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York: Let's eat burnt bread with fillings!

ETA: Since the weather is slated to be gorgeous we will try to get a table outdoors. I will likely be easy to spot as I have bright red and yellow hair and a loud American accent. I may try to make a sign. We will be in York and would love to meet up with other MeFites as we take a break from visiting everything FPP-worthy in town! We've chosen The Maltings Free House because it's recommended in the Good Pub Guide. If we should view this as the Not So Good Pub Guide please let us know now. It's very close to the train station and offers charming food such as "burnt bread with various fillings" as well as an array of beers, whiskeys and fruit wines (and I'm assuming some non-alcoholic beverages as well).
England at The Maltings Free House, 1PM by rednikki - 14 comments

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