Vienna Mefites, meet a brother up! March 19-26
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Sun March 25 at 4:00 PM, Hammond and Bieradies
Judenplatz 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria (Map & Directions)
Coming to Vienna, Austria from March 19 - 26. Would love to have a beverage or twelve with any Mefites in the region--first round's on me!
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I'll swing by! What sort of drink did you have in mind? Vienna has many kinds of spots. There are some great breweries: Siebensternbräu, 1516, or Bieradies. Cocktail bars are pretty good too: Hammond Bar or Kruger's. There are some great low key places or expat (anglophone) bars. Sibenstern has tasty food, so does Orange One.
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Edit: Bieradies isn't a brewery. They just have lots of beer.
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Man, awesome. Siebenstern looks fantastic, as does Bieradies--I think the former, so we can eat. If there's time and interest, I'd love to hit Kruger's, too!

Any particular night work best for you? Any other Vienna mefites?
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Okay, last night was the first ever Vienna meetup to feature me, Joseph Gurl, in the flesh. It was at Kruger's.

From Negroni to Hendrick's martini to a cigar and a Lagavulin, the drinks were phenomenal as was the service.

I highly enjoyed meeting me, and found I had much in common.

I'm here until Monday morning.
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What's that you say? Kruger's?

I went there again. Just as good as the first time.
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So this happened. There were two of us for drinks, then three of us for linner & beerzorz. Yay!
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