PAX East MeFight Club redux
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Sat April 7 at 10:00 AM, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
415 Summer St, Boston, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
I think we all had a great time gaming and such last year -- let's do it again! The full show map hasn't been released yet, but I'd be surprised if there wasn't a handheld lounge with beanbag chairs setup approximately where it was last year. (I'll post a comment with further details and a link to the map once it's available.) Let's plan to meet there on Saturday morning. We'll play it by ear afterwards -- maybe board games, maybe PC or console freeplay -- maybe both if we have more people than last year.
Sorry, you'll obviously need a PAX East three-day or Saturday-only pass to join us. And they're sold out. Maybe if there's clamoring, we can do Sunday instead (and there are Sunday passes still available).
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I WILL BE RECEIVING VISITORS AND TOKENS OF APPRECIATION ON BEHALF OF stavrosthewonderchicken ALL WEEKEND. NO SOAP. I look forward to meeting all non-PAXers of MeFi.

The rest of you are nnnnnuuuurrrds.
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I will try!

Because herrdoktor wills it so.
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I too will be attending this hotness! I may bring along a friend as well, who is a non MeFier, but still an all round hoopy frood. We should note, though, that the PA "Make a Strip" panel (usually very well attended, I've read) is at 10:30 am on Saturday, so some might want to go to that.
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I've been to a few Make A Strip panels (at East and Prime), and yes... they are VERY popular, and really really fun. It's one of the more important things to go to if you are a fan of the comic.
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I'll be there, as part of dok's posse.
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I have attended one "Make A Strip", and although I enjoyed watching the process of drawing the strip, my "fawning nerd alarm" was buried in the red during the entire Q&A session, which was pretty wearying. I only mention this to excuse the fact that it's not circled on my schedule. Shall we move this to a different day or time?

Early is a good time to meet near the beanbags (in fact, it's a good time to meet anywhere, before the crowds gather). Would first thing Sunday work better? Nothing on the schedule that morning jumps out at me as especially high-attendance.
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Not necessarily Plutor (and you are right re: "fawning nerd alarm," but it is PAX... ). I may not go. But I do think it is a kind of fun thing to do if you have never been to PAX before.
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I am going this year! I thought I was and then I thought I wasn't and now I think I am. So yay!
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Oh, yeah, a thing: If you go to the Wikipedia article for Dominion, the photo on the right hand side is us playing at PAX East last year: dinty_moore, her boyfriend Dan, ignignokt, grobstein, Bizarro.

Yes, that's right. A MetaFilter meetup at PAX East where we played Dominion and it got posted (not by me) to Wikipedia. It's like a Yahtzee of nerd achievements.
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I'd love nothing more than to play some games with y'all but I might be at the Harmonix panel that starts at 10:30am. It lets out at 11:30 so maybe after?
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I have a three-day pass, and I'll be commuting into Boston at least on Friday to check out the show floor and see what's on display.

Not terribly interested in braving lines and sitting still for panels, so I'll be up for a meet-up at any point. If anybody has a hankering for eats/drinks, I'm thinking about crawling Back Bay and Boston Common some evening. Sel de la Terre has some ridiculously cool charcuterie that they make in-house, and No. 9 Park's cheese selection is to die for.
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OK, I'm not sure I saw a handheld lounge today, but I'll look for it tomorrow!
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I failed to notice it as well, but it's on the map on Level 1 in the same corner of the building where it was last year -- towards the rear of the building past all of the Console Freeplay rooms. (And just past the cool concept art "Into the Pixel" gallery thing.)
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I'm afraid that I won't be showing up today; at least, not at 10:00... but I did spot the handheld lounge when I was walking the corridors yesterday; take the left corridor from the entrance, and follow it past the skywalk above the expo floor. It's chock full of beanbags that I couldn't really take advantage of for fear of wrinkling my damned sport coat.
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The posse is rough on the body. 10AM? My god.
But will be there later today: check the secret forums for contact info and shoot me a text message.
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I'm here, thanks to my rugged constitution. Along the windows, about halfway down.
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Okay, ignignokt and I are not there as of 10. But we'll be thereabouts at some point.
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Waited half an hour, no one showed. Is 10 too early? I'm gonna head over to console freeplay, I'll check this thread later in case a group assembles.
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Sorry, guys - we were up pretty late. But we'll be there in the afternoon (probably around 1), and I know what Plutor looks like Maybe we should try to rally again at console freeplay around 2 PM to give all us lazybags a chance?

I'll keep checking the thread.
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Just got in. i will go by console freeplay at 2 as suggested
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10AM = too early.
Will aim for 2pm @ console freeplay.
Check yr MeMail, Plutor. Left #.
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Im over by the freeplay beanbags anyone else around? im too noobish to know folks by sight
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OK, we're on the bench outside console freeplay. I'll memail my number to you guys.
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Yay found igni!
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Heading down to board games with Wretch729 and Metroid Baby.
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Well, I'm back on the show floor.

Tell me, why don't they make board games for one player? Solitaire's a thing, ain't it?
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Oy, phone troubles and some really engrossing games added up to not ever meeting up with you guys. Nice to hear some of you were able to connect, at least.
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