Let's walk Broadway again
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Sat June 2 at 10:00 AM, North East side of Broadway Bridge
5188 Broadway, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Last fall we walked the length of Broadway. It was an intrepid little band of Mefites. Let's do it again! On June 2nd, we will meet on the north east side of the Broadway Bridge (225th and Broadway) and walk to the Battery.
We will stop for lunch, bathroom breaks, and snacks and hope to get to the Battery by sunset.

This is an approximately 13.7 mile walk, so wear comfy shoes for walking, bring sunscreen and a bottle of water. People are welcome to bring friends, start and stop at any point on the walk - we can exchange phone numbers to arrange this. We will be near a subway line at all times. Last time we ended the walk at a bar where there was pizza! and beer!

Getting to the starting point:
There are three modes of transportation that will put you at 225th and Broadway.
Subway: the 1 line stops exactly here.
Metro North: the Hudson River Line Marble Hill Stop is less than a block away.
Buses include the BX7, BX20, BX9, M100, and BXM1.

We tried to do this in April and ended up with a rain date due to predicted rain. Of course it didn't rain and was in fact pretty darn glorious. I shake my fist at the weather predictors.
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A maybe but a 90% certain to be yes, maybe. Glad I didn't miss this. Looking forward to joining you
posted by TravellingCari at 12:04 PM on May 14, 2012

Count me in!
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I may be bringing seven non-mefites, including some family members and an ex-boyfriend (he's a good one, don't worry; and come to think of it, he might actually have a Metafilter account).
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The weather channel is predicting "scattered showers" this weekend. Otherwise, it's supposed to be sunny with a high of 71. Will we let a little rain stop us? (I hope it's obvious what I think the answer should be)
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I may join, at least for a little.
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I, too, think we should forge ahead despite the predicted rain.
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Well, now that I'm done with graduate school I might start appearing in public again. Don't know if I'll be able to get up to the Bronx by 10AM but maybe I'll find you somewhere a little lower.
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The forecast would favor us, as it calls for rain early. The bigger question is, will there be uptown 1 service?
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So far as I know the 1 train is actually running this weekend.

And since my work commute is all 1 train (I take it almost end to end, with joy and cynicism), I can report that no interesting posters on service changes have gone up.
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Those of you who will be meeting us along the way, memail me your phone number and your desired time/location and expect someone with a 215 area code to call you.

I do not have a smart phone but I think that a friend of mine will let me use his to post locational updates here during the day.
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Looks like the rain has passed. We should have good walking today.
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Partly cloudy with a high of 75 degrees? I'll take it. See you all soon!
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I'm getting ready to head out before something else can go wrong here (boyfriend lost wallet on his morning bike ride).

See you guys at the bridge.
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The walk has begun!
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Stopped at 180th to buy drinks, walking again now.
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We are at 180th, first water stop.
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Pizza stop at Olgas, btwn 138 and 139.
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Free ice cream at Ben and Jerrys, at 104.
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Pit stop at 82nd St Barnes & Noble, now back on the move.
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Greeley Square, giving the dogs a rest.
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Crossing Houston, with free hummus samples.
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Where will y'all be getting dinner? I'd like to join you for this evening.
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Made it!
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Not sure where/when we're ending up next, fuq - we are resting at last, at the fountain in Battery Park.
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We are at the Beer Garden in Battery Park, fuq.
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Well I reckon I'll head in that general direction and see what happens. I'm not really nearby.
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We have left the Beer Garden to hobble our ways home.
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Crikey, I am tired. Thanks to sciencegeek for another great walk
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Walk stats:
Duration: 6 hours, 59 minutes
Steps Taken: 31745
Distance: 15.32 miles
Vertical Climb: 430 feet

Thank you all for a lovely day!
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An excellent day. I am now in bed recovering.
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Man, I love you guys. Well done! I'm sorry blah blah couldn't make it...

Again, nice going folks! It's good to know there are such excellent people in this world.
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A late update of limited interest: someone found my boyfriend's wallet and turned it in to the police. He's off to get it today.
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sciencegeek: hooray! Clearly, all our hard work on Saturday brought him good karma. (At least, that's what I'm choosing to believe, because I believe in karma and luck and the spirit of the universe only when it benefits me and people I like.)
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In less good news, I've been sick ever since the end of the walk. Can someone rearrange the karma a bit so I can make it to work tomorrow (that's the day of my work's single most important event for the year and I'm feel really really crappy for not being able to help out today).
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Sorry I missed it, sounds like you all had a great time.

To throw an idea out there for any future walking meetups - walk-ups? - The walk from battery park to the little red lighthouse along the Manhattan Greenway is AMAZING. Facilities wise, there are far more options on the south end (say south of 79th Boat Basin) but it's an amazing walk through and through.
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If you go a little further north, you end up next to the 125th St Fairway which is a great source of celebratory picnics.
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south, do you mean? The lighthouse is at 181
Walked past Fairway, but there was a huge line. Some Festival at the Harlem Piers Park
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Entirely possible. The bridge is at 181. I'm pretty out of it today.
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