April 3

3 attending
4 maybe


Hey all. So, is anyone else hungering enough for social interaction that a Brady Bunch-esque layout of little video windows of friends seems like a really good idea? Any MIJ (Mefites in Japan)* up for a meetup over Zoom?** [more inside]

March 20

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0 maybe

Austin, TX ONLINE mutual aid group planning

Hey, guys. Struck me this morning that it's a good idea for MeFites in town to know where everyone is, what potential needs folks have, and how to help if things get much worse. I'm setting this one as a proposed meetup in Austin in the hopes of getting emails out to folks in town, but right now I have no intention of meeting in-person--just organizing folks in town so that we can set up a network we can use to help one another and familiarize ourselves with anyone who's local on the site. Anyway, here's a space. Thoughts?

March 7

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2 maybe

I'll be visiting a friend in Fort Worth, Texas in April

My best friend is bringing me out to Fort Worth, Texas from April 9 to the 15th. [more inside]

February 28

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1 maybe

True/False Film Festival - Columbia, MO

Role call! Will any Mefites be attending the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO next week? There are tons of great films this year (as there are every year), but perhaps we can find a time to check in!

February 24

3 attending
2 maybe

NM2020: Meetup the Third

[COVID-19 delay/ reset] Let's do brunch! Parties present at the last meetup agreed* that we should return to The Range in Bernalillo, 10 AM on Saturday, March 21. Let's wait a bit and see how New Mexico fares for the next few weeks. Maybe try again in May? [more inside]

February 16

4 attending
10 maybe

Dumpling meetup

Let's go to Dumpling Galaxy! Postponed; future date TBD.

February 14

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1 maybe

The Empress' Golden Jubilee (Birthday) in New Orleans

Attention New Orleans-area Mefites! The Empress' 50th Birthday falls on Mardi Gras this year, and I am making an Imperial Tour to your city. Let me know if you'd like to meet (informally or separately, perhaps). [more inside]