Regular trivia event?
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Proposed: we pick a recurring date (second Sundays, fifth Tuesdays, first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, whatever) and make Friends of Matt a quasi-official team.
Trivia Mafia master schedule, or if you prefer, by location - which is basically everywhere. If you left your door unlocked they are probably setting up in the dining room right now.

Locations we have been to in the past: Amsterdam, The Nook, Summit

Places that might be fun to try: Byte, Surly, Domo Gastro

There are non-TM trivia nights around the cities as well, I am less familiar with them but open to suggestions.

Something that the majority of the group can make on a monthly basis would be nice. We could still mix things up by settling on a day of the week and trying out different locations.
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I've been to Byte a few times, and it's a fun place with good food.
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That would be fun! Sundays would work best for me this fall, but I'll most likely be moving in December/January, so if there's a better day for everyone, by all means pick that one.

Also, leap years are no good for me.
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I could do Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. Quelle surprise.
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It'd be fun to join you guys. I do trivia mafia most Wednesdays at the Cardinal. I don't recommend it as a place for this group but it is stumbling distance from my house.
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This is a good idea. For a stupid personal reason I'm allergic to the Amsterdam, but I'm open to the other venues.
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I like this idea. I've never done TM Trivia, but I'm a Librarian with a head full of useless knowledge and would like to give it a try.

I prefer the Minneapolis locations over St Paul; and I prefer earlier in the evening over later because I am an Old and I like to be in bed at a reasonable hour. I guess what I'm saying is, plan away and I'll join in if I can. I'd bring along Herr Vortex too - whose head is even MORE full of useless knowledge than mine.
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I have standing Sunday night dinner plans, that's my one regular commitment. Other than that I am usually pretty flexible.

What if we picked a Minneapolis location and a St. Paul one and staggered them? Second Sunday brunch at Amsterdam, fourth Wednesday night at Byte, something like that? Or is that making things too complicated?
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My schedule is unpredictable because my job requires a lot of travel but I am interested in coming when I'm able and may be able to haul my ladyfriend along. St. Paul is easier for me than Minneapolis but I think staggering the two is a good idea in general.
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OK, let's try that. Everyone nominate your top two days (one weekend and one weeknight would be nice) and any favorite trivia venues.
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Geeks Who Drink has trivia on Tuesday and Wednesday nights (scroll down for locations).
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I like the staggered venues idea, it sounds like it would be the most inclusive.

Weeknights I prefer Wednesdays because I don't have anything the following morning. Weekends I have no preferences except that I'd rather not stay out late on Sundays.
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OK, finally home and getting back to this - creating IRL posts is a pain in the neck on my phone. I'll create a Sunday brunch and Wednesday night meetup and we'll see how that goes.
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Fun! I vote Fri, Sat or Sun or for weekdays Thursday.
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