Wine, Whisk(e)y and Board Games in Toronto
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Sat July 14 at 4:30 PM, 151 Beecroft Rd, Toronto
151 Beecroft Rd, Toronto, ON M2N 7C6, Canada (Map & Directions)
Toronto Mefites! Lets have a mid-summer bacchanalia involving wine, Whisky and board games!! Edit: On July 14th
This is the meetup that was suggested in the previous proposed Toronto meetup thread. I have the party room and the patio booked for July 14th so lets get the planning started. I can provide many different types of whiskey for sampling along with various wines. I do not have any board games so if anyone can bring some that would be great - otherwise I may have to go buy Monopoly or maybe Risk... Let me know if you can make it and we can plan from here!

Switching this to confirmed. I'm thinking starting around 4:30pm and going until we decide to call it quits. We could make it into a bit of a pot luck if people would like. Let me know if you would like to bring something.
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I can bring board games. Oh yes I can.
posted by ricochet biscuit at 6:26 PM on July 4, 2012

Can we bring food again? I like bringing food to people.
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I should be able to make it, though there's another thing I have to attend that day. What time is this supposed to be?

I can definitely bring board games. If anyone wants to see anything specific from my list, let me know.
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Sorry, where is this being held? Sounds like a personal address, so an intersection is fine if you want to keep your personal address off the world wide web.
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The address is 2 blocks north of Yonge and Sheppard (Close to the North York Subway station and beside the Toronto Center for the Performing Arts) and as for time we could start anytime after noon really and go until midnight or so. The time really depends on what works for everyone.
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I'm a maybe, but I've got a few games I could drop off beforehand if it comes to that.
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I'm in.
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I would definitely be interested! It depends what time, though. I assume if whiskey and wine are on the menu, it'll be in the evening...?
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I have a performance that night so I probably can't make it :(
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Bringing food is definitely a good thing. There are 2 BBQs available along with a little kitchen. As for time I have the room booked for the day and it would be fine if people wanted to drift in and out on their own schedule. Anytime between 12PM and 12AM works for me. So Sasshat feel free to drop by earlier for a bit if you have time!
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I'm a maybe too. I think I can make it in the evening.
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Yes, please. :)
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Board games, whisky, Toronto and MeFites? I like all of those! I'll see if I can make it later on.
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I'm a little late with this but I've set up a spreadsheet to get an idea of who is bringing what. Let me know if you have any preference for types or styles of whisky and/or wines. Cheers!
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I'll probably show up around 6 pm... will update the spreadsheet later!
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My better half is interested in going, but her store is moving location tomorrow, so she might be pretty tuckered. We might both be there, I might be there solo, or I may be home dispensing TLC. Sorry I can't give a more solid answer.
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Alright, here are the whiskys I will be putting out for sampling:

- Canadian Whiskey: 40 Creek Confederation Oak & 40 Creek Double Barrel Reserve
- Bourbon: Basil Hayden 8 yr old & Rowans Creek Small Batch
- Scotch: Dalwhinnie 15yr old & Ducan Taylor Invergordon 40yr old.
- Japanese:The Yamazaki18yr old.

For wine I can put out a selection of Red or White depending on peoples preferences. Let me know if you have a preference.

Also it would help to get a more up to date head count so I can pick up what I need Sat. morning.

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Unfortunately the spreadsheet is View Only. I will bring:

-Settlers of Catan
-a pack of cards
-red wine
-carrots & dip
-some kind of snack food (popcorn, chips)
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So, is this open to any T.O. MeFite? Never done one of these before.
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Yep. Meetups are generally open to everyone, and people are happy to meet new mefites.
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Suetanvil and I have a dinner thing but we can come around opening time, if that's ok. We can bring Pandemic, Space Fluxx, some snack food and either juice or soda.
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Here is a fixed link for the spreadsheet that hopefully has editing added. If not I'm sure we can still manage! See everyone tomorrow.
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hylaride and I will come out (me for board games, him for whiskey!) — what time are people showing up? 4:30? Can bring Dutch Blitz, as I see that's not on jacquilynne's list. Will bring some food too, though we'll likely decide what to bring in Kensington Market tomorrow morning. :)
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Miss T Horn, you should definitely come! :) it'll be a good time.
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ARGH! I'm going to miss my first meetup in ages. You know how people talk about freelancing being a case of feast or famine? There's actually a third state -- foie gras, and that's where I am for the next two weeks. So this weekend is not just full of work that has to get done for Monday, but I'll have to do it after transferring files and apps from my wheezing, collapsing desktop to my laptop.

Have fun, guys. I hope to catch another gaming meetup soon!
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Is there a buzzer code for being let in or a name to give security or anything of the sort? Or will it be enough to show up and say we're looking for the party room?
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No buzzer code required. The BBQ area leads right into the party room from the outside and I will be there with the door open so you can walk right on in.

If you are coming on the subway the easiest way to get here is to head through the exit for Mel Lastman Park and head south on Yonge St and take the first right on North York Blvd and then head in past the Toronto Center for the Performing Arts. Once you are in the center area of all the buildings the BBQ area is visible on your right just to the right of 151 Beecroft.

See you soon!
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I will be there for a few hours, at least. With wine.
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If anyone needs to contact me you can text me at (613)-240-7483 (Yeah I know Ottawa number that I haven't changed yet since it is free calling anywhere in Canada...)
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Also if you are driving and need parking there is visitor parking in the underground parking. Just come see me at the BBQ area and I will let you in.
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Zix and I will have to bail at the last minute. She's not feeling well. Sorry.
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I had a great time tonight - thanks to the host and to the MeFites who came out! And ricochet biscuit's girlfriend and ricochet biscuit's girlfriend's daughter, who were both awesome. I'd like to think I was as cool a 16-year old as that girl, but I doubt it!
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I will pass that on to her, which she will no doubt be pleased to hear.
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But yes, a good time had by all -- thanks, everybody, especially the pony-riding troll for hosting and Jacquilynne for introducing us all to a pleasingly dark and hilarious game.
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Thanks, troll on a pony, that was great.

I'm glad everyone liked Cards Against Humanity. And that we didn't play one more go-round the table, because cranberrymonger would totally have overcome her five card deficit and won the game.
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Naw - the best I could have done is tied. Your sick mind deserves to win. :)
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Whoops. Missed this! Hope everyone had fun!
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