June 25

1 attending
0 maybe

Seattle Trans Pride Meetup?

Hey, if anyone is gonna be at Seattle Trans Pride please let me know! [more inside]

June 16

1 attending
1 maybe

Paris MeFi 20th Anniversary Meetup

Hi! We have a confirmed date of Saturday 13th July, I’m thinking mid afternoon. No venue as of yet, come in and discuss!

June 14

0 attending
1 maybe

Dansk møde / Danish meet-up

I am moving back to Denmark after 35 years away (!), and would like to meet any local metafilters.
I will arrive on July 2, and propose to meet sometimes toward the end of the month.
Shall we say Saturday July 27 in Copenhagen?
Depending on the number of people attending, I am open to any suggestions for time, space & things to do.
My Danish is a bit rusty, but I'm sure it will be better by the time we meet.
Thank you,
Hanan [more inside]

June 11

1 attending
0 maybe

Montréal CrossingsCon adjacent meetup?

I'm visiting Montréal next week for CrossingsCon, a little con by/for the fandom of Diane Duane's 'Young Wizards' book series. The con starts Friday 6/21, but I'm flying in Thursday 6/20 in the afternoon. Are there any other mefites attending the con? Or, would any Montréal Mefites be interested in meeting up somewhere on 6/20 for dinner? [more inside]

June 10

5 attending
20 maybe

Portland MeFi 20th Anniversary Meetup

Official planning thread! I'm looking at July 14th (a Sunday). Who's interested? [more inside]

2 attending
0 maybe

Worldcon Meetup

Any MeFites going to Worldcon 77, aka Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon, and want to meet up? [more inside]

June 7

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0 maybe

May 26

0 attending
31 maybe

DC-Area 20th Anniversary Meetup

How and when do DC MeFites want to celebrate MeFi's Twentieth? The true anniversary is July 14, and National Ice Cream Day is July 21—perfect for another Ice Cream Social. Or would people prefer to meet in a restaurant or bar?

May 17

9 attending
14 maybe

Twin Cities 20th Anniversary Meetup Planning Thread

This thread is for planning the Metafilter 20th Anniversary meetup in the Twin Cities. The first metafilter post was on July 14th, 1999. Jessamyn is hosting folks in Massachusetts on the 13th and I think that a Saturday might be more convenient for folks than a Sunday. [more inside]

May 3

2 attending
1 maybe

Montreal Meetup 2!

The goal last time was to have another meeting in less than a year from the previous one, so we have a little over 2 months to get organized ;) I propose Benelux on Wellington, May 24 or 25. [more inside]

April 30

4 attending
2 maybe

MeFi 20th Bday party!

Hey everyone, I know we were talking about doing a meetup once the weather got a bit nicer; well, that time has come, but it also occurred to me that July 14th is going to be MeFi's 20th birthday! So maybe we ought to do something that day to mark the occasion? Lemme know what you think!