Reykjavik Meet-Up III!
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Thu July 26 at 8:00 PM, Cafe Stofan
Aðalstræti, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland (Map & Directions)
Drinks and conversation at Icelandic MeFitality's favorite -- Stofan! If anyone wants to meet up slightly in advance to get some food, that would be OK, too.
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So, anyone have a preference for the 26th or 27th, a time, or a venue?
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Gonna say the 26th. No preference where time is concerned.
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The 26th is cool. Let's say 20:00, for gits and shiggles.
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OK, time and place. Venue? Dinner and drinks or just drinks A-OK.
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Well, eight o'clock is a beerish hour. There's a place called Míkró that's pretty decent, if a bit loud to be in. They have good beer though. Stofan is a fine place too. Neither has much in the way of food.
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Quieter rather than louder would be good, since talk is a nice thing.
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I think Stofan is probably best, even though it's now risking becoming the Unofficial Official MeFi Meet-up Place in Reykjavík, even though it's not that great of a place =)
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even though it's not that great of a place

Dude, way to sell a place!
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Actually, I've been thinking about this, and in some way Stofan is a pretty good bar. The part of it that's terrible is the café part. It has absolutely terrible coffee.
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I'll be attending this one, I'm pretty sure. Sorry I missed the last one - was pretty bogged down. But I'll be good to go tomorrow!
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That was totes lovelyballs!
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