Proposed KC/Lawrence Meetup
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So, I (Ivan Fyodorovich, once known as Ethereal Bligh) just moved to Kansas City about a week ago and am eager to generally meet some new people here and specifically to meet the mefites in these parts. How long has it been since there's been an area meetup? Who's interested in having another?
Maybe it's my own (former) regional biases, but I was pretty surprised to discover that Lawrence is less than thirty miles from here (and that's from the MO side, even). To me, that's practically next door. And it seems there's a large contingent of mefites in Lawrence, for the obvious reason, I suppose, so a combined area meetup makes more sense. To me, anyway. Also, back in the day anyway, there were some mefites in Lawrence I'd like to meet.

Not being from here (though I have family here and that's why I came) I have no clue about good meetup locations and therefore have no preferences. And I don't mind driving quite a ways for one, as right now to me that's sort of a bonus as it allows me to see more of the city/area.
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Welcome to KC!

I haven't been to any meetups for mefi yet, but I tend to see notices for them once or twice a year. I'd be interested in going to one, depending on time/location/mood at the time/probability of good beer/etc.
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We've tried to organize a few in the past year or two, but they haven't been very successful. I'm down for giving it another shot.
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I miss all these and then when I can make it they don't happen, it speaks to the fact there's not that many people on the site from here. I'll give it a shot.
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I lived in Austin before I moved back to Albuquerque and, unsurprisingly, there's a lot of mefites in Austin and so Austin meetups are fairly well attended, even back in 2004. I went to a meetup in ABQ in 2006, I guess, and only myself and one other person attended. But then a couple of months ago, there was a meetup and about ten people showed up, about six of them mefites (others were friends & family). So, I'm not sure what the secret is. It may just be that there's not that many active mefites here in the KC area.

But can we do something to increase awareness and/or attendance? Has anyone ever thought to memail all the "nearby" mefites about a meetup, or is that too intrusive? Should we plan it well in advance?
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Yeah, it just kind of fizzled the last time. Bummer, I leave a week from today for a new gig. So unless it happens REAL soon, I wont be able to make this one.
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What days and times work best for everyone? Weekday evenings are fine for me, except Thursdays. Would a meetup this Monday be too soon?
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Monday would be best for me actually. Next weekend I'm out of town, then I'm out of town again the weekend after that.
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I'm fine with anytime, but would prefer would actually be a time more people would show.
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I can probably swing Monday. I can't promise to stay for too terribly long, as I've got a lot on my plate right now, what with getting ready to leave for an unknown length of time, for places unknown. But, I could probably stop by for a drink.
There was talk of the Brick last time, which I fully support. I'd also like to throw Grinder's out there, since they have outdoor seating, are relatively inexpensive, and generally awesome.
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Actually, I just remembered that I'm having dinner with my sister and her family Monday night. So that's out for me.
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Since I'm right next to Grinders I am for that. I also work better during the week, I can make Tuesday.
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Tuesday probably won't happen for me. I skip town bright and early Wednesday morning. While I'd like to say that I'll be totally packed and ready, this is my third major move in two years and I haven't once been ready the night before.
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I am usually free on the weekends and Friday night.
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It'd be a shame to miss you, piedmont, but I think that it might be best to wait for some more people to notice this and then see what the consensus might be for a time and place.
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No worries! I'd love to see you guys, but I am so completely inundated with stuff to do. I'll be back in town for a bit sometime this fall/winter/early spring, so maybe we can round up the KC Crew then too.
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Well, not much activity here. Five of us have expressed interest, but one has subsequebtly moved away.

Maybe we can hope that more than two of us would actually show up on an agreed night, but I'm slightly skeptical. I see what you guys mean about limited interest. If we do try to go ahead with a meet-up, then we really need to pick a time and place that 3-5 of us will very likely follow through on.
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If you book it, they will come.
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Dang, I have to book something?
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As long as it's not on a Thursday night, I can probably be there.
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You guys should make this happen! I feel like if this one comes off, the odds of one occurring
when I make it back are much higher.
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I sure would like to have a meetup. I'm going stir-crazy and am bored and desperate to meet people here.
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First weekend in August?
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Sounds good to me. Anyone else want to chime in?
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This is no longer showing up under Proposed Meetups. Grinders still?
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I just made a new one.
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