries vanquished! I'm a chubby white gal with tattoos, and have a purple mohawk. I may be wearing a dress covered in rocket ships--that has yet to be determined.
posted by mollymayhem at 1:22 PM on July 25, 2012

OK, great! Bikes are awesome. I'm a guy with large curly hair and an extremely purple beard, and I'll be wearing some stupid pants. I'll be easy to find.
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Minor (hopefully positive) correction: Twelve Mile Limit is only smoke-free on Mondays and Saturdays, so I'll bring a few cigars to the bar in case anybody wants to smoke while they're there. I know I will, as long as nobody is too grossed out by (good) cigar smoke.
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I'm just visiting, but now scheming on how to live here part time...

Also, rocketship dress is a go. I repeat, rocketship dress is a go.
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I am on the couch. I think the people in front of me might be from Tales. One of the dudes is wearing a cream-colored 3 piece suit.
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Hey y'all, I'm finishing up dinner and will be over there around 8:30 (New Orleans time). I have the tomato dress on!
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Successful meetup! Wonderful to hang out with y'all, you're all beautiful people and I hope we can do this again soon. Would anyone be interested in making this a regular, say monthly, event? Not necessarily at the same location, perhaps somewhere a little more generally accessible.
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I would be interested in doing a monthly or bimonthly meetup. I couldn't make it yesterday because I'm in the process of moving (seriously who moves in July/August this really sucks) but I am generally free. Glad yall had fun!
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Alright. Who got drunk and burned down the Hubig's Pie factory last night?
posted by ColdChef at 8:35 AM on July 27, 2012

It wasn't me, but you might be interested to know that there's been a run on pies this morning, and you can't find one for love or money anywhere in the city. The fire is disastrous, but the pie love is rather charming.
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Yeah, there are no pies ANYWHERE. It was weird checking MetaFilter this morning and seeing the first post on the page be "Hubig's Pies Burned Down". Just kind of a bizarre way to get that news.

Perhaps I'll propose a meetup for sometime in late August. There's a way to do these things without a defined date/time/place, right? That can be worked out and solidified later, I believe. I will check on this.
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