February 16

7 attending
10 maybe

Ides. March. Beware.

It's been a while, so what say you, Toronto-and-area MeFites, to a meetup? Say late-afternoonish (3:00 or 4:00) on the Ides-of-March-adjacent Saturday, March 16? As is the custom, we usually manage to carry on well into the evening, so plenty of latitude for folks to drop in as they can. Proposing the habitual venue of the Jason George (100 Front Street East), since they seem to have been able to accommodate us as a group with no hassle in the past, and it's quiet enough for folks to carry on conversation. Will see what the response is like over the next week or so and confirm the details at that point.

February 7

2 attending
3 maybe

PyCon in Cleveland in May

PyCon North America 2019 will be May 1-9 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Any other MeFites coming? Want to grab a beverage together somewhere in there?

February 1

0 attending
1 maybe

Meetup in Ireland (various locations) Feb 11-28

The Mr and I will be in Ireland for three weeks, starting Feb 11. I'd love to meetup with fellow mefites while we're there! [more inside]

January 27

6 attending
5 maybe

Bella Donna comes to Pittsburgh!

Hey folks, I will be in town briefly on my way back to Sweden. Can we meet up on Thursday evening, March 14? [more inside]

January 16

0 attending
1 maybe

Poland / Central European Meetup?

Recently noticed there's a fair bit (well, maybe 5-6) Mefites in Warsaw. Anyone up for a meet? Perhaps when a wee bit warmer?

January 13

2 attending
15 maybe

Spring 2019 OR-WA Regional Canpout CANCELED

After researching further I've decided that this isn't a workable plan at this point - (a) June in the Olympic peninsula part of the world is colder and a lot wetter than I realized; and (b) July or August seems to be the best bet weather-wise, but ALL campsites at all the campgrounds I looked into are already booked for ALL those weekends. I'll try this again next year, but start the planning a couple months earlier. Sorry, everyone!