Free concert at the Hatch Shell
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Wed July 11 at 6:00 PM, Hatch Memorial Shell
47 David G Mugar Way, Boston, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Free concert at the Hatch Shell. Opening night for the Boston Landmark Orchestra featuring classic works of Aaron Copland. It's free. And it's at the Hatch Shell.
I know nothing about classical music; I'm going mostly because my wife is in the chorus. I'll have my son, a blanket, maybe a chess board, a book and some sort of picnic dinner for myself. If any Mefites care to join us, we'll be getting there a bit early so hopefully will have a decent spot picked out.

I don't know how to find another Mefite in the crowd, so if anyone is planning on going just me-mail me and I'll send you my cell number so we can connect via text or I'll post a general description here in the thread. I'll be wearing some sort of shirt and most likely pants. You'll find me.

I'm putting 6:00 PM as the start time but the concert starts at 7:00. I'll be there around 5:00 so I can take my son from my wife while she rehearses or parties backstage with groupies or some such.

What else are you going to do on a Wednesday night?

It's free!
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Hmmm. The location is not showing correctly on the map. You know it, it's the Hatch Shell, that big shell-looking thing next to Storrow Drive.
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A MeFi event with kids! I would totally come to this except the young Cocoas and I are on vacation this week. Have fun!
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Looks like the weather may even be good! Jasper Fnord and I are leaning towards going and bringing some picnic foods, even if we don't get an autograph from one of the stars. Do you have a general quadrant where you think you might sit?
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No idea yet. I should be there early enough to get a place somewhere close, though not too close. Assuming I'm not in one of AT&T's many dead zones I'll post an update here once I'm parked.

This sounds like an interesting concert. There will be over 200 chorus members total, featuring choruses from all around the city. Mrs. Bondcliff came back from rehearsal last night and informed me there will be some sort of surprise event involving this guy.
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Cool! Copland and Congo - not a combination one sees every day. We should have phones, too, and will try to update if we're headed over. And we've met at trivia and the cocktail meetup, so I'm hoping I'll recognize you.
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Yeah, I'll recognize you.

My son will be the one with his head in his iPod, unless I've told him he's had enough screen time in which case he'll be the one saying "I'm booooored!" over and over again.

He will not be wearing his Death Star costume, unfortunately.
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Awwww, I'd missed that your son is the one with the famous (and awesome!) Death Star costume - so cool! And I think we're going to aim for 7pm-ish, and hope to see you there.
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Ok. We're on the left side when you're looking at the stage. The statue of Maurice j tobin is looking right down on us. We're about ten feet from the path in front of him, on the grass. We have a blue and a yellow blanket.
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Hope you had a great time! Sorry I couldn't make it after all. (Ask me about THAT next time you see me!)
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