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Sat March 31 at 5:00 PM, Hungry Mother
233 Cardinal Medeiros Ave, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
There seems to be interest, so let's have a Boston Bar Crawl!
Picking one neighborhood/T Stop seems like a good idea, but if no one minds we could head all over the place. Central or Union Squares seem to be good starting points, and we can flesh out an itinerary from there.

Starting at Hungry Mother, we'll update our locations here as we head up Mass Ave towards Harvard.
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I'm so there! Wherever there is!
posted by Sublimity at 7:56 AM on March 9, 2012

The problem with Union is that since it's off the T getting from place to place could be a pain.

If we go Central to Kendall we can hit 4 places mentioned in that thread in 1.2 miles and have a mixture of beer-centric and cocktail-centric places. CBC is also on that route for more beer.
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Central is pretty much the sweet spot: Craigie on Main, Rendezvous, Green Street, and Brick and Mortar are all within a few blocks of each other.
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Some friends and I went on one in the reverse direction one drunken Saturday - started with brunch at the Friendly Toast, followed by the CBC and then up Mass Ave in to Harvard. I would be happy with this plan, and I definitely want to check out Brick and Mortar.
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I would love to be in. (Does the Attending/Maybe widget show up when this leaves "Proposed"?)
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Rereading this post, I see that it just says "bar crawl"; my Central Square list above was pretty cocktail-focused because that's what the the original thread that spawned this was about. The bars/restaurants I listed all do have interesting beers, though, and fairly nearby are the more beer-focused Lord Hobo, Cambridge Brewing Company, and Meadhall.
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How soon are you thinking about doing this? Only cause I have to go back to Memphis on Monday, so this is my last weekend here. I like drinking.
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I didn't note the title, Based on the original thread, I was hoping for more of a cocktail sidle than a bar crawl.
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I'm not sure I know the term "cocktail sidle", but I'm sure that would be fine! If you want to find one bar and run through their cocktail menu, you won't get any complaints from me.

As far as timing... I'm fairly free on the weekends, but I would be interested in hearing from other folks before making a declaration.
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I'd love to be in on this. I have to go to Melbourne for work week after next, so 3/16 - 3/18 and 3/23-3/25 are off limits for me, but everything else afterwards is good.

Also voting for Central. Craigie + Brick & Mortar + Green Street + Rendezvous > Backbar + Bergamot + Trina's.

Though Backbar -> Hungry Mother -> various points in Central could be neat.
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I would SO be in! but can it wait until after the 19th please? if not, I shall have to yearn wistfully from Toronto.
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This is relevant to my interests.
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Yes! I'm in favor of Union, just because it's within walking distance for me, but Central works, too.
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I am also interested.
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What Horace said. How is Cuchi Cuchi not being mentioned re: cocktails in Central?

Maybe Central is a good start for now and when the weather is nice (in a month or two) we could do Union? It is off the T, but it's a reasonable bus ride from Davis, Lechmere, Sullivan, or Harvard.
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How perfect. If it's this week, I'm definitely in (Spring Break) otherwise, I'll try to make it!
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I'll take "Potent Potables" for two hundred, Alex.

I am interested! I will not wax eloquent about my bacon vodka, but I can bring a sample if I attend.
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If I'm in town, I'd love to come to my first meet-up!
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We might be up for this, depending on the date. Pro cocktail and pro beer, either way!
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How many places are feasible to do in one sidle?Craigie is always packed after, say, 6pm on anything but Sun-Tues., so I might vote for starting early in Central (Brick and Mortar and Rendezvous open at 5pm, Green Street can't be far behind) if we want to include Craigie, especially.

In Kendall there's Hungry Mother (though the bar is small), Friendly Toast, Abigail's, and Meadhall, which are all good along with CBC/Kika's/Evoo/Firebrand Saint's. So maybe we need Three cocktail sidles, Kendall, Central, and Union?

So many great cocktails, so little time!
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I do love cocktails.
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Looking at the calendar, I am just remembering now that St. Patrick's Day is next weekend which may not be the best day to try to organize something like this. Two Saturdays from now, the 24th? Any strong objections to that?
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none -- in fact, that's perfect for me!
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I've never been to some of these places, but they sound enticing, as long as we pick far away enough from St. Patty's.

Saloon at Davis Square isn't on this list, me thinks, but probably warrants a meetup all its own!

I don't get the love for CBC, and have always had abysmally slow service there, with mediocre food.
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It is at this point that I sulk and wish the green line extended a few more miles to the west. Perhaps I could come for a cocktail or two before I switch to the virgin martinis. Otherwise known as an olive.
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Evoo is in Kendall now?

The trick with Saloon, or so I hear, is that it is incredibly crowded/popular right now. I say "so I hear" because the one time I tried to go, there was a line out the door, which is impressive with the number of decent bars and/or popular bars in Davis.
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I went to Saloon two Fridays ago with a friend and as maryr indicated, there was a line out the door, but the line moved fairly fast. However, inside was super packed and crowded. I would also be of a mind to wait a few months for the "OMG!NEWPLACE!" vibe to mellow out before organizing a meetup there.

