Trivia: Who Popped Queen Elizabeth's Cherries Jubilee?
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Thu June 14 at 7:00 PM, Maple Leaf Pub
514 Elgin St, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
(EDIT 6/7: Postponed to the 14th due to Real Life.) Now that hockey season is almost over (and no more games are scheduled on Thursday nights), we're going to head back to the Maple Leaf Pub for Geeks Who Drink trivia night. Steaks are served starting at 7, trivia begins at 8. Come one, come all!
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Tonight's Themes Include:
Andys and Dicks
Hungary for Turkey
That's What She Said
...and John Leguizamo Annoys the Crap Out of You
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Ignore the above; that list of topics was for the 7th.
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I'm only a maybe at this point. It's capitation week at work and our doctors like getting paid on time. I will probably have to work some overtime, more than likely on Thursday. But we'll see. If we can get things rolling on schedule I'll be more likely to be there.
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Just moved to Houston from San Antonio, so this will be my first metafilter meetup in Houston. I'm fairly certain that I won't be any help in the trivia department. Can I just drink a few beers instead?
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Sure, come on down! The more the merrier!
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Tonight's Themes Include:
This Round Will Cut You
For Those Aboot To Rock
Spiro Agnew, Grow a Penis
June Is Busting Out All Over
Slaps, Shots, & Slap Shots

It's 4 AM, and I'm a little punchy, having only slept for 3.5 hours. I find "Spiro Agnew, Grow a Penis" a fine theme for my return to Geeks Who Drink. I can't stop giggling over it. In fact, it should be our team name tonight. Did I mention I'm a little punchy?
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I don't know how I missed the original posting, but we're in. Brent, you're more than welcome. You might be surprised at how much you can contribute.
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From their twitter feed:
Tonight's quiz features "Don't Cross the Streams," a round on Ghostbusters and waterways. Sorry, men's room sword fights not included.

Not sure how this folds into the above list.
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Spiro Agnew is an anagram for grow a penis, according to the goog. Related: I can not believe I googled that.
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Mamapotomus is an anagram for A Momma Pouts. Hmm...
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Since I have been thinking about Spiro's penis for more than twelve hours, I propose the following team names for tonight:

Spiro's Dick Was Tricky
Nix On Spiro's Dick
I've Been Thinking About Agnew's Penis All Day
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We have the tables between the door and the DJ booth.
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Brent, I am wearing a black shirt with the word FNORD on it.
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It was very nice to meet everyone tonight. I'm sure I'll be coming to the trivia session again.
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First AND second place beyotches. You do NOT double down til the final round. That's what I'm talkin' about, and Gridlock Joe is now holding at least $50 in free drinks for Christmas. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Also, Maple Leaf has stepped up their game food-wise. In addition to having the best grilled steaks and most awesome jalapeno poppers, they've added spicy hummus to their menu. And non-comfy but mass-person accommodating booth seating.

Had a great time all around. FIRST AND SECOND PLACE BEYOTCHES! YEAH!
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Also, why do I love Maple Leaf so much?

--I haven't been to pub trivia at this place for nearly one year. Did the bar wench Alicia still remember me and my drink of choice? Was my glass filled to hand whenever I reached for it? YES! BOOYA for you Alicia, $20 tip.

--Did the bartender Scott, recently promoted to senior bartender, have a samovar of coffee brewing for me as soon as I walked in? YES! BOOYA for you Scott, $20 tip.

--Did the new former bar-back-now-closing bartender, Adam know me by reputation through Scott and Alicia and kept the caffeine/alcohol-sobering drinks coming my way without asking? YES! BOOYA for you Adam, $20 tip.

--Olivia, the owner of The Maple Leaf Pub, KNOWS. HER. SHIT. Serve good drink and food to her customers at reasonable prices while ensuring those customers have a reason to come back, whether it be sports or trivia or fucking HOT employees. She's got the bases covered over the entire spectrum of people. Straight/bi/trans/gay/queer/curious? The Maple Leaf is thisclose to being whatever bar you want it to be. And it does it so well you don't even notice it. It's on the down low. That. Is. Fucking. Hot. And Olivia knows it, even if you don't. BOOYA for you Olivia, for being a hot sexy capitalist, I will keep on coming back.

This is how it's all supposed to work. Let's be happy shiny smart people. All the time.
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Recap is already up. Why am I up?
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Why am I up?

See previous comment about coffee. :-)

You forgot the most important thing about the Return to Maple Leaf: WE COULD HEAR THE QUIZMASTER!!! They fixed the sound system!
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