Job Hunting meetup in Philly
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I'm searching for a new job. You might be too. It's usually easier and much more fun when you are not doing it alone. Let's have a job hunting meetup!
I'm not too familiar with the coffee houses in Philly but I'd pick one with large tables, wifi, late hours, etc. Or something like the central library, which has a cafe; or having lunch, dinner, what have you elsewhere after the session. No matter what kind of job you're looking for, what age, or what field you are in, I'm up for helping as long as there is motivation and feedback. We could look at resumes, research, and bounce ideas. I have a little bit resources (books, websites, etc). It could become a regular thing if it all works out. So, how 'bout it Philly?
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I am both desperately job hunting and located in a coffee-shop-dense part of Philly. I approve of this idea.

Lemme think about what place has the biggest tables.
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