Dinner in Alexandria Va.
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Wed June 27 at 7:00 PM, Paradiso Italiano
6124 Franconia Rd, Franconia, VA, USA (Map & Directions)
Anybody want to meet up for a weekday dinner in Alexandria Va.? I was thinking most likely on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, at either Shooter McGee's on Duke Street or Paradiso Italiano on Franconia Road. Other places in Alexandria's west end considered, but not on a weekend, and not in Old Town --- trying to avoid too much hassle with parking and crowds!
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I'd show up. I'd be coming from Columbia after work, so it would be nice if it wasn't tooo early. I don't know Alexandria restaurants, but Italian sounds great.
posted by ubiquity at 3:29 AM on June 20, 2012

I would be available depending on the evening chosen.
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That sounds great! I work in DC and live in Springfield so Paradiso Italiano would be especially perfect.
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Okay, sounds like Paradiso Italian is the place! Now all we've got to do is set a date... would you prefer next Tuesday/June 26 or Wednesday/June 27? And would 7pm be acceptable?
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Wednesday is better for me but I could do either.
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The mister and I could show up on Wednesday - I've got my first banjo lesson Tuesday evening, so unfortunately I'm unavailable then.
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Then 7 pm on Wednesday/June 27 it is! If you'd like, I can make reservations (I'll make them in the name of Metafilter) this weekend, when we're got a good headcount. Right now it's looking like about half a dozen of us?

Their website (www.paradisoristorante.com) has directions plus a photo of the place, but basic directions are:
From I95, take Franconia Road EAST approx. one mile; the restaurant will be on your left.
From Van Dorn Street South, take Franconia Road WEST approx. 1/2 mile, and it'll be on your right.
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I can be there, but will be a little on the late side.(I have an appointment 15 minutes or so away, that ends at 7pm.)
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Bummer; that's not far from home for me, except that I'm up in NYC this week for work. (I'd be able to make the 28th or 29th but not the 20th or 27th.)

Hope it goes well -- I've wanted to do another N. VA meetup for a while now.
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Hi - I'm still in for Wednesday, looking forward to it!
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I made reservations for eight, as I mentioned under the name Metafilter: if anyone else would like to join in they're very welcome --- as it's a weekday, the restaurant says they don't anticipate there would be any problem fitting in more. Looking forward to meeting everyone; and if this goes well, Kadin, maybe we'll do it again!
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easily confused and Measured Out, it was really neat meeting you. Thanks for organizing, I had a blast!
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