Since I Love the Twin Cities So Much....
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Wed May 30 at 7:15 PM, Cafe Ena
4601 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Map & Directions)
I am returning. The meet-up last year was grand, so I figured I would call another. Wednesday 30 May, 7pm, Cafe Ena in Minneapolis.
I will try and make reservations about a week in advance, so hit that "I will attend" button, so we can get a good headcount. If festivities are still going on at 9, I understand we can go across the street to King's.
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The Chatterbox in Highland? Merlin's Rest on Lake?
posted by Demogorgon at 7:36 AM on April 23, 2012

I'm in. 23rd is better for me. I like the Chatterbox suggestion (it is good for groups) but I'm open to others.
posted by cabingirl at 8:17 AM on April 24, 2012

Groveland Tap on Cretin and Farview?
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The Chatterbox looked like it had a better menu than Merlin's Rest. The Groveland Tap looked OK, too. Anybody not able to make the 23rd?
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I can probably come on the 23rd. Chatterbox is awesome.
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The food at Merlin's Rest really isn't that good, at least not for the price.

(Chatterbox's menu irks me only because they mark some things as vegetarian and don't mark some presumably vegetarian things, like salads that don't mention meat. Makes me wonder what scary thing they've done to it.)
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woah hey I could conceivably do a thing
and ze boyfriend could even probably come, either day


I do not really enjoy the chatterbox, but I've only been once. And it did not look like the picture on that website, it was cramped and dank and dark. I think there are two locations of it, maybe one location sucks and the other is good?

Gosh you'd think I'd have tons of suggestions, but most of my dining-out has been small-scale (sunstreet, wise acre) or fabulous birthday dining (travail, midori's floating world).

I have found cafe ena to be tremendously delicious and also affordable, at least at lunchtime. They take resos and have beer.

said BF and self impulse-lunched at muddy waters a while ago and it was god damn good, not sure if they do resos. They're also pricier.

butcher and the boar just opened and local foodies are going nuts over it, but it's downtown and doesn't seem likely to really cater to the vegetarian crowd

Regardless of decision, I think I'm almost certainly in, no preference for one day over the other, but I do like doing W or R.
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Upon website review, I would like to advance Cafe Ena as a really solid recommendation. Their food is awesome, good prices, it's a really comfortable/cute space, easy parking, the menu specifically states that they're happy to prepare vegetarian food, etc.
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23rd is better for me. No preference on where, I'm open.
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it was cramped and dank and dark

You probably went to the Midtown or Linden Hills one. The Highland location is a lot more spacious.

I love Groveland Tap, but I think it would be hard to do a meetup-sized group in there. That's always been the issue with finding a venue for meetups.
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The Highland location rents Atari and NES games, has free board games, makes its own homebrews, and prepares Jewish treats that you can't get elsewhere in the cities. It's kind of the perfect bar. Admittedly, the food is expensive and not all that great.
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I'd go if it ends up being in Minneapolis.

George and the Dragon should be open soon (50th & Bryant)
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George and the Dragon should be open soon (50th & Bryant)
This is literally just down the street from me and I am VERY EXCITED about it, which is why I'm sadly aware of the fact that's not opening until June.
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I could do the 24th, maybe could stop by later-ish on the 23rd if it's not too far from south MPLS. St. Paul Chatterbox is kind of blah IMO but is a pretty practical choice, and I would rock some NES for sure.

Other Location thoughts: Wilde Roast or Aster Cafe in Northeast?
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Of all the suggestions, Cafe Ena and Aster Cafe look the most promising to me. Looks like the 23rd is the day. I am assuming around dinner -- 6pm? 7pm? This may depend on reservations. Any final comments, thoughts and questions.
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I like Cafe Ena a lot. As far as that goes, the place across the street, King's, is quite good.
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I'll be coming with GenjiandProust. I agree with substars that the Chatterbox is likely the most practical suggestion so far, if unexciting food-wise. The other suggestions also work for me, I'm good as long as veggie food is available.

It seems like starting earlier might be best - a lot of the suggestions named so far have stuff going on that evening. Chatterbox has karaoke at 8:30, Aster Cafe has live music at 9, Cafe Ena closes at 9:30.
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Especially on a Wednesday, 7pm may be about as early as we can make it, especially accounting for travel time. I'm also sure it's ok if we show a little later.
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OK, rereading the thread, Chatterbox or Cafe Ena for 7pm on the 23rd. Let's vote folks!
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I'm in if we end up at Cafe Ena! Really not a fan of Chatterbox.
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I will also vote for Ena. Plus as Cobra pointed out we can bail to King's after Ena closes if we want to.
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Sure, Ena, why not. I hear good things from people.
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BRASA, St. Paul! They have a whole vegetarian menu, good beer/wine/sangria, lots of flexibility on how little/much you want to pay because a lot is offered a la carte, and take reservations. Here's the website.
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Ena, which I guess means I'm voting for Kings since I would be rolling in after 9.
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Guys, this is live, but note -- I am an idiot -- I will not be in Minneapolis on the 23rd but a week later, on the 30th.....
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OK, I think I can go to this.
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Ena is awesome. I hope I can make this. Mefites are awesome too.
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I'm going to try to come. If I can make it, I'll show up at King's around 9:30.
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I'll see if I can make this one, although I'll probably join up after supper. I'll plan to make off-color jokes and general group discomfort for most of the night. It's like my thing baby.
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What I love best about this is that it's 15 minutes from my house. I hope I can make it.
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I might be able to come to this!
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OK, we have reservations for 12 at 7:15 under Metafilter.. They say we can add more people, but they would like some advance notice, so, if any of the uncertain are definitely coming, switch your vote from "Maybe" to "Attending," and I will correct the numbers on Tuesday. Looking forward to it!
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Right, I'm in unless the weather's so atrocious I don't want to take the bus. (Or if there's a risk of a tornado because I am compelled to stay home to take my cat to the basement. Edmund > Metafilter.)
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Crap, I abruptly have to work that night. Might be able to swing by afterwards, or the work thing may fall through.
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So I think this is now the third meetup that I've bailed on, but apparently we have guests coming over tonight, so I'm out. I don't know what you guys will possibly talk about without me there, but you'll figure something out I'm sure. Sorry MSPers.
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I'm out. Have (finally) managed to locate their dinner menu and it's just not going to work budget-wise. Perhaps someone post when you know if you're moving across the road to King's?
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We are finishing at Cafe Ena, which was delicious, and will be at King's soonish. 9pm
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I had some work stuff come up that I am still sorting out and just realized this was happening tonight. Really bummed to have missed it...sorry, guys.
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There's still time to get to King's! We're in a booth toward the back. We'll probably be here until 10 at least...
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Was a pleasure meeting all of you.

GenjiandProust, thanks for organizing!
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Thank you, everyone! It was a grand time. Same week next year?
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It probably doesn't show when I'm actually there, but I have huge anxiety in coming to things like these. It was actually physically hard to open the door and then to talk to the person at the counter, but from the second I heard "are you from MetaFilter?" I felt at home. This was a great time for me even of I was only there for an hour or so. Thanks much to all for a great night out. I really do appreciate the kind hospitality. I will most definitely be at the next one.
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So sorry I wasn't able to join you! Glad to hear that it was awesome :)
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It was a lovely time, indeed. Nice to meet you, or re-meet you, in some cases.
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Sorry things got hectic
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Bah, I missed out. Next time, I swear.
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Ah bummer. I couldn't go to this because I was in final preparations for a brutal exam I had to take today. But now I'm done, yay! Hope we can have another one soon.....
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