Game of Thrones nerdparty/viewing in Boulder?
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Proposal: house party in South Boulder / Game of Thrones episodes + ??? Will be very close to public transit / easy to find.

mr. lfr and I were just discussing how quite a few of our friends have graduated / moved / paired off and we've sort of lost our cool base of nerdy / intellectual friends nearby. Skype chat is cool and all, but it isn't quite the same. So naturally I proposed turning to the intellectual nerds on MetaFilter!

Past meetups we've done in Boulder tend to revolve around the SoSun + booze of some sort, and while we're fine with that, it's pretty hard to hold any sort of conversation in a loud bar.

So my tentative plan would be to enjoy an episode or 2 of Game of Thrones on our HBO / HBO GO subscription at Chez lfr. Bonus: we just remodelled our kitchen! If you're not comfortable coming to some stranger's house, let me know what you think might be an acceptable alternative - frisbee golf at nearby Harlow Platts could be a secondary funthing.

cheers all!
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Hey, I would totally be down for this. :)
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sweet! just chime in with what you think works (weeknights? weekends?... etc).

Our only limitation is that we'll be out of town from the 19th-23rd.

We've been trying to coordinate these for Sunday nights (meaning: watching the new episode as it airs) but we're flexible. Obviously we won't be around for this next Sunday.
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Theoretically sounds great (and if you're having us to your house, can I bring you a baked good?) but I am the only person on the internet not watching Game of Thrones - I feel like a killjoy, but maybe a movie night or a boardgame night instead?

This is what comes of my insane urge to read the books first. And not read the books until the series is done.

And I'm out of town until the 29th. Maybe I'll just catch you guys at the next round.
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Oh hello there lfr! Long time no see, it would be awesome to hang out! Ansate, you're not aloneā€”I would be totally up for a game night or movie night over GoT, too.
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But, but...

I like GoT and my co-watcher is leaving just before the season finale.

That being said, I'm sure I can find others to watch with. A game night would be fun too :)

If it's a movie night, I suggest Primer.
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I'd be interested (plus maybe my boyfriend would as well), and would love to meet some new people. :) I love the ideas for movie night, GoT, or game night.
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If the date is right I could be convinced to take a drive up from Denver. But be warned, I'll be bringing wine. The cellar is filled to near bursting and well wine and good company are two of my favorite things.

I'm out of town next week, but other than that have a fair amount of availability.

If this doesn't work out, a Mefi yard party at casa FlamingBore in Denver might be in the works soon.
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hi all!

whew, back from Albuquerque! What is a good sort of time/date to do this? I'm not completely wedded to GoT, just thought it might be common ground.

FlamingBore, I love the wine idea, we brought back some interesting New Mexican wines from ABQ. Like I said we just redid the entire interior of our house and have a brand new kitchen (and a nice grill, and a big backyard!) so Chez LFR is available whenever.

Someone start suggesting dates, we are back in town after vacation and probably not going anywhere until 4th of July.
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heh, scrutiny, if we can't make the MeFi meetup work, let me know if you & your lovely wife want to come over and watch GoT with us on Sunday!
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YAY Wine! W just got back from a trip to Telluride and we stopped in at some Grand Valley area vineyards. Grabbed a few bottles from the best that we found. I wish I'd been more interested in wine while I lived in Albuquerque. I used to live right down the road from a vineyard in the north valley. C'est la vie.

I'm assuming you're thinking a weekend kind of thing. If so, looking at the calendar the best dates for me are:

June 22 or 23, June 29, 30 and possible July 1.

Other dates are just a lot of hit or miss.
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