Jersey City Barcade
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Barcade Jersey City is finally open, anybody interested in an arcade game & beer meetup?
The Jersey City Barcade is right by the Grove Street PATH station. PATH service is crowded at rush hour and painfully slow & creepy late at night, so, how about a late-afternoon weekend meetup sometime? The Happy Hour special is only weekdays until 8pm, but from the griping about the 20-minute waits to get a beer in the yelp reviews, it sounds like the $1 off wouldn't be worth the aggravation. But I think a nice lazy Saturday afternoon of beer, arcade games, and weird Barcade food (bacon & Nutella?) would be fun. How about it?
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That does sound like fun, and there's a lot to be said for not having to schlep across the Hudson. (Except for you NYC folks - you should schlep our way - we like seeing you.)
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I make the schlep every so often....
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We've got NYC meetups on the calendar already for May 5th & 15, so I'm thinking the weekend of May 21st or the first weekend in June.
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I'm tentatively in, depending on state of finances and mental health.
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