December 7

2 attending
1 maybe

Brisbane Bowls and Brews

Hi, since we've got one "maybe" (and the only two confirmed are the people who set this up) we are going to cancel this. Jilder, if you want to meet up at some other point we'd be delighted.

November 19

0 attending
1 maybe

Want to jump into the Potomac on Jan 25 to fight climate change?

Hi all! I'm doing the Chesapeake Climate Action Network's "Keep Winter Cold" polar bear plunge again this year. It's a fundraising event for a great organization that does excellent state & local organizing around environmental issues--they're the ones we have to thank for Maryland's fracking ban. I'm wondering if I can coax some local mefites into taking the plunge with me and fundraising as #TeamMetafilter. Anyone interested? [more inside]

October 29

4 attending
3 maybe

Hello again, Tokyo

Hey, it's been a while. Lets meet again! [more inside]

October 16

4 attending
4 maybe

Eugene Oregon area?

I can't be the only one who often can't make it up to the Portland events. Who else lives in Eugene, Corvallis, the central coast, maybe Salem? It might be really hard to find a winery or brewery here, but we'll manage. [more inside]