Declutter or clean with me!
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Sat May 14 at 9:00 AM
Declutter or clean with me! Let’s make it easy: pick one task and let’s knock it out in 30 minutes. I plan to tackle the top of my desk. Upon receiving your RSVP, I will send you a link to the meeting.
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Hello! I never can tell what the time zones are for IRL. What time is the call?
posted by mochapickle at 5:50 PM on May 13, 2022

Hey, so my work tomorrow is outside clearing up small tree branches so I won’t join this particular event, but I’d love to join a future one. Thanks for thinking of this!
posted by mochapickle at 12:52 AM on May 14, 2022

Hi there! I am in the eastern time zone but if there is a better time for you on most Saturdays let me know what that is and I’ll see if we can get a time that fits both of us.
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By the way cleaning up small tree branches was my job as a kid. I always had to get them done the morning before the guy was coming to mow our yard. Time to pick up the sticks!
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Sorry I missed this. :(
posted by kathrynm at 7:20 AM on May 14, 2022

Yes! Can we try again for next Saturday, or an upcoming one? I'm on mountain time. If we could get the lovely kathrynm, too, that'd be amazing.

And manageyourexpectations, I just realized who you are! I'd been wondering about you and I'm so glad to see you!

posted by mochapickle at 7:48 AM on May 14, 2022

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