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Hey Richmondland Mefites! Interested in doing another meetup? What are you into? What days and times work for everyone?
We could do a lunch or dinner meetup (Mekong again?), go bowling (especially if you are hilariously terrible at it!), have some beers, or watch a roller derby match (there's one on May 7th). There's a vegetarian/alternative eats walking tour coming up (VCU Alternative Eats tour), but it's not until June.

Any thoughts?

Who here likes pancakes?
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mmmm pancakes…

I think I missed the last Mekong event, but I'd be in for that— this week in town many of the better spots are doing prix fixe for RVA Restaurant Week, so getting a large group table may be difficult.

I'll recommend Fresca (Cary & Strawberry) and Sprout (by Crossroads at VCU) for good food/drink for a small group.

most weekdays i can be free after 6. weekends are always a juggling act.
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I missed the last meetup but would like to make it to this one. I'm fine with just about any venue. Roller derby could be a blast if it works out, although May 7 is kind of short notice. My schedule is hit & miss but generally pretty much like a halcyon day's -- weekdays after 6, weekends it varies.

And pancakes are almost never a bad idea.
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I ended up having pancakes for dinner thanks to this. I'm highly suggestible when it comes to breakfast foods . . .

Anyway I wasn't around for the last meetup but would be interested in attending if it works schedule-wise (and I don't talk myself out of it). I probably could do 7p and later most days and almost anytime on the weekends.
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Hi j-bot, I'll be keeping an eye on this. The 7th is Race for the Cure 5k so I doubt I'd derby it up that day, but who knows? At the January meet-up, I remember talking about how some structure might be nice - to focus on something other than I AM AT MEETUP, so I'd say the derby/bowling/tour ideas are all really good.
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If we do go the bowling route, I'd like to suggest going to Plaza Bowl. It's a duckpin bowling alley built back in the 50s or 60s and it's really fun. It's still kept pretty much like it was (manual reset, handwritten scoring) with the exception of some neon lights and they took out four lanes to put in a stage. I can't do regular bowling on account of my crappy wrists. I'm pretty much up for eating anywhere that has acceptable vegan options. Mekong and Fresca are good choices and I haven't yet tried Sprout although I've been wanting to.
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Glad there is interest in another meetup! Rainbaby, I think I remember your comment last time was, "Yay, structure!," and I agree. I like having an activity to focus on with a group. MaryDellamorte, I've wanted to try duckpin bowling! That sounds really fun.

My schedule is pretty much the same, too--free in the evenings after 6 or 7 and hit-and-miss weekends.

Would people be able to make a Thursday evening duckpin bowling and/or dinner? I'd be up for all the places mentioned--Sprout, Fresca, or Mekong. New suggestions welcome! (I suck at deciding for a group.)
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I'd be interested in duckpin bowling… I've heard good things about Plaza Bowl.
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I'm up for something in the event of my actually being in RVA rather than on the road, but that happens unpredictably, and changes at the last minute, enough that I wouldn't suggest anybody actually trying to schedule around my calendar.

Wait, wasn't this the exact same response I gave for the last meetup? FML.
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I'm probably in, assuming I'll be in town. Thanks for proposing another meetup, shortyjbot.
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Yes, whatever, but Plaza Bowl sounds funzy, Thursdays generally good right now.
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Looking ahead...would people be able to make a Thursday, May 12th duckpin bowling night at Plaza Bowl? Say, around 7? Or would that weekend, Friday the 13th(!) or Saturday the 14th be better for people?

Maybe our goal can be to get together before Memorial Day.
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Duckpin bowling sounds good to me, I haven't been there in over a decade or so. Supposively they always have something going on there, like a show or something else. Not too sure where to check on info there though. I'm pretty flexible, so any day is good.
I still want to check the roller derby match on the 7th, so let me know if any of you is still down.
All the food ideas that were suggested so far all sound great to me. I have been meaning to go check out Fresca, but I'm always down for Waffles, so i'm pretty flexible on that as well.
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I will pencil in the 12th - check for bands there maybe and perhaps a band night is not an optimal night (or is it?). Or otherwise I will eat. Hurrah.
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If anyone is still checking here, we've made duckpin bowling a confirmed event for Friday, May 13th at 8. See you at Plaza Bowl!
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