We're coming to Madison, Wisconsin!
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Hoperaiseshell needs to visit the University of Wisconsin for her vet school and I am tagging along for the ride. We will arrive in Madison around the evening time of Thursday March 23 and leave Friday evening.
We will only be there for one night and as it is rather last minute, I understand if most of you have other things to do. However, any of you from Madison that would like to meet up and hang out, I would love to meet you all.

Also, while hoperaiseshell does her vet school events, I will probably be wandering around Madison and taking in the view, possibly bicycling if it is a bike-friendly city. If anyone wants to meet up with me Friday during the day before we have to leave, I would also be up for that.

It will be awesome if we get to see any of you.
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It absolutely is a bike-friendly city, and one of the best views of the city is right on a bike path that also goes through the University (the Capital City Trail as it goes along John Nolen Drive, which you can reach from the Southwest Commuter Path that runs through campus).

I'm up for a meetup after around 6 on Thursday. Were you thinking food, drinks, neither, both, or other?
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Madison is about as bike friendly as they come. I work for the Obama campaign and don't wrap up until 9 most days. If you're up for a 9+ meetup, count me in!
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I would be up for a meeting, but I've got a blood test in the morning, and I'm supposed to fast and rest for 12 hours prior.

And, holy crap, yes, Madison is a bike-friendly city.
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Ok so we are definitely up for food and drinks and we should be arriving around six or seven and then for sure we can meet up.
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A great place for excellent beer and food is Cooper's Tavern on the Capitol Square. (Normally I'd suggest the Union Terrace, but it looks like rain is coming.)
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So we have arrived at ze motel we are staying at and are hungry and a bit stir crazy from driving six hours, but hey there you go. I suggest we do anything anything at all that involves food, beer, and whatever other may be.

We are most probably willing to do anything after 9 as well.
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I am the dork at the bar in a bright green shirt reading a big book.
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Nice to meet y'all last night. :)
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Aye, it was great to meet all of you as well. We got to St. Louis safe and sound as well just to let you know.
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Glad you made it back! Let us know if you come to visit again (or to stay!).
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