August 13

1 attending
0 maybe

Burning Man / BRC / Black Rock City / Playa

OK you dusty hippies, freaks, artists, techies, sparkle ponies and shirtcockers ... Are we doing this thing or what? [more inside]

August 12

1 attending
12 maybe

Pittsburgh Meet Up?

I just moved to Pittsburgh and would love to make some friends and meet some mefites IRL! [more inside]

1 attending
2 maybe

WorldCon 76

So I got some last minute world con tix... I know at least one other mefite will be there; anyone up for a meetup? [more inside]

August 9

6 attending
5 maybe

MeFi 20 Brisbane

We're getting in a bit early with this one but Dinoworx and I were just discussing how MeFi is turning 20 next July. That means it's our 10 year anniversary as we met through MeFi due to the MeFi 10 meet... now we're married with two kids! So, we'd like to celebrate all things MeFi with Friends Of Matt in Brisbane. Any takers? [more inside]

August 4

3 attending
5 maybe

Houston Restaurant Weeks

Meet up, eat food, support the food bank [more inside]

July 26

0 attending
1 maybe

FRI 27th July: New Moon In Stockholm? Or 28th Saturday, or 29th Sunday Brekkie

Kairab and I are unexpectedly going to be in Stockholm this weekend...any Mefites up for a meet-up? our only (shameful, I know) commitment so far is the Millenium tour 11 am to 13.30 on Saturday let us know if there's other things we might explore!

July 16

1 attending
0 maybe

Meet Up at Angor Wat, Cambodia, 2019

Metafilter meet up proposal for October 2019 at Angor Wat, Cambodia. Time and date to be narrowed in October based on availability of members. Why the Temples of Angor/Sam Riep? How often do you get the call to adventure with a bunch of Internet strangers? [more inside]

July 13

1 attending
0 maybe

Meetup in Frankfurt July 24-27?

I’ll be in Frankfurt for business July 24-27! Anyone up for a drink one evening?

June 29

1 attending
5 maybe

[UPDATE: seeking hike leader] Middlesex Fells Hike 2018 - pt. 4

[7/9, UPDATES INSIDE- seeking reschedule or alternate hike leader] You guessed it - the next chapter in MeFites Go Hiking (Mass. Edition) has just been published. I have one free weekend morning in Boston in July, and there is no group with whom I would rather frolic in the woods than you all. [more inside]

June 28

2 attending
1 maybe


Mr. Conspiracy and I are going to be visiting Spokane at the end of July. We're free in the late afternoon and into the evening of Friday, August 3 and I'm wondering if there are any Spokane or Spokane-adjacent MeFites who want to get together for a meetup. Thinking a hangout involving drinks, food and mellow conversation in a reasonably chill venue in/around downtown Spokane. Suggestions welcome - we've visited before and we know there are some great beverages and eats to be had in that town.

June 26

0 attending
4 maybe

Canceled MovableBookLady in San Jose

I won't be in San Jose CA the weekend of 24-26 August 2018. Sorry. Am leaving San Jose on Tues. 8/21. Wish it weren't so but . . .