I think, depending on the size of the meetup, cocktail bars that are more accomodating to larger groups would probably be Green Street, Trina's and maybe Brick & Mortar (though, I was only there when they were early and soft-opening, and I have no idea how mobbed they can get now that they're fully open). Hungry Mother is tiny, and as others have pointed out, the bar at Craigie has its own line on weekends. Highland Kitchen can also probably handle groups, but it's crowded and a long uphill walk\inconvenient bus ride from Union

If the CBC suggestions also indicate that people are open for beer, then an alternative that I'd put forward is Atwood's on Cambridge St. near Inman. Good beer list (though the cocktails are not their strength) not crazy crowded\ noisy like Bukowski's and only a five block walk up from CBC.
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Crud, I just remembered we have orchestra tickets for the 24th, so that day would probably be out for me. Friday ok with everyone?
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I think a Friday night is going to be an awfully tough time to get a large group into these places, between people going out after work, and people going out for dinner a couple hours later.
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Alright - I'm going to call it for the 31st, then. If there's serious heartache about that we can change it. Let's start at Hungry Mother and work towards Harvard - we can update locations in the thread as we move.
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Sounds good. For the record, I would very much rather go to a place where I could actually hear you all talk than go someplace to be "seen."
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Okay, that might sound kinda bitchy. Translation: I care more about company than venue; that is all.
shoves foot in mouth, a hobby of mine.
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Not bitchy at all. And I agree — I'm hoping for a place with interesting cocktails we can get into and talk to each. I've been pointed at a drink with Becherovka and Pine Liqueur that I hope to try.
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Hungry Mother opens at 5, so it shouldn't be too busy. In fact, people might want to arrive a couple minutes late so we're not barreling down the door right at opening!
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Date won't work for me due to a work event, but y'all have fun and I'll catch you on the flipside.
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Ha ha ha ha, being out of work at 5, that's hilarious.

Oh, wait, SATURDAY. Yes, I can do Saturday. Excellent.
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In, I think. Hope to bring my lady too--a cocktail enthusiast (and technically a MeFite--she has a very dormant account around here somewhere).
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In! Maybe!
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Any sense what the *second* stop is likely to be, or is the plan to decide on the fly? Because I'd consider joining a little later if there's a danger of overwhelming Hungry Mother's tiny little bar area.
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Looking at the map, second stop will probably be CBC or Lord Hobo. After that (or if no one's up for beer) then... Craigie on Main, probably? It'll be a voice vote after we're done with Hungry Mother, but I'll keep this thread updated with our location.
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Good idea. It looks like the lady and I will be joining--and likely promptly, as Hungry Mother is one of our favorite watering holes. But I think at 5:00 on a Saturday there should be plenty of room for all of us (though it would probably be considerate to refrain from lingering and monopolizing all their bar space for too long...)
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(I am in!)
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BTW, is there a plan to eat at some point? Or just bar food along the way? (Which given these restaurants, is perfectly fine with me!) Or should I have a giant late lunch?
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I was thinking bar bites - I didn't think making a reservation anywhere was going to be terrible convenient if we're wandering up Mass Ave without a schedule otherwise.
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The bar bites at Hungry Mother, for one, are delicious! Although I also never turn down a slice of pizza en route from bar to bar...
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The bar area at Craigie on Main will probably be super full at prime time on a Saturday. I hear it empties out a bit later (say, after 9). Before then, Brick and Mortar is probably our best bet for a place directly in Central Square that does interesting drinks and is suitable for a medium group of people, although they can sometimes be crowded too.

I just heard that Green Street is closed until early April, so they're out :( Plenty of other options, though.
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I just heard that Green Street is closed until early April, so they're out :( Plenty of other options, though.

Is that right? I just walked past there a week or so ago and it was hopping! Too bad!
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The Green Street news is second-hand but it's from a friend who tried to go yesterday. It's not like it's that far out of our way if we want to give it a shot anyway.
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I'm putting myself down as a maybe, but would like to recommend Lord Hobo regardless. I've been there once and will go back. The one time I was there, I got a sampler of IPAs from Mikkeller. They were all brewed exactly the same way, except with different hops. So I got to see what different types of hops tasted like, which was pretty cool.
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FYI, I walked around the block and checked on Green Street while waiting for the 1 this evening. They are closed for repairs until April 2.
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how late are people planning on boozing? I have a prior commitment that's likely to run over and may not be able to get into town until 8 or so.
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Putting this in the thread for later removal: my cell is 508-415-9074. People can text us to see where we are and I should be able to text back, if that's easy. We may make an earlyish night of it, but it might be easier to text me than check this thread.
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thanks for the phone number! I've been coerced into a last-minute meeting, so I'll only be able to join around 7, and it'll be easier to get in touch by phone. my vote to Lord Hobo or Brick & Mortar, but more importantly to good company! in haste/anticipation --
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Sorry to arrive starving and then bolt. We are at CBC awaiting flights and snacks in case anyone else needs a seat/snack.
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Just settling up at Hungry Mother right now and we'll be heading to the CBC.
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Off to Lord Hobo!
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At Brick and Mortar now!
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...and we're out. Thanks everybody!
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That was so much fun!
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It was indeed! Thanks to everyone for a fun night and especially backseatpilot for organizing.
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That was a super good time and probably the best bar crawl I have been to because you are all so charming and reasonable so there was no late night drama or puking and I do not have a headache this morning. Thanks to everyone for coming out and backseatpilot for putting it together.
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Mmmm, those were some good drinks and some fun conversations. Thanks backseatpilot and everyone, it was great seeing you all and making new acquaintances!
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Great event. Good drinks and great cocktail wisdom from you guys.

(Sorry for cutting out early; the least time talking above crowd noise scratches up my voice something harsh. I'm definitely going to go back and check out Bricks&Mortar at some more boring hour of the day.)
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Photos are up!
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Photos are up!
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Glad I made it out to this. Mefites are less intimidating than I expected!
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Thanks again to bsp for setting this up, and thanks to n_o_d for the pictures!
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Nev (check his contacts).
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