A New Cyberpunk Musical Comedy - 2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical! (Providence, RI)
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Wed July 11 at 8:00 PM, 95 Empire, Providence RI
95 Empire St, Providence, RI, USA (Map & Directions)
It’s the way, far future, AD 2010, and it’s a bad time to be human. Freedom fighter Kate Brick plans a final strike against the Artas, artificial life forms who control humankind through torture, brainwashing, and Foursquare. Can Kate and her sometime-lover Dehnise Compuserve make a difference, or is it already too late? "2010: Our Hideous Future" is a synthpop-infused, queer-friendly musical comedy homage to the great dystopian classics of the 1980s and '90s. It features brilliant riffs on classics like “Blade Runner,” “Max Headroom,” and “The Matrix,” and delightfully twisted tunes like "Near Futuristic Dystopia!" and "Bangor Boogie.” Tickets ($10) are available online or at the door.
Feel free to RSVP at the Facebook event.

The original cast soundtrack album is available on Amazon MP3, Spotify, iTunes, and elsewhere. We'll also have physical CDs for sale at the venue, if you're feeling old-school.

Read more about the show at 2010tour.net, and keep up with the general doings of Unreliable Narrator on Facebook and Twitter.
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I might come see this, but I was also thinking of going to the Salem show with a friend. Decisions, decisions.
posted by GenjiandProust at 7:45 AM on June 20, 2012

Everyone should totally go to this! It was written and produced by a dear friend of mine, and I'm so jealous I'm way out here in California and unable to attend.
posted by mostlymartha at 4:14 PM on July 3, 2012

This. Sounds. Amazing. I only wish I was in Rhode Island...
posted by running order squabble fest at 3:38 PM on July 5, 2012

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