Worldcon Meetup?
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Worldcon is in Helsinki this year ( and I'm bringing resident 11 year old. Dates are 9-13 August though I think we are arriving on the 8th. Anyone else planning to be there? I've been to 2 Worldcons before and generally the problem I've found is I have no problem talking to new people but meeting up with people I already know can be difficult if we haven't made concrete plans as Worldcon is just so big. While I am all about the sitting and drinking, that probably won't be very 11 yo friendly so I am open to other suggestions - maybe a picnic or walk near the convention centre? Or an evening meal?
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Welp, I'm a local and as far as I know I will be still in Helsinki. So happy to offer input, advice, recommendations, and general all around local Mefiteness
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I'm gonna be at WorldCon too, and would be down for a meetup.
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Another Helsinki Mefite here – I'll be around, though probably not attending the con itself (small kids etc.), but would love to sit down for a chat and/or a drink and/or anything else.
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