Seoul, South Korea Meetup? It's been a year or so...
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Last year's First Ever Seoul Metafilter Meetup was fun. There were three of us, and each of us drank for four, so it was crowded. Anyone up for doing it again? I'll buy at least a couple rounds... (and dare I imagine a Wonderchicken sighting?)
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Weird..why's this say Home > North Korea > Seoul?

I mean, a DPRK meetup would be historic, for sure, but, um...
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I'm pretty flexible about where in Seoul. I'm often in Gangnam, live between Wangshimni & Itaewon, and know Hongdae/Sinchon well.
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[The top navigation says South Korea now, sorry about that.]
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Thanks pb!
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I'd love to, but work is crazy busy, and Seoul's a five hour bus ride away, and [insert other excuses here]. Drinking for four is right up my alley, but once again, I just don't think I'd be able to make it.
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Clearly you do not exist.
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I'm quantum -- you can know my velocity or my coordinates, but not both.
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Nobody else, seriously? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?
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