An Opportunity To Buy Me Drinks
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Tue June 5 at 8:00 PM, Twelve Mile Limit
500 S Telemachus St, New Orleans, LA, USA (Map & Directions)
From June 4-7 elizard and I will be visiting New Orleans. We're staying at the Maison Dupuy in the Vieux Carr. Our only plans are to eat, drink, and hear music. You, local Nawlins Mefite, are an important part of that plan. Get us away from the horrors of tourist traps and into the friendly local bars. Steer us from overpriced, overhyped restaurants and into the good little holes-in-the-wall. Fill us with booze and watch us go!
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Personal opinions:

Stein's Deli (Magazine and Jackson) - but maybe I only like it because sometimes I need to get away from po-boys, which will probably not be your mission.

Domilise's Po-Boys (5200 block Annunciation) - best fried shrimp po-boys.

Liuzza's (Bienville and Telemachus) - best fried green tomato po-boys.

Twelve Mile Limit (Baudin and Telemachus) - best bar for feeling like you've gone to a dive but in reality you're drinking well-crafted cocktails and good beers.

Avenue Pub (St. Charles and ... something a few blocks from Melpomene) - best bar for exploring beers.

Toups' Meatery (Carrollton and Dumaine) - newly opened, serves all parts of the pig in fantastic ways.

Pho Tau Bau (Stumpf, on the West Bank) - no-nonsense Vietnamese.

Bellocq (Lee Circle) and Cure (Freret and Upperline) - best cocktails in town, if you want to be fancy.

that'll get you started, and I'm sure someone else will come along and tell you that, "No, the fried shrimp po-boys at [x] are better" because that is the nature of the great ongoing fried shrimp po-boy debate.
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The Avenue Pub is St. Charles and Polymnia.

I'll second Pho Tau Bay in Gretna (I live nearby too).

My favorite bars are Molly's at the Market (1107 Decatur), Fahy's Irish Pub (Burgundy & Toulouse), R Bar (Royal and Kerlerec in the Marigny), Crown & Anchor English Pub (Bouny and Pelican on Algiers Point), and Cajun Mike's (116 Baronne in the CBD).

For food check out Coop's (two doors down from Molly's), Mona's (504 Frenchman in the Marigny), Felipe's (N. Peters and Bienville), Juan's Flying Burrito (2018 Magazine or 4724 S. Carrollton), Squeal BBQ (Cambronne & Oak St.), The Joint (I guess they've moved to 701 Mazant in Bywater), and Nine Roses (1100 Stephens in Gretna), and Jagerhaus (833 Conti).
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It's a bit dated, but I still stand by almost everything that I recommended once upon a time

Bellocq is fun, but you can get a better drink for your bones elsewhere. For my money, that designation currently belongs to 12 Mile Limit in MidCity. I also went to the Rusty Nail the other day and was bowled over by their cocktails. The Bulleit Smash was amazing.
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Oh, also... One of the best things I've ever eaten in my life was earlier this week ... The braised pork shoulder stew at Bacchanal, which is a fantastic wine garden with a nightly jazz combo at the far end of the Bywater.
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These are some excellent suggestions, thank you! So, does anyone want to meet up while we're there, say, in one of these bars?
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Also, can anyone recommend a good tattoo joint? (Don't worry, I have many tattoos -- it just occurs to me that I'm due for another.)
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I prefer NOLA Tattoo (8120 Hampson St. Uptown by the Riverbend) but others swear by Electric Ladyland (610 Frenchmen St. in the Marigny) or Eye Candy (1578 Magazine St, in the Lower Garden District).
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Incidentally, here is a google map I made a while back that details a lot of the neighborhoods in New Orleans.
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djeo, That is a hell of a good map. I'll be bookmarking that for future use.
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Our favorite place to slip into in Vieux Carre is Coop's Place. Let me check with the straight and narrow woman and see when/if we can make it over there. Probably Tuesday.
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djeo: whaaaaaaaaaat

I've done that exact same thing though I did not use all the pretty colors.
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Scott Allen at Freaky Tiki Tattoos in Kenner is a genius. You'd need a car, but it's worth it.
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komara, I just saved your map to my places. Nice work!
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Thanks! Mine is 100% sourced from the GNOCDC where it appeared (at a cursory glance, at least) that yours was from many sources, so I definitely need to compare the differences sometime. Only one I noticed at a glance was yours had no Holy Cross split at the bottom of the lower 9th.
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Oh and yeah, I would (likely) go to Twelve Mile Limit - the owner is a nice guy, I like their drinks, and it's not terribly far from my place.

Somehow I have avoided doing any sort of IRL MetaFilter meetups in the past, though I have made a temporary loan of some kitchenware to liketitanic, so that counts for something.
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komara: ahem you missed Algiers on your map. (No, no, I am not crying over here in lovely Algiers.) ☺
djeo: thanks for remembering us.
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Never heard of it.
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So Twelve-Mile Limit, Tuesday night, around 8? That work for everyone?
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if we can make it, it'll be there. I'll have a green and white Saskatchewan Roughriders hat.
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Yay! I'm coming into town the 5th for argument the next day so I may need an adult beverage even more than usual. My apologies in advance if I have lost my voice entirely or talk about exploitation of minors.
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Aw, liketitanic, that's sweet of you to say! You don't have to pay me back, you can just be nice to someone else down the line. You probably already have.

My calendar looks empty for Tuesday at 8, so why not? If I can show, I'll be there dressed as this guy.
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I'm gonna play this one by ear, y'all, since I may be packing for a trip I'm taking later this week.
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Things have come up and I will not be in attendance. Please accept my regrets.
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We can't make it, have fun y'all.
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Neither can I. Try one of the doberge cake thingies!
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*s was lovely, and bought us salty chocolate balls. We put 'em in our mouth.
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