Meet up in the Triangle area
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Sat June 9 at 8:00 PM, Beasley's Chicken and Honey
237 S Wilmington St, Raleigh, NC, USA (Map & Directions)
So I've just moved to Greenville (NC) from the socialist utopia of Toronto, and I'd love to meet some MeFites in the Triangle area. Would anyone be interested in a meetup in Raleigh on Saturday, June 9th? Since I'm new to the area I'd love your venue/activity suggestions.
MeFi meetups are the best. Don't let me down, NC.
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If you're going to be there, then I'm definitely going to be there.
posted by Ian A.T. at 9:14 AM on May 9, 2012

Count me in - provides us an excuse to explore Raleigh, which we haven't visited as much as we'd meant to :)
posted by research monkey at 10:08 AM on May 9, 2012

I think we met at the Toronto anniversary meetup. It'd be great to see you again!
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Fun! I am in, presuming I can arrange childcare. As far as venue and such, it depends what people want to do. I'm pretty new to the Triangle myself, but I can probably think of a few places to get together in Raleigh. Some friends and I recently enjoyed Fox Liquor Bar. It's got plenty of seating and a vibe conducive to chatting, but it is maybe a bit pricey. We could also get fried chicken and waffles upstairs at Beasley's before/after, which I have been dying to check out.
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I hardly ever go to Raleigh but might make an effort to see some Mefites (and to get sides and desserts at Beasley's, whcih is VERY awesome). I also really like Foundation (they have amazing homemade soda) but it might be too small.
posted by leesh at 11:05 AM on May 9, 2012

Beasley's sounds awesome! Must engage in scientific inquiry comparing their chicken and waffles to Dame's Chicken and Waffles in Durham.
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I vote FOR science.
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Well, let's just do Beasley's for dinner and drinks then....say 8 PM or so?
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Sounds great. I usually get off work at 6 on Saturdays and would be happy to slide over to wherever y'all are soon after that.
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Oh wait, I hadn't realized Fox Liquor Bar / Beasley's / Chuck's. were all in the same location. That's really neat (and somewhat confusing).
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Sounds great! We can eat at Beasley's at 8, then move downstairs to Fox later. They are in the same building, but they are not physically connected (in the front of the house, at least -- not sure behind the scenes). Might be tough to find a huge table at Beasley's on a Saturday night, so if there is a massive turnout, we might have to split up.
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I'm in! You can count on me and unintelligentlydesigned carpooling from Chapel Thrill. We'll be available to take a few others, as well. Yay!
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Sounds great - I'll be there as well. Also available for rides from CH/Carrboro/Hillsborough.
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I'll be there. Beasley's is outstanding. Msali/clerestory, we should carpool.
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Okay, it's been pointed out to me that Beasley's is super low on vegetarian options. Is that going to be an issue for anyone (and it's totally cool if it is)? If so, we could meet at the Fox or Chuck's first and then maybe relocating temporarily for desserts and munchies once everyone's had dinner.
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In that same block is a Lebanese place called Sitti. It's the only Lebanese food I've ever had, so I can't judge its authenticity or anything, but we got a couple sampler plates and everything was deliciously yummy, including the desserts.
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I'm a vegetarian and I like Beasley's--I make a meal of sides when I go there (not all the sides are vegetarian but most are). There are a few other restaurants right by there if people want real food.
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Perhaps the plan might be a couple/three groups for dinner in any of the various establishments in and around S. Wilmington (Sitti is actually a block up from Beasley's, as I consult a map, along with a nice Italian-American place, Gravy), and they we can coalesce afterwards at an adult beverage establishment to be determined (as I said, I like Fox Liquor Bar, but I don't know what else is in the area -- I'm a mostly non-drinker from the 'burbs).
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You can probably count me in as well.
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From my experience dealing with meetups*, it's best to have one fixed point of convergence rather than leaving it vague, since people are more likely to commit if there's one specific thing to commit to. (Also, I've personally been known to walk straight past existing meet-ups even when there are clear signs and instructions, so I'd rather not leave things up to chance.)

I've gone ahead and added Beasley's as the meetup location for 8 PM on June 9th so you can RSVP. We can have the next meetup at the most vegan-est place ever to make up for this.

I'll call in and try to get some sort of reservation closer to the date once we have a better idea of the numbers.

*That makes me sound like a meetup huckster trying to sell you on The Meetup Experience, which is assuredly not the case.
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(FYI, there is the most vegan-est place in Raleigh, The Remedy Diner, is just around the corner, so I call that for next time.)

I may not be in town June 9 but if I am, I'll try to be there!
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leesh is right; I'm mostly vegetarian but can easily make a meal from the sides at Beasley's. Also, while they don't let you bring food over, all of the burgers at the affiliated Chuck's next door can be done up as delicious veggie burgers, so there's that as another option for food. It's more of a fast-service kind of joint, so popping over there for a quick bite and then joining the table for drinks and dessert at Beasley's could work, too.
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I'm in.

In my experience, making a meal out of side dishes is pretty commonly accepted in this part of the country..

