The MetaFilter Variety Show
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Fri December 16 at 8:00 PM
Come for a short session of stand-up, interactive improv and music brought to you by two very talented MeFites - brainwane and Reeya Banerjee.
It's Week 4 of MetaFilter Events! Go to our EventBrite page and click on the big red button to get your ticket - $10, or apply for a randomly allocated sponsored ticket.

brainwane is a tech project manager and writer that performs stand-up comedy about tech, scifi fandom, and similar topics - and she'll present stand-up comedy about life on the modern web, with some material on MetaFilter culture and dynamics.

Reeya, a musician and longtime bar band veteran, released her debut album of original music this past January, and has 2 new singles out this month. She'll give a short talk about her album, her creative process and play her new single.

There will also be an improv game called "Podguessing", conceived of and facilitated by brainwane. (Guess what obscure podcasts are about based on their names!)
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More about the performers:

brainwane is a project manager and writer who works in the tech industry managing open source projects. She performs stand-up comedy about tech, scifi fandom, and similar topics.

Reeya Banerjee is a musician, writer, and voiceover artist based in New York’s Capital District by way of the Hudson Valley and Brooklyn. Her debut album The Way Up, produced by Luke Folger, was released on January 27, 2022. Her songs have been featured on The Local 518 Show at WEXT Radio, The Heavy Light Show at Radio Kingston, and NY Slice at WFUV Radio, as well as two episodes of the Women of Substance Music Podcast. Reeya has also released a single on December 1, 2022, written by her and her longtime collaborator James Rubino, who produced the single. James and Reeya have another single forthcoming on December 31, 2022, and have been working on an ongoing reinvented cover song series ever since New York went on COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, conceived as a documentation of the possibilities of creativity during a time of enforced stasis.
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