Weekly Pub Trivia at Guild Public House
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Wed March 7 at 7:45 PM, The Guild Public House
1101 E Burnside St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
As discussed at the last meet up, Shanrock Triviology is starting up at The Guild Public House, every wednesday at 8pm!
It is pretty easy to get there by MAX (take the 70 from Lloyd center, or the 12/19/20 from the Burnside/Old town stop), there should be a lot of space, and there are also pinball machines.

I was thinking a maybe 7:30-7:45 meet time so folks can order drinks and food before the Trivia starts? It runs for about 30-45 minutes, and the winning prize is usually a gift certificate for the venue (not good the night you win it).

I know both the owners of Guild and Shannon from Shanrock trivia
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This is also the 1000th IRL Post!
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That time that you and me and dersins and that guy who I don't know who is not a mefite did our little mini-trivia meetup was pretty fun. I would be for doing a bit more of that, definitely, though weekly attendance might be a stretch so we should probably consider trying to figure out week-by-week interest at least to start things off.

This is also the 1000th IRL Post!

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Well, the trick is, if we have a strong enough MeFi showing we win the gift certificate for us to spend towards the next weeks drinks. So as long as there is a keeper of the certificate there every week, our team can live on.
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Trivia! I love trivia!

I can't go on the 7th because of work, but starting the 14th, I won't be working on Wednesdays anymore. So, if we keep doing it after next week, I'm totally in.
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Keeper of the Certificate sounds heavy, man! That's a lot of responsibility.
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So, if the trivia starts at 8pm, when does it end and how long are people likely to hang around after? I likely will never be able to make it before 8:30.
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Looks like 30-45 minutes. I'd hang around if anyone else was going to.
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Yeah, if I were attending I imagine I'd be hanging out for some post-trivia chillin' and conversation and such.
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OK, I can't make it next week, but I will monitor subsequent gatherings with interest.
also, I should bother to read the entire post next time
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I'm trying to think of ways to do trivia warmups for the event, anyone got ideas?
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Wouldn't that depend on the categories?
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If guild has board games around, then they'd probably have trivia pursuit sitting around. I've that sporcle and the leonard maltin game have pretty good phone apps, but haven't checked out either. Sporcle seems good for depth sense the quizzes on there are usually in "name all of x" form.
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I will say, from past experience, knowing the geography and the middle east will help. If someone wants to study a map.
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Also, Dersins gave me a shout, he may be joining us as well.
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Don't think I'll be making it out tonight, but next week is a definite maybe.
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On my way...
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Assuming TriMet cooperates.... :-/
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Hiding behind a bison gingerbread ale
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After a the fifth round of sudden death trivia to settle the tie with "Thundercats on a hot tin roof" our team Cobra Kai took the victory!

Fun Fact: The Allegheny and Monongahela join to form the Ohio river.

Stay tuned for next weeks posting, same bat time, same bat channel.

Also, I am the holder of the $25 gift certificate, so I will definitely be there.
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Well, of course you took the victory. Are you not Mefites?

And, now that my schedule's changed, I can do this thing, dammit. Prepare to be dazzled. DAZZLED!!!

Dazzlement not guaranteed. Some restrictions apply.
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So the teams are limited to five people and it seemed to fill up in there pretty fast, and the tables aren't very big.

Also, I think we ran til 10:30p or so.
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Er, that was a "for future reference" note.

I really hate those horsehead masks.
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I wish I had not missed this. Next time, I hope.
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