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Sat July 7 at 8:00 PM, Coney Island Museum
1208 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Q: Hey feistycakes, what do you want to do for your b-day this year? A: Put a head on a stick and have a party!
The action is all at Coney Island this year! cakes and I will be out there most of the day to ride the rides and see the fishies at the aquarium and eat the foodstuffs, but the creamy nougat center of the day will be a screening of Pagan Island at the Coney Island Museum. Vlad and the gang from Ghoul-a-Go Go will be there performing live, and showing an episode of their show! Cold beer downstairs can be brought upstairs. Last time we went to one of these, I got drooled on!
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Here's more info on the event as posted on Facebook...
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In all my years of living in the tri-state area, I don't think I have ever been to Coney Island. I'd love to join you guys for the daytime wanderings, not sure if I'll be up for the evening festivities (leery of how long the Jersey City-Coney Island subway/PATH trip is after-hours).
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There's always the option of crashing with someone in Brooklyn, assuming you can leave the kitties alone for a night.

Personally, I haven't been to Coney Island yet this summer, and we're already a week in. I need me some Nathan's chili fries!
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Updated sched: 3-5 pm Aquarium wander, 5-7 pm rollercoaster/beach/food/drinks/smoking, 7:30-8:15 gather at the location for the film. MefiMail us for phone digits if you get out there and want to find us.

Going to be 90 plus degrees so drink water and dress skimpy. Purse thieves need not attend. There is a Yankees/Redsux double header that day as well, so bring your best sandlot taunts.
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Ooooh Aquarium! I really hope to be there, but I know I have chores to do around the house. And if it's sweltering (wunderground is saying triple digits) and I feel disgusting before I even get on the subway for the ~90-min trip to Coney, I may just have to skip. I hope you won't be offended, Ms. birthday girl! I really enjoyed meeting you last year (purses aside =\) and will be there if I think I can without being a miserable, damp, stinky bringdown!
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Although, ugh, no D train? That complicates things slightly. =\
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The Aquarium will be nice and cool and dark...
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So, it's the last stop of the F train, and then will there be signs pointing me towards the Aquarium? (or Museum? Are they the same building?)
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SECOND to last stop of the F train for the aquarium. There will be copious signage for that, yes.

The Coney Island Museum is a BIT less well marked, but on the whole the part that you all think of when you think "Coney Island" is only a few blocks of the boardwalk, so you can't get too lost.
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When I think of Coney Island, I think of The Warriors, or the subject of Unknown White Male coming out of his fugue state with total amnesia, and most recently the incidents of people falling through rotted out boardwalk planks. So, I'm looking forward to forming a less post-apocalyptic impression of it, hellish temperature notwithstanding.
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We have reduced admission coupons to the aquarium for up to six humans, so meet at the aquarium around three. Don't worry about security, I'm half Kryptonian, half Atlantean.
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I'm out of town....Happy Birthday fc!
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Thanks, Brujita! Catch you next time...

Vrak and I are en route. Should hit target location by 3:15, depending on how good our train karma is.
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I am a physical basket case today - I'm out. Have fun, all.
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