Dinner with Boston MeFites
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Tue June 5 at 7:00 PM, Deep Ellum
477 Cambridge St, Allston, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Updated: I'm in town for training this week - let's meet up for dinner at Deep Ellum! As a Deadhead-by-Marriage and fan of beer I can't resist.
Looking to locals for venue suggestions. I'll be staying near Boston College, but happy to travel anywhere public transport will take me. I like pubs (real ones, not fake tourist ones) and quirky, independent establishments with a good beer menu. Hoping to meet some new folks and connect with friends.
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A shame, turtlegirl - I'll also be in Boston in June, but later in the month (specifically, the 16th to the 20th) for the Event Apart conference.
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Hey turtlegirl! I am not as familiar with the Allston-Brighton neighborhood, but I'd definitely like to fete you!
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Welcome to Boston! One possibility in Allston that isn't exactly quirky, but Does have a fabulous beer menu and decent food is Sunset Grill. I have an early evening commitment, but might bike over and join in if folks are staying out a little later.
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Hello turtlegirl. There's tons of places with great beer in Boston. Sunset Grill has the most amazing selection — almost intimidating, to be honest — but it can get pretty loud and make it hard to talk in large groups. And mefites like to talk.

Do you like traditional pubs, or sleek modern ones?
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Y'know, at BC you're not too far from The Publick House. I haven't been there myself, but I've heard good things, and I think there have been some meet-ups there in the past. Maybe people who have been there will pop-up here.
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Hey peeps, thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming! I'm not picky about style-of-pub per se, though someplace we can chit-chat would be good.
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I've never been in the Publick House when it wasn't a total madhouse, but it is definitely a nice place. From BC, it's also fairly easy to get to the Copley area which has a few good bars.
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I'll be out of town on a field trip, but have fun!
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Knowing nothing about the area, but does Washington Square Tavern fit the bill of having good beer selection and food, and being quiet enough to hold conversations? Anyone with experience?
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Difficult to tell from their minimalist website, not_on_display, but Washington Square Tavern sounds good. Also like the looks of the Publick House (for those of us who like Belgian Ale they have quite a selection). Hoping it wouldn't be TOO noisy on a Tuesday, but one never knows. Anyone else out there have an opinion on location?
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Deep Ellum is another Allston option that's cut from the same cloth as Publick House.
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Thanks robocop is bleeding - that looks awesome and I can't resist the name.
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Isn't this where Infinite Jest took place?
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I'm on my way!
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...and now I'm home! Thanks, turtlegirl! That beer was delish.
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