Not something I've experienced anywhere else I've visited. Although this time I think I'll be going for the chicken and waffles.
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(FYI, there is the most vegan-est place in Raleigh, The Remedy Diner, is just around the corner, so I call that for next time.)

I've been meaning to check out The Remedy as well, so I heartily second that nomination.
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I'm all the way out in Hillsborough, but I'd love to meet up with you all!
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I live NW of Greensboro, but I work in Chapel Hill, and I'm thinking seriously about coming. My first MeFi meet up was not a resounding success, but I feel strongly positive about the potential here.
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Definitely join us, jeoc! If nothing else Ian A. T. and I will be there and we'll talk smack about all the flakers.

My first MeFi meetup in Ottawa featured a sum total of two people including me. I have high hopes for this one.
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If it helps in finding other MeFites at the venue, I will make ardgedee wear his MetaFilter shirt (sadly, I don't have one, boo hoo).

We didn't have much success with Ann Arbor meetups, either. Now that we've left, I see people have been having well-attended ones. Boo hoo again.
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I will probably wear my MeFi t-shirt. If I don't remember, I will update this thread on the day of the meetup with a description of my outfit, or you can consult my profile for a photo of my handsome mug (please to note the State Fair funnel cake stand in the background).

My daughter and I were in Moore Square for Artsplosure this past weekend, and she asked if we could get some fried chicken for lunch, so I can confirm that the chicken and waffles at Beasley's are pretty damn fantastic. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Anyone want to carpool from Durham? I'll drive, I just really hate driving to and trying to find parking in Raleigh so your job will be to help. Otherwise I am very likely to flake on this, sorry!
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There is a big parking garage one block north of Beasley's, in case that helps.
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Yeah, there are a few big parking decks around there, I just get really disoriented driving there for some reason. I will try and remember which way north is, thanks!
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I will most likely not wear my MeFi shirt because I find it hilarious to wear a "Please Hope Me" message while I'm working out, and as a result it's almost always dirty. But I'll find something else internet-ty to wear. Like this one.
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There's a Best of the Triangle Party sponsored by the Independent that Saturday. It's at the American Tobacco Complex in Durham. Anybody else going there before heading to Raleigh for the meetup?
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I called Beasley's, and as I feared they do not take reservations. They said we should be able to get a table but we'll probably have to wait a spell and hang out at the bar while something clears up for us. (I suspect that also means we won't get seated unless a good portion of our party is there, so if the people closer to the area could help us stake out our spot that would be super.)

I'm going to try and show up a bit earlier and ask for a table of 8 when I get there with Ian A.T. Ask for Jenny when you get in. Hopefully we can squeeze in/add more tables if more people show up.

MeMail me if you want my cell phone for any emergencies/getting in touch. Otherwise I'll see everyone on Saturday! Hurray!
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So looking forward to this! I will not be able to be there until 8 or just a couple of minutes thereafter (due to childcare issues), but I will be there.
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Ah, I was just thinking about the reservation aspect yesterday. Thanks, Phire. I will be there for sure!
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If anyone wants to carpool from South Texas, I'm in.
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Sorry, I can no longer make it. :( Have a great time, everyone! Someone eat some mac and cheese for me.
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I'll be there at 8pm; looking forward to it!
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We're visiting my mother and I'm swapping out her old computer for a newer one.

My point is, if anyone at the meetup is interested in a 2004 Compaq tower with 512 mb of RAM and an 80 gig HD, I'll have one in my trunk I'll be glad to give you. Only two things to keep in mind:

1. The hard drive has been wiped with DBAN, so you'll need to install a new OS.
2. I'll probably make you take the CRT that comes with it, heh.

See you guys tonight! I can't wait.
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Sorry folks, unintelligentlydesigned and I won't be making it after all. Have a great time!
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Five of us are here, with room for more..Come one, come all!
posted by Phire at 5:12 PM on June 9, 2012

That was terribly fun. You are all such smart, funny, attractive people. We really must do that more often. I'll post pics tomorrow!
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What a fun time meeting everyone, and the food was great. Thanks, Phire, for organizing it, and yes, let's do it again soon!
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It was great meeting you all, thanks, Phire, for a great job organizing this!

How about rotating locations in the Triangle for meetups? Let's meet up in Durham next time, and I hope soon!
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Thanks so much for setting this up, Phire, and for being so welcoming to a newb/lurker, everyone!
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Photos have been posted! If you are in the witness protection program and need me to blur out your face, let me know!
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Thanks for posting pictures! I had a great time and was glad to meet you all - mefi is much "realer" to me now!
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I had a really good time...we definitely need to make this a regular thing. And I like Research Monkey's idea of moving it around the Triangle area.
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Hey! Charlotte road trip for folks eager for another NC meetup!

(sadly we won't be able to make it)
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A little late, but thanks to everyone who made it out! I had a great time, and it was so much fun to hang out with you super excellent people. I'm totally down with meeting in Durham next time.

I've uploaded the few pics I've taken for anyone who's interested.
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Dammit! I was out of town and hadn't been able to check meta frequently due to busy work travel. Hate that I missed it. Hopefully I'll make it the next time around.
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