Alles, was ich will, ist immer Bier und Mefites.
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Has there even been a meetup in Hamburg? Why not? Let's try it and see if we get a critical mass.
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Alas, it seems there are not many Mefites from my home town.

Missed last Berlin meetup, but maybe the next could be a more generic one, so all the tiny parts from Northern Germany clump together.
posted by Henrik at 12:24 PM on August 13, 2010

Whoa, I almost didn't see this. I'm down for a meetup. There was one last year with polexa and I.

Wann und wo?
posted by chillmost at 12:35 AM on August 15, 2010

Have you ever been to Gröninger? It's super hearty german food and great beer, but it's not really vegetarian friendly if that is what you are in to.
posted by chillmost at 4:52 AM on August 15, 2010

I'm actually all of the way up in Kiel / Plön, so weekends work best for me to get down to the city. I've only been in Germany for 13 days (but I'll be here for 2-3 years), so I don't know any restaurants. Or any German. So, let's try Gröninger? Whoohoo!
posted by Peter Petridish at 5:48 AM on August 15, 2010

Well this weekend is out. I have too much going on. Perhaps the weekend of the 27th-29th? I know there are other mefites in the Hamburg area, but I think they like to keep their online and offline separate.
posted by chillmost at 11:23 AM on August 18, 2010

Also, what day of the weekend is preferable?
posted by chillmost at 11:36 AM on August 18, 2010

Saturday of Sunday is best for me. Either the 28-29th or September 11-12 is best for me.
posted by Peter Petridish at 3:56 AM on August 21, 2010

Er, Saturday or Sunday...
posted by Peter Petridish at 1:54 AM on August 25, 2010

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