Post-Ex Beer in Reykjavik
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Fri July 20 at 7:00 PM, Stofan Cafe
Aðalstræti, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland (Map & Directions)
I'm out on the tippy tippy tip of Snfellsnes digging up fish bones from medieval fish booths near Hellisandur for the next three weeks, but I'll have at least one night in Reykjavik before I head back to London.
How about a meetup with beers and pizza on the 20th? I'll leave location up to the locals. I'll also probably be dragging along one or more scruffy archaeologists with me.

Internet access is limited out here, but we've been wardriving the Hellisandur Hotel every few days, so I'll be able to check back in on a semi-regular basis.
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Man, what is it with you people? I won't arrive until the 25th or so. It's like all of Metafilter is descending on Iceland!
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Ah man, Snæfellsnes is gorgeous. Lucky duck!

Also, the 20th works for me. Any place, really. Stofan again, guys?
posted by Marisa Stole the Precious Thing at 3:02 AM on July 2, 2012

I'm not entirely sure I'll make it on the 20th, but I'll do my level best. Stofan is nice, though they have no pizza.
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I'm busy until ten-thirty or so in the evening, but I'll be there after that.
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Stofan sounds fine. I tried to confirm, but the preview page was not having it with my attempts to get it to pop up on google maps. Mods?

Our best find out here so far, IMHO, has been the whale vertebra that was being used a chopping block for processing fish.

BTW, locals, is there somewhere you'd recommend going in Reykjavik for dancing on a Thursday or Friday night?
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[Sorry about the trouble, check your MeFi Mail for info about confirming the event, ursus_comiter]
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Re: Dancing.

Bakkus or Bar Gallery 46.

Those are the last couple of places I've gone dancing in.
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Definitely Bakkus.
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So, perhaps we can shift the time back to better accommodate Katullus?
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I'm easy like Sunday morning.
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Actually, my whole schedule changed. The posted time is fine for me. I'll have to leave at 10 or so.
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So mote it be!
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Today, I'm wearing a "SUOMI" t-shirt and, as usual, am rocking a lemmy.
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I'll be wearing a blue MetaFilter t-shirt.
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Still trying to wrap up some things at home here. I'm not able to leave just yet.
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Awww... you were missed. Though there was your confused tourist doppelganger wandering around Ingólfstorg. It was a lovely time though.
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Yep, definitely enjoyed spending a few hours chewing the fat with you, Kattullus. Thanks for coming by.
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Yup, vegetarians always chew fat the best.
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