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I'd be really interested to see who around here is a Metafilter member and would like to meet any of them. I'd be willing to organize, so just say hi.
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I'm not from the area, but I'm staying in Düsseldorf from July 13th to 28th. I'm up for a meetup.
posted by gmm at 3:12 PM on June 17, 2012

I'm not active on MeFi lately but I'd be interested.
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I live on the other side of the border, in Nijmegen, so depending on timing & proximity, I could be convinced to cross over...
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My husband and I are a bit further south in the Pfalz (prob. about 2.5 hrs from Duesseldorf), but would be interested to catch up with some MiFi folks.
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Hi! Mr daisyk (zarkonnen) and I live in Zürich... but we were actually discussing taking a holiday in Germany at the end of July. We would certainly be up for a meetup if we can make the dates coincide.
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What about the 14th? It's a Saturday and all the folks from further away (me included, 2+ hours up north) can join. Maybe around 1ish? What do you think?
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I will likely be still running around for a deadline then. How about the week after?
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Sorry Zarkonnen, I won't be here for a while afer the 15th.

But what do the others have to say?
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I could do the afternoon of the 14th, or any time on the 15th. You're not allowed to force me to guzzle altbier through the whole meetup if we meet on the 14th! (On the 15th, it would be fine.)
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Knile, no worries - I can't have beer either (boo gluten!). Can we settle on something else? :-)
Well, guess the sunny days are driving people outdoors and away from the computer - it's oh so quiet...it's oh so still...
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Er, is this happening? Bueller? I could still do the times I mentioned, but would almost prefer pushing back a few weeks/months.
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I just moved to Hamburg from the US. Doing a meetup in August or later would give me a good excuse to get out of town.
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Welcome to Germany, susoka!

Watch out for meetups in Berlin - those at least happen....hahah.
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