Veel plezier met het bestormen van het kasteel!
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Sat July 9 at 12:30 PM, Boating on the Canals of Amsterdam
Mauritskade 3, 1091 GC Amsterdam, Netherlands (Map & Directions)
My spouse and I just moved from the USA to the Netherlands at the end of 2021 and we're finally mostly settled. Would love to meetup with MeFites in the country if you're interested!
UPDATED: We've decided to go on a boat in the canals in Amsterdam! We will be using Sloep Delen boat, and I will book it for us and handle the deposit and the collection of monies. The total for three hours will be about 200 euro divided by number of attendees which looks like it will be 9-10 people so probably about 20 euro per person.

I've set the meetup time to 12:30 and will book the boat for 1pm to give folks time to show up in case of delays and meet one another before we get on a boat together for hours.

I'll book the boat for 3 hours but of course we can pull over and drop anyone off if they have a time constraint or are tired of hanging out. I'm an introvert too, so I get it. :)

We live in Bussum but can totally meet up wherever is most convenient for everyone.

My only strict requirement is that due to me and my spouse being high risk COVID, it needs to be outside.

Just thought I'd start the conversation and see if there's interest -- if so, we can talk time / place / activity!
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I might be interested! Especially if we're meeting somewhere a tiny bit more central. Utrecht comes to mind. Outside would be fine!
Or if you'd like to stay close to home, de Groene Afslag is very nice and has ample seating outside.
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Naarden looks amazing on the map and is on my to-visit list, although I've never been there and can't say anything about the meetup possibilities.

Muiderslot (aka "Amsterdam Castle") might be a nice place to meet close to Bussum. There are a few small cafes with excellent terraces on the sluis through Muiden.

It's a little further afield, although Zandvoort (aka "Amsterdam Beach") has lots of outdoor seating on the, well, beach.

Utrecht also seems to have plenty of fun canal-side terraces; I haven't explored it much beyond a few walks through the center.

When are you thinking about getting together?
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These all sound like wonderful options.

As for when, maybe early to mid July?
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If it's before mid July, I can probably make it. Second half of that month is booked solid.
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I live in the Dam and would probably come meet up whenever
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I am game!
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Since several people have expressed an interest, may I suggest that you simply pick a time and place? That will make it easier for people to commit.
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Okay -- let's do Saturday July 9.

As for place I really don't know anywhere yet so unless someone has a better suggestion I'm tempted to take autopilot's suggestion and say Muiderslot Castle? We could check out the gardens perhaps, then go to an outdoor cafe after?
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I've updated the event to reflect Saturday July 9 at 12:30pm at Muiderslot.

Open to suggestions for changes / updates and thanks to all!
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That's a good date!

Were you thinking of the café at the castle itself? My concern is that it closes at 5, so dinner is not an option. Since it's a two hour trip for me (and possibly my partner), it would be good to have dinner before trekking back to the east.
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Yay! Looking forward to this.

Too-Ticky, looking around on google maps it looks like there are at least a few terrace cafes that are open for dinner in the little town attached to the castle.

However, I'm not sure how rustig the castle grounds will be since 9 July is the start of "zomervakantie" events: I took my mom to Muiderslot once on a Saturday and the place was utterly stuffed with kids. I haven't been enough to know if it was just that there was an event going on or if this is the norm for beautiful summer Saturdays.
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Another thought: renting a boat on the Amsterdam canals. We've done Mokumboot a lot, they're ~€100 per hour (or is it two hours?) and seat 8 people. There's also this place, which I haven't tried. They seat 12 people and it looks like they might be.. cheaper? despite having nicer boats? Just an idea.
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I've done a canal tour in Amsterdam before and it was lovely! Renting a boat sounds like fun.
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Hey! Sorry, last week got crazy busy and this thread slipped off my radar.

As long as we're keeping the date, I'm totally cool with changing the activity.

Actually -- my wife and I have been told that people can rent their own boats and cruise around the canal but we're kind of chicken to try that alone the firs time. We'd love to know how and have some experience with that before our friends and family from the States start coming over to visit next year.

So if folks are okay with swapping activity, renting a boat and doing a canal tour in Amsterdam (with some outdoor food perhaps before or after or during??) would be great with us!
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And yeah this second place that antinomia linked looks great to my untrained eye?
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If I don't hear any objections in the next few days, I'll update the meetup to reflect renting a boat in 'Dam!
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Well I, for one, really like this plan. And it seems to be feasible for me and my partner, so that's good too!
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Hooray! My partner will be coming as well -- we are stoked. :)
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Mokumboats is 120 euros for a three hour tour, with far less chance of getting stranded than the crew on the minnow. Sloepdelen boats are much nicer, although they are ~200 euros for the same three hour hire (plus an extra 150 that they refund once you return the boat on time). If we have up to eight people total then we can go for the cheaper/smaller one, otherwise we'll need to upgrade.

I'm always surprised that there is no licensing or tests to drive one of these little boats. They just toss you the keys and say "stay out of the way of the big one!" and then its up to you. I'm happy to spend some time at the wheel, although I can't promise that we'll sail on the straightest heading.
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Well, if we count everyone who has RSVP'd yes / maybe so far we're at 7, and that doesn't include you autopilot and possibly thedaniel as well, which would put us at 8-9. I'm inclined to say let's just go for the bigger nicer boat experience.

I was also surprised to learn that you can just take 'em out....I have spent some time on small fishing boats along with a bunch of non-motorized stuff like kayaks and canoes. But it has been a while and that was only in lakes in South Carolina, USA, not heavily (to my eyes!) trafficked canals in Amsterdam!
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A boat trip through the Amsterdam canals sounds nice too, so no objections from us (my wife will be coming too). We’ve done boat trips in Amsterdam before but never on our “own”boat. We’re are not far from Amsterdam (or Muiden, for that matter). Looking forward to it already: first MeFi meetup!
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We've moved from Maybe to Yes and we're looking forward to the meetup!
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Excellent! I will update the meetup with the new activity later today
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Activity has been updated!

There are two dock options for Sloep Delen in Amsterdam -- the two options are Elandsgracht 150 and Mauritskade 3.

I put Mauritskade 3 as the location in this event because...idk. It looks pretty on google I guess. If folks have strong opinions that the other location is better, just let me know. I'll reserve the boat at end of next week.
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also not for nothing but the boat reservation asks for # of people when assessing fees so if anyone is reading this and has not yet firmly committed to RSVP yes or no please do so. and if you RSVP yes, please do show up since otherwise I will be out the $$, haha
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Yay! Should we bring drinks or snacky things to share?
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I've just indicated that I'd like to attend, but if my presence takes us into a more expensive type of boat (or if I'm already too late) I'm happy to join you another time.
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Mokumboot says their boats seat 6, so that is not the case. We'd have to go with the larger boat from Sloepdelen anyway.
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Yes, no worries on boat size, I will get the bigger nicer Sloep ones.

Snacks / drinks would be cool! Maybe a cooler, too, if someone has one.
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re: libations, my spouse and i do not drink alcohol but are not bothered by the presence of booze if folks want to have beers or something

we have some quasi-specific dietary needs so we will bring some snacks and water for ourselves, and some extras for others but can't really commit to bringing enough for 9 people, so if others that may wish to enjoy food / drink can bring some too that would be good
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