Friday Dinner in Austin, April 6th.
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Visting Austin (from Boston) for Easter and hoping to meet some Mefites.
I'm staying with a friend and her young family in Westfield (if Google is correctly guessing the name of the neighborhood, which I know it often doesn't) and I'd like to have at least one evening out without putting pressure on her to find a babysitter and such. Friday the 6th seems like a good night for that.

I really don't know anything about Austin. I'm happy to take public transportation wherever and I can most likely bum a ride from my host to get downtown - wherever downtown is. Reading old AskMe's isn't providing me with a great sense of the city's geography. (I would also welcome any and all suggestions for things I Cannot Miss during my brief visit.)

I'm sorry to suggest a meetup with such vague details but seriously, are you around for dinner or drinks Friday the 6th? Would you mind helping an out-of-towner find good food and good company?
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I'm game. I don't recognize "westfield" as a neighborhood though, which suggests that either Google is wrong or it's outside of convenient public-transit range.
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Apparently, Google thinks that the southernmost bit of Tarrytown is called Westfield. maryr, if you're staying near Lake Austin Blvd or Exposition or Enfield Rd, there are buses that run through there, although they might stop running earlier than what you are used to. The stops are marked on Google Maps.

I'll be out of town that weekend, but I hope you enjoy your visit to Austin.
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I'm game but have to talk to my spouse first. Seconding that you should check the web site for Capital Metro for bus times if you plan to use the bus to get somewhere or get home; I had a long walk during SXSW last year when the buses stopped early.
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Drat! I'll be in a hole in the ground out by Rocksprings. You kids have fun!
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I'm a definite maybe.
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Hi again, sorry to disappear.

Yes, I will be staying in UT housing on Lake Austin Blvd, so the 21/22 should be convenient to downtown. Google seems to think that's running as late as 10:40 pm which should be plenty late for dinner. Is the area Capital Metro calls "Downtown" the area one would want to eat dinner in? (In Boston, it is not necessarily so.) The UT Shuttle would also be convenient.

Is anyone still interested? I can ask my hosts for recommendations, but they're recent transplants, so I am open to suggestions.
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I have to work that Friday evening, so unfortunately I won't be able to join you. If you're going to come all the way to Austin, you would be missing an opportunity if you don't choose BBQ or Tex-Mex. I'll let someone more familiar with restaurants in that area make specific recommendations. I hope you enjoy your visit with us!
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Honestly, I'm too exhausted from helping out with my friends' kids. (Exhausted in a good way! ^_^) I'm going to delete this. I'm sorry I wasn't more organized, I would have liked to meet you guys!
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