Mefites in Madrid
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Sun May 27 at 2:30 PM, Starting in Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor, 3, 28012 Madrid, Spain (Map & Directions)
I'll be in Madrid, Spain on May 26 & 27. Are there any MeFites who will be around? Meetup on May 27 at 2 pm for museums or a walking tour of famous sites, starting in Plaza Mayor. Dinner possible.
I've never been to Spain before, and would love to meet some folks while there. Let's meet up and explore the city, or meet at a restaurant. Suggestions from locals are welcome!
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I will be visiting Madrid on those days with my girlfriend. Planning on spending our time wandering the streets and visiting museums. Would be happy to meet up for that, or for an evening meal of some sort. We're staying near Plaza Mayor.
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¡Magnifico! My hotel is about 700m from Plaza Mayor. I'm on Calle Gran Via, but not sure what landmarks are nearby.

I'll be in nearby town Alcalá de Henares for the first part of May 26, then coming into Madrid, and I'll be in Madrid all day on the 27th. I like the idea of roaming the streets and/or finding a restaurant.

I'll change this to a confirmed meetup and put the date as Sunday, 5/27 tentatively. I'll also try MeMailing some of the Madrid-based MeFites to let them know there's a meetup happening.

Do either of you speak Spanish? I'm working on refreshing mine.
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I'll also be arriving in Madrid sometime on the 27th; not sure what time. I'm staying about a km away from the Plaza Mayor. I'd be up for meeting up- send me a memail when things are finalized and I'll do my best to make it.
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I speak a few words of Spanish, certainly not enough to have a proper conversation.

I think we'll definitely be spending some time in the museums on Sunday, seeing as they're closed on Monday, but we won't be there all day, so we could maybe do a late lunch and exploration, or exploration then dinner? Do either of you have any suggestions of where to eat? I've got the Time Out guidebook, which should be fairly reliable...
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Infinite Jest: the Prado's website says it's open Monday-Saturday; what museums did you have in mind that are closed Monday?

I propose Mefites in Madrid on Sunday at 2 pm. Agenda: museums or a walking tour of famous buildings. Dinner as a posibility depending on general desire and restaurant knowledge. Starting in Plaza Mayor.
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We get in by train at 1:10 and will have to check into our hotel first, so hopefully we'll be able to make it there by 2. 2:30 might be safer if others are flexible. We speak some Spanish, usually enough to get by. We'd be open to exploration, dinner, whatever!
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Ah, my guidebook says the Prado is open Tues-Sun, but you're right, the website says it's open all week.

The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza is closed on Sundays though. Your plan sounds good to me.
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Let's call it 2:30 to give the quiet coyote party time to check in to their hotel.

I'll have to look up plaza mayor to figure out a good landmark for us to meet next to. I'll post an update soon.
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Ok, Wikipedia says there's a statue of King Phillip III in the middle of Plaza Mayor, so let's meet there at 2:30. For purposes of recognizing me: I have a beard, bald head, and glasses.
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Ok, we're planning on being there as well. I (Emily) have longish light brown hair and will probably be wearing aviator sunglasses and carrying a brown leather bag. I'll be with my dad (Jeff), who has black hair and a beard, usually wears a black baseball hat, and is not yet a friend of Matt Haughey.
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Sounds good.

I (Simon) will be short haired, with glasses, about 6 ft and 40. My partner is shorter and pale and has frizzy hair (her words...).
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In case either of you are checking this- we just checked into our hotel and are about to head to the Plaza. My dad is wearing a gray tee shirt and I'm wearing a white dress with blue stripes. See you soon!
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¡Era una gran placer de conocerles! Y espero que ustedes tengan una bien tiempo en Madrid.
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That was a lot of fun. Hope free hugs had a good trip back to the states, and Emily and Jeff enjoy the rest of their trip (we stayed in the Prado till closing....loved it)
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We had a great time too! My dad kept talking about how much fun it was. He can nth the sentiment if he ever finds his way into IRL. ;)

IJ, I hope you had a great time at the festival/Wilco show, and free hugs, I hope you had a good trip back to Seattle!

I'll post pictures soon.
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Photos are up!
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I.....I met Nels Cline *swoons*. In the food court, after the Cure. He was very nice. Rest of the festival was awesome too :)
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Gah! Lucky!! You're not helping me feel less jealous that you got to go to that festival...although I did just buy tickets to see them in July (Blitzen Trapper is opening!), so I guess that kinda makes up for it. Kinda.
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