BERLIN: Treffen in den Mai
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Sun May 6 at 12:00 PM, Urbanhafen
Carl-Herz-Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin, Germany (Map & Directions)
OMG THE WEATHER RIGHT NOW RECENTLY. I know it can't stay this nice forever, but who wants to take advantage of it to meet other MeFites in a sunny, outdoor locale?
2nd UPDATE: See my comment at the bottom of this thread.

UPDATE: We're meeting on Sunday, May 6th, 12:00pm at the Urbanhafen, in front of the Vivantes Klinikum. This is the southern bank of the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg, where the canal widens and several boats are moored. It's between the Baerwaldbrcke and the Admiralbrcke.

This is a picnic/BYOB meetup, so bring your own food and drink (sharing encouraged), and we'll meet at noon on the banks near the water. Look in the comment thread below for more details about how to identify the MeFi people.

Previously: I'm suggesting we meet for a picnic on the banks of the Landwehrkanal in X-berg, or somewhere similarly grassy and sunny and free. Tempelhof could be another option, if somebody has a barbecue to bring along…
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Some possible dates: this weekend (4th or 5th of may), or during the week next week (8–10).
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Yes! And bam suddenly everything is so green! Great suggestion, picnic by the canal (or picnic anywhere) sounds wonderful.

Dates: I'm out of town this weekend, but back next week (Wednesday 9th), so middle next week has my vote.
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I am unexpectedly in Berlin from May 4th until May 9th. I vote for the weekend, as I leave on the 9th to go back to the cold, cold Nordland.
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The Scandinavians have spoken. Anyone else?

Saturday and Sunday may end up being a bit tight for me, freedom-wise (most of my work involves nightlife scenes in Berlin, so…weekend is work-time). But this Friday (the 4th), Saturday noon, or next week would work.
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Yeah I vote for this weekend too, I'm leaving town for a couple weeks on the 8th.
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I'm in! I'm relatively free at this time, so all dates other than Tuesdays/Wednsdays are fine.
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Yay meetup. I'd prefer the weekend but i'm pretty flexible timewise.
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Hokay, the Wettervorhersage for Saturday is depressing (9ºC and rain) and Sunday is cloudy and cool (13ºC), so I think we should try for Friday afternoon (17ºC). Who can make it then? (Alternately, we can meet on Saturday, but somewhere indoors.)

gmm, we'll have a make-up meet-up for you when the weather is warmer again…
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Wait wait wait, I take that back. I just looked on the generally-accurate Weather Underground, and they're forecasting 20% chance of precipitation on Friday, but 0% on Sunday along with a high of 17ºC.

So, let's aim for this Sunday (May 6), around noon?
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Sunday is fine with me.
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Sunday is fantastic for me.
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Sunday it is! I'll get about updating and setting the date and so on.

As for location, I suggest: the "Urbanhafen", directly in front of the Vivantes Klinikum. That's the southern bank of the Landwehrkanal, about halfway between the Admiralbrücke and the Baerwaldbrücke. That's where the canal widens and several boats are moored, right in front of a large hospital. We can meet there for a picnic and BYOB. What sayeth y'all?
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Viel spaß guys! I'll catch up with you später im summer.
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Great, I'll try to bring something to eat or drink for general consumption (I have no BBQ though).
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Yay! Don't forget to RSVP so that I have a vague idea of whom to expect.

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I'm a tentative yes. I've got to hear back from a friend of mine first. We had plans for Sunday, but she's being a bit flaky, so I'd say there's a more-than-50% chance that I'll be able to come to the meet-up.
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I'll be there, with Mr. Peter Petridish as well. Yea!
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Sadly I'm out of town, but I'd love to hang out with some Berlin mefites some other time. Viel Spaß!
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OK folks, meetup details for tomorrow:

Sunday, May 6, 12:00 noon, on the southern bank of the Urbanhafen.

- If you're coming from the Prinzenstraße U1 station, just head south along Prinzenstraße, cross the Baerwaldbrücke, and then follow the southern banks of the canal eastwards until the park area becomes very wide.
- If you're coming from Kottbusser Tor U1/U8 station, you can take Admiralstraße south-west towards the Admiralbrücke. Cross the canal to the southern bank and follow the canal westwards until you hit the main Urbanhafen area in front of the hospital.

Finding the MeFites:
- On the banks of the Urbanhafen, there's a dilapidated riverboat, covered in graffiti and moored permanently to the southern bank. I'll be a bit to the left of that.
- I'll be wearing an eye-wateringly loud Adidas windbreaker, made up of clashing bright colors in geometric patterns. If it becomes too warm to wear, I'll have it draped over my bag or something. I'm a short Latino-looking dude with a 3-day beard and 6-gauge, captive-bead earrings.

BYO-Objects of Consumption, but sharing is caring.
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Hi folks! So, it's just barely 8:00am and I just got home (I know, I know; this is how we roll in Berlin). On the way home, I noticed that the weather was rainy and cold and sucky. I just checked the forecast, and the suckage will continue through to midday, when it will be grey and 11ºC.

So, what do you guys want to do? Still meet by the canal and just sit on a bench instead of the wet grass? Re-locate the meetup to an indoor location? Postpone the meetup to another day? For alternate locations, I could suggest:
- A.Horn Café, at the southern end of the Baerwaldbrücke, which is very close to our original meeting point, but a bit pricy if you want to buy a coffee.
- Ankerklause, at the southern end of the Kottbusserbrücke (where the Turkish Market usually takes place), which has a lovely view of the canal and the prices are better (not great).

I'll let you guys work out what you want to do while I take a nap. I'm happy to meet wherever y'all decide. I'll wake up at 11am, check this page, and go find you guys wherever you've decided to meet. If no decision is made, I'll still go out to Urbanhafen with my extremely bright Adidas jacket and stand around for a while to see if anyone shows up.
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You're remarkably articulate for that time of day! Given that no one else has chimed in, I say we take your suggestion and meet at Ankerklause. So unless I hear/read anything else, I'll be there at noon. I'll check back here on my smartphone for new posts. See you in an hour and a half.
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Ankerkluase at noon is a plan I can get behind! Definitely not picnic weather.
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Ankerklause it is! See y'all there.
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Was there at 12:20; didn't see anyone who matched your description. :-(
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Oh no, that's a pity. The five of us were sitting in the ("smoker's") tent before the cafe. Hope I/we'll see you next time!
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Thx faustdick, apparently I wasn't looking hard enough for that loud Adidas windbreaker, made up of clashing bright colors in geometric patterns. Until next time!
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Sorry you didn't see us, travelwithcats! We were sitting in a booth in the smoker's area (no room elsewhere, alas) and I had the windbreaker draped over the side of the booth. In any case, there'll be more meetups soon, methinks.

Also, faustdick et al., pursuant to our conversation: Animals Disappointed in your College Performance.
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Oh, and also:

Sherlock Homes Berlin (for housing)

Watson Berlin (for jobs)
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Thanks Luis!
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And finally:

the BerlinScholars Yahoo! group/mailing list. Note that you need to apply for membership and indicate that you are a scholar with some substantial connection to Berlin.